easiest way to replace my suitcase handle

Posted 1st Oct 2023 (Posted 15 h, 35 m ago)
Morning all! I have a Tripp suitcase that has a dodgy push handle, the two screws out of four don't seem to grip onto the metal anymore. Anyone know where I can buy replacement screws from or any suggestions on how to fix?

Thanks! 4209480-8f86m.jpg4209480-aFxxR.jpg
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  1. Deedie's avatar
    Remove the screw. Stick a nut and bolt with washer on each side of the handle. Job done
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    Wouldn't fully close if you did that

    I would take out one of the remaining bolts and measure it and buy a proper replacement

    Bolt width = W

    Bolt would be M<W> x Lmm

    Probably M3 x 16mm

  2. EndlessWaves's avatar
    It's hard to tell where it's broken from those photos.

    The 'screws' have hex heads which look likely to be much deeper than the gap between the plastic and the metal suggesting they're not sandwiching the metal between the head and plastic as you'd normally expect from a screw.

    Are they acting as pegs, filling the circular holes to prevent movement? If that's the case then the holes don't appear to be greatly distorted or the metal tube overly bowed out so I wonder if there's a crack in the plastic part of the handle allowing the pegs to push inwards?
    Aaronnnn's avatar
    The handle is perfectly fine, I think I have managed to fix it... let's hope so anyway.lol
  3. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Looking at the fixing that is hanging out of the fixing hole:
    it appears to have some material attached to it, possibly plastic from the plastic inverted U handle (or does the plastic handle have a metal insert containing the fixing aperture?), so not convinced a simplistic "just fit a new fixing/screw" will solve the problem.

    Probably best to remove all fixings to expose the entire inverted U handle, then either reinstate/rebuild the missing material,
    or add insert,
    or some other solution compatible with the fixing design, where the design is currently hidden by the vertical metal section of handle.

    Or if less than 5 years since purchase:
    contact Tripp to exercise the brand's hilarious 5 year warranty - but brace for disappointment
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    Thank you, I think I managed to fix it and I gripped the screw to the original plastic. Tripp did replace the suitcase, but thought I would give this a go and repair instead of binning it.
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