Café Nero now giving free slice of cake on your birthday via App (check your date)

Posted 4th Apr 2022
This April, we celebrate 5 years of the Caffè Nero app. We hope you've enjoyed collecting stamps, playing in-app activities and earning freebies as much we've enjoyed giving them to you.

WITHOUT CAKE? Make sure your birthday has been saved in our app, as from today we'll give every app member a voucher for a slice of cake for your next birthday, as a gift from us to you.

Head to 'My Details' in 'Settings' to check your details are up to date. CHECK YOUR SETTINGS
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  1. sjs31's avatar
    Thanks, OP. I've updated with a d.o.b.
  2. Tutanota's avatar
    I deleted the app after I had accumulated enough points for a drink, they wanted to "verify my phone number" to allow me to use the points I got. Bear in mind, I had paid for all the drinks. What is there to verify against? Who knows, all I know is they've ensured that whenever I'm faced with a decision to choose a café, they'll be my last choice
  3. luv_a_deal's avatar
    Wonder if you could keep updating, say each month... 😁
  4. Geoffa1450's avatar
    I’ve had this app for years , never get offered a free cake , even though I’m registered and go into Nero nearly everyday ,,,, why ? 
  5. Immortal-Cat's avatar
    Have never got one on my birthday… atleast I’ve got costa to go to. 
    Ranjit_Kaur's avatar
    Same here. Never been offered anything on my birthday as it is registered on the app. Costa give a treat every year 
  6. AB15's avatar
    Birthday today. Got code on email!
  7. Ranjit_Kaur's avatar
    Why don’t Nero acknowledge my birthday?
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