Posted 5th Feb 2023
When you sign up to BT broadband do you get a bt email address?

Can you sign up without getting a BT internet email address?

I think you get a BT email address along with contract. Probably part of the setup I guess.

I'm IT support for family member that has BT internet account with no Idea how to access online.
Any reset gets sent to BT email address we have no knowledge or access to. No other reset option like pin sent to phone.

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  1. Mr.Plow's avatar
    Have you tried this

    Looks like you can recover your account after forgetting email address by entering your phone number or account number or failing that go to live chat.

    Edit .... Already answered by @GlitchFace (edited)
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    Tried that and it sent a pin to the BT email address.
    Did mention pick an option to send pin to but only option was the email address we can't access.
    Phone tomorrow (edited)
  2. cactusjack's avatar
    I don't think they offer an email service anymore but yes, you can definitely sign up with another email provider. As for gaining access to an existing BT account, that sounds like something you'd need to contact support about.
  3. Joey.Bloggsy's avatar
    Also to note is that if you get a bt email address and then leave after a while then you also lose that email address
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    Unless you pay an abhorrent amount to keep it.
  4. Nikita_Percival's avatar
    We’ve got a bt email address, with ours it gives us the option to email a secondary account if we’ve forgotten password. I’m. Guessing we somehow set that up many moons ago. Try going through IT but could be tricky
  5. wayners's avatar
    Just account number.
    Will phone tomorrow.
  6. wpj's avatar
    They gave us an email address many years ago. Unfortunately, they were sending all the bills there rather than the one we requested and we didn't check the direct debits enough..... It was per-unlimited days and the children were managing to put the bills up to about £250/month! Quite a shock as they had also been sending us emails to the same account telling us to go unlimited....
  7. jaketheplumber's avatar
    I got a BT email address when I first signed a contract with them way back when, I've never used it and I'm not being charged for it.
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