For Nintendo switch online can I add a slot from someone s family expansion pack to my already existing account with purchased games etc


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    Switch online doesn't merge accounts, it merely allows particular accounts to go online.

    My son and daughter have Switches, and they both have purchased games on their accounts (different games). Initially only my daughter had online, at the time I wasn't sure my son would use it. Sure enough, after six months he wanted to go online, so he got an individual online.

    When my daughter came up for renewal, I bought a family one, then added my son to it. I got credit for the remaining months of his online, and they are both now part of the 'family'. Their games are still associated with their accounts, they haven't merged or been deleted.
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    Cheers for that,. so they have to switch between accounts to use their purchased games etc / then to go online?
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    No, they each have their own account on separate Switches, there's no switching going on. Both accounts then can go online through the family online.

    They're into very different games (apart from Pokemon!) so they wouldn't be interested in using each others games even if they could.
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    Were you being invited to join a family group with an online subscription (+expansion pack)?
    Joining a group only shares the benefit of the group (online capabilities + classic games) and doesn't have anything to do with your games (that you bought). Other members of the group at most will only know your Nintendo account name (possibly even this is only for the group admin).

    On a slightly related note, my group (with expansion pck) can invite one more member (expires 24/12/2023). Please PM if interested.
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