Kinderkraft Pram 3 in 1

Posted 2nd Feb 2023
Hi all,

Found a pram (From infant to 4 years)

Comes with car seat...see the following link.…h=1

The car seat doesn't seem to be ISOFIX, can anyone advise if I can still buy this? is this car seat legally allowed? it says you can use this car seat safe to use?
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    Not every car has isofix. The car seat itself does not have isofix what is isofix or belted is the base which you can buy separately and the car seat clicks into the base. A car seat in general, all of them have an area that can be used with car seat only. The isofix and belted platform offer a smoother ride. Regarding car seats unless you use a support pillow these plain car seats won't hold babies held in place at newborn stage. You can buy a gently used maxi Cosi car seat and base usually on Facebook for a fraction of the price. We did this with baby number 2. The maxi Cosi ones usually can Clip into many pushchairs all I assume have adaptors. We bought our big pram gently used for 30.. Joie brand. Many people swap to buggies after a few months so many pushchair combos are really well priced on Facebook.
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    Yeah we still occasionally use ours off the pram and it's fine and never had problems with it


    This is the exact one we use (edited)
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    Is it allowed legally to use pram car seat which doesnt have isofix? Also, I dont have a car yet but I am planning to use will it be easier to use these car seat and can attach it to any car? Sorry, if its a silly question: First time getting my heads around it.
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