Posted 29th Dec 2022 (Posted 13 h, 24 m ago)
Hi I have not got a clue about VR / Gaming Pc.

I have watched Youtube video's etc about VR Gaming Pc but I am none the wiser please help!
These are a couple of PC I have found that have been recommended to be future proof?
Vibox VIII-48 Gaming PC SG-Series - 27" 144Hz Curved Monitor Bundle - Intel i9 11900F Processor - Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB Graphics Card - 32GB RAM - 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD - Windows 11 - WiFi on Amazon £2354.95 interest free 12 months @196.25 per…h=1

AWD 215 Snow Intel i9 11900KF Eight Core 5.3GHz RTX 3080 10GB Gaming PC
The Ultimate High Refresh Rate Gaming PC. Built for productivity and performance with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB Graphics Card and Intel's 11th gen i9-11900KF gaming processor. £2139.95…551
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    there is no such things as future proof in tech.
    Completely understand that, but will she get at least 5 years out of one of these pc without having to upgrade?
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    You are mixing up "wants" and "needs" - her gaming requirements will change as she gets older and it is highly unlikely she will be happy with the same box 5 years later.
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    Both of those are overkill. Best go get the optimal point of price performance curve and sell and trade up in a few years.

    Cost of extra performance goes exponential

    You can just swap out the hard drive in future or reinstall the games

    Or you could save your files in the cloud to redownload or can back up to external drive. (edited)
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    Their CPUs are already two generations out of date and make the system not worth the asking price. Grossly overpriced.
    CPU is the I9 right ? I was told these are the latest ?
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    The latest tech is pretty much out of date by the time you unpack and set it up
    "My new computer's got the clocks, it rocks
    But it was obsolete before I opened the box"
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    You can get into vr with a 300 second hand build with an old and Rx. 480 upto say a 600 pound sarden84 build with an and 6600
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    If you want a little further proof, I would get Core i5 13600K with DDR 5 RAM.
    GPU would depends if you wait for RTX 4070