Best option to sell gift cards?

Posted 22nd Dec 2022
Got apple gift cards that i don’t need. Cardyard seems like great option as its often recommended on here (not used them yet) but according to their faq you need to wait 14days AFTER someone has bought them. I was wondering what other legit options there are?

Also anyone know if it’s possible to use gift card balance when using apple pay? That would pretty much solve my issue as i can just redeem them instead
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    You can't use the gift card through Apple Pay.
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    I don’t have apple or google pay so couldn’t check. Online search said same thing but used the term “apple cash” instead of apple pay so wanted to make sure
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    Apple cards rarely appear on Cardyard, and disappear quickly when they do, pointing to a quick turnover, thus your waiting time would be minimal.
    The delay is due to the fact there are (insert nasty word)s out there who will sell a card, having noted the details first, and then spend it before you get a chance too.
    I have probably bought a couple of thousand pounds worth of cards in my time, and got caught twice. It was rectified immediately by Cardyard, but do not buy cards as an investment. Buy for immediate (or very soon) use
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    Good advice.
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