Posted 15th Mar 2023
Hi all

Just after recommendations on where you get decent (but not silly prices) coffee beans from?

Suppliers and offers etc?

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  1. Jeeseymoose's avatar
    My favourite so far has been Hard Lines. Its a cafe in Cardiff but they roast their own beans and theyre very good
  2. supermonkey30's avatar - 15% off first order from them, erm…they have rave reviews.
  3. Gr1zz1y89's avatar
    I can defo recommend Django Coffee Company, their beans are great and their 1kg rolling subscription (£22.50pm delivered) is good value for the quality and quantity
  4. stuartw's avatar
    Try a local supplier if your have one. We use Peak Bean, in the Peak District (see what they did there) 😁
    1kg = £19 depending on the bean and delivery.
    Seems to come in pretty cheap tastes nice and supporting a small business. (edited)
  5. MattNorfolk's avatar
    Depends what you class as silly prices? I think I pay around £20 a kg give or take for most of the beans I’ve had in the past.

    One of my favourites is a local one from Norfolk Coffee company. Always freshly roasted and easy to dial in, perfect every time.
  6. Azureus's avatar
    I use these folks here
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