how to get the hose on a gas regulator and BBQ

Found 8th Jun 2013
We've got a new gas bbq and I can't get the hose on the bayonet thing on either the BBQ or the regulator. It just goes about half way on which isn't enough to attach the clips. I have tried lubricating with fairy liquid, any other ideas please?
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Hi Agnes, run the end of the hose under a hot tap, or pop the of the hose into some boiling water. After a 60 seconds or so it should be flexible enough to slide on easy
Original Poster
Ahh..great idea. Thanks I'll give that a go. Desperate to have a BBQ before the good weather ends!
Ha ha enjoy your BBQ
Original Poster
IT WORKED....thanks again. We were lucky enough to get some of the Co-Op half price sirloin steak - we'll drink at toast to you :-)
Looooll your welcome Agnes
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