Can Game refuse partial refund on ps5 bundle

Posted 14th Oct 2021
I managed too snag a ps5 from Game, they won't let me buy the console seperate. This is obviously them trying too get more than rrp for the console. I've recieved my console and games , it is not a genuine bundle as the games are seperate from the console and even on the reciept they are listed as seperate items.

I've spoke to Game and they are trying to claim I can't get a refund on the games without returning the console also, to me thats like saying you cant return some gone off food if you bougt something else at the same time. It is not a genuine bundle , all 3 things are sold at rrp price which is the maxiumum and are listed seperatety. I'm pretty confident in the right, and its my rights to be abe return the games for full refund. what do you guys think, how would you challenge them on this?
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