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Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 21 h, 45 m ago)
Every time I try to visit Anne summer site (via link here), I get following message.
This site can’t provide a secure connectionannsummers.com sent an invalid response.
I run chrome browser. I tried running Diagnostics and few tips off google but can't seems to find solution to my issue.
anyone can guide me to resolve this will be much appreciated.
tried few youtube videos as well.
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    You on your phone? If so turn off WiFi and see if you can access it via your mobile Internet, that'll pin point if your WiFi has an age restriction.
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    You will narrow down the issue by using a different browser and/or a different device.
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    use opera browser and it's built in vpn
    your isp is blocking you
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    Ur isp os blocking age restrictions sites
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    Are you able to show us a screenshot of the ssl certificate?
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    Worked for me.
    Oh my dicky ticker
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    If you're with Sky or Now TV broadband, you can login to your account and choose to lift the restriction on "adult" sites...errr, or so a friend tells me
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    With 3 u have to go to shop or credit not even debit but otherwise they do a credit check
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    What's on Anne summers website that others don't have?
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    What are you looking to purchase ?

    I know totally irrelevant but I'm nosy
    It's Valentines day in around 2 weeks, so that might be a clue.
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    This is what Lebara do.may be similar system is for all

    To protect young people, Lebara has placed restrictions on access to adult content.

    Start the process below and follow instructions

    1 Verify your mobile number, using the code we send to you.

    You will be directed to the

    2) YOTI website, which will use facial recognition tool to verify your age.
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    SSL errors number one fix
    Is the date and time set correct
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    thanks everyone. sorted.
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