Posted 19th Feb 2023
Hi, I’m Simon and I’ve been a HotUKDealsAholic for nearly 7 years. I hope there are others that have this money spending problem! I spend my money on things I don’t need , I’m very addicted. I use to be addicted to social media, I go to sleep and the first thing I checked was Facebook, then Twitter! I’ve now had to come onto hotukdeals when I first wake up to fulfil my addiction. I check hotukdeals at least 79 times a day, I will find at least one deal that stops me having the shakes . I then have to explain to the MRS that I’ve spent another £54 on some trash from Ali express that will sit in the cupboard , or another Xbox game that will be added to my ever growing collection of games that I will never play. This is all not needed or wanted ! I’m glad I got this off my chest ….
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    If you beat the habit of this, you'll likely to have done so by starting a new screen based habit.

    The root cause, whether excessive hukd, social media browsing, video games due to dopamine.

    It's the anticipation of being rewarded, either by finding a bargain, or leveling up, or seeing that some random person has 'liked' your doing very little work to get that dopamine which gets us hooked. It stops us from spending our time doing things actually worthwhile because doing so takes effort, and we're lazy. Why go fix that wonky table, or clean the patio to get that satisfied feeling (dopamine) when you can swipe your phone, in bed to get it!
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    The only bit that jumps out at me now I've read it is...'at least 79 times a day' not even 80! and you call yourself addicted
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    This explains my life too
    Im happy to share though that ive some how managed to hold off ordering a psvr2 and its only 3 days until release, im very proud of myself but of its on offer for less than 500 next month im buying (edited)
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    This sounds awfully familiar…..I too was the same but ditched social media a few years back….was badly obsessed with hukd for a few years but since the deals ain’t as good these days on the site…I have managed to reframe in the last year of spending way too much money on things that weren’t really needed from this site so thank you to hukd for helping save money instead now(y) (edited)
    What did you reframe?
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    But.... We're saving money though. Right?... Right?!

    Oh god I'm as bad as my Mrs
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    Try to sell all your stuff: gives you some money, space and also some pleasure. Declutter.
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    i too check the site every 5 minutes but it is not because i am addicted, it's because i worry i will miss the great deals. you snooze you lose on this site! i sometimes check the site in the middle of the night when i wake up and then go back to sleep as i am aware that the price glitch deals happen in the middle of the night when the retailer sites are being updated and there is no one there to keep an eye on it

    i always feel gutted when i am busy during the day and can't access the site, to find deals had expired while i have been away

    i have bought things i don't need, but they were great bargains . Overall, i have generally bought things i need and have saved so much money from being a member of the site
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    As others have said do a declutter with your wife and offload a lot of stuff on eBay. You'll soon get addicted to selling stuff and making a profit

    Start thinking about a luxury holiday break you both want to book this year and dedicate your eBay profits to that.
    Or declutter by offloading the wife, then you won't have to explain yourself. Think of all the games and chinese tat you could then have in your new rented one room apartment
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    Making fun of addiction...absolutely hilarious

    And instead of buying things you don't need, how about donating that money to charity or such like ?. Sometimes on here it's hard to know when people are joking and when they are serious, both in terms of 'boasting' about buying endless gadgets they don't need/use, or how they visit the site countless times a day for fear of missing out on a deal...

    No wonder 'influencers' and the likes of Andrew Tate have risen to such prominence when people are so materialistic. (edited)
    Lighten up….. I’m sure you have better things to do than comment a ridiculous comment! Looking through all your comments , do you actually have anything productive or nice to say or are you just full of negativity?? All you ever say is “influencers” says a lot about you