DPD Courier left parcel on street and claimed it was a successful delivery

Posted 27th Oct 2020
Hi, I live on a High St in London which can get quite busy. All deliveries are supposed to be to the shop below where I live. The delivery instructions are on the paperwork but of course, quite often, couriers fail to read them. On this occasion, the courier left the parcel on the doorstep ledge resting against the front door which is essentially on the street. I got notification the parcel had been 'delivered' and managed to rescue the package off the street. However, I was very unhappy with the situation along with the fact it was a food parcel. The package was partly damaged but if it had been delivered correctly I'd have ignored this. Anyway, I've returned the item and asked for compensation for cost of returning the package which has been rejected. Am I within my rights to ask for compensation here given that essentially the product/service paid for has not been delivered? Thx in advance.
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