Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier, 20L - £259.99 @ John Lewis

Posted 31st Dec 2022
Only 27 in stock

The MeacoDry Arete One dehumidifier has been specially designed and created to suit you, the customer. Four years ago, we asked 2000 customers what they liked and what they disliked about their Meaco dehumidifier, this feedback created the MeacoDry Arete One 20L: the quietest, most efficient combined dehumidifier and air purifier ever made.

Whisper Quiet – Our quietest large dehumidifier yet. In fact, at only 38dB, it is more than twice as quiet as the industry standard.

We know how important the noise level of a dehumidifier is to our customers and for that reason we have spent the last two years making Arete the quietest large dehumidifier on the market.

Optimized for the British Climate – Programmed for your life and the British weather.

The performance and design of this dehumidifier has been created around the British climate and the British user. Arete dehumidifies most efficiently between 10°C and 20°C, to extract the maximum amount of water from the air, when you need it most. Standard dehumidifiers are created to work most efficiently at 27°C, way above the average temperature of a British household.

Removes Condensation – Efficiently prevents condensation and mould by capturing moisture in a 4.8 litre water tank.

Arete extracts water into an extra-large tank ensuring you wake up to clear windows each morning. The easy to use tank has a cover and carry handle with the option to pour the water away from both the left and right side, making life easy.

Purer Than Ever – Our H13 HEPA filter removes 99.95% of particles from the air for year-round air purification.

Perfect for customers with asthma or allergies, the medical grade H13 HEPA filter helps to clean the air in your home, removing smells and physical particles such as duct, pollen, pollutants, mould, dust mites, smoke and viruses. Arete can be used purely as an air purifier in the summer months when dehumidification is not required.

Simples Controls – Smooth one-touch controls based on feedback from thousands of customers.

There are no complicated controls. Arete has been designed so it is easy to use for everyone. One press of a smart humidity button is all you need to set up your dehumidifier and walk away. Arete will do the rest for you: Arete will increase the fan speed if the humidity level rises and change to a quieter mode when the target humidity has almost been reached. There is also a Child Lock to stop big or small fingers from changing the settings!

Low Running Costs – Efficiently removes moisture from the air at a lower cost than any other Meaco dehumidifier - 7p/hour based on 34p/kWh.

The low running costs makes Arete extremely energy efficient and affordable to run 24/7, meaning your house will feel the maximum benefit of having a dehumidifier. (7p/hour based on 34p/kWh)

Dries Laundry – Dries your clothes faster, quieter, and more cheaply than any other Meaco dehumidifier.

Arete does not only dry your laundry; it dries your laundry quickly and efficiently whilst monitoring its energy consumption and turns the compressor off when the relative humidity reaches 35%rh to save power. The powerful fan will stay on to make sure your clothes are dry.

Sleek and Unobtrusive – Our unique side air intake lets the unit sit discreetly against the wall.

You asked for a dehumidifier that can be pushed against a wall to save space on their hallway or landing, with Arete you can do exactly that.

Cable length: 1.8m

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    Available direct from Meaco now but be quick!
  2. iconcreative's avatar
    Sold out
  3. stanglish's avatar
    For anyone like me who may have been waiting - 12L model is back in stock direct with Meaco
  4. Sweetcorn12's avatar
    Keep a look out, often available at prices from £179.99 elsewhere
    KIRK_LAZARUS's avatar
    Isn’t that 12L model ?

    Many comments here stating price drop happens after winter .. Hope they reduce/tweak the price a bit after the Martin Lewis hype has died down to ditch the dryer and get this . i think there could be a drop in demand due to so many purchases, 3 winter months gone and would be able to survive another month without it . (edited)
  5. omones's avatar
    Absolute nightmare trying to buy one of these had it in basket checked out and then just as payment processing sold out hah
  6. Old_King_Doran's avatar
    Think these will come back in stock? Literally need a good dehumidifier like this as mould mites have just appeared in my room for whatever reason.
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    Cyb Author
    Definitely. The last few days John Lewis have been putting up in stock usually 9ish and evening. It may not be this exact model. Just keep an eye on that John Lewis page
  7. sparkybash's avatar
    Was in stock , then all sold out 10 mins later….
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    I found the 25l one on Argos went for that couldn’t be arsed waiting round need one asap due to issues
  8. JayJey's avatar
    Meaco website says it’ll be restocked at JL on 4th Jan
  9. Sasinemani's avatar
    Got an extra one waiting to be collected from Waitrose (25L) model in Reading if anyone is interested
  10. ciggybumly's avatar
    Back in stock
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