One of the central heating in the house does not work - does not turn hot

Posted 14th Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 22 m ago)
wanted to consult with you guys first if it could just be a simple fix before i enquire bpha about it4049803-yjI7x.jpg
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    TRV could be sticking, they have a metal pin under the rotating cap that should rise when you turn the white numbered part of the TRV

    Unscrew the TRV using the knurled nut under the cap and check the pin isn't stuck (don't worry about unscrewing this, water won't spurt out lol)
    Pin should be all the way up when you take off the TRV, see if you can push it down (edited)
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    You tried adjusting the thermostat and bleeding , but lazy and poor job how they have connected the new cooper piping to the old pipe rather than run a new one and no pipe clips . (edited)
    We don't know the circumstance in which the piping/radiator was installed so can't be sure why it was installed that way.
    Why would you run a new pipe anyway? What benefit is there? 15mm copper is 15mm copper. Where would you run a new pipe to? The boiler?
    Agree with the lack of clips though.
    Also the bends on the valve entry could've been neater, better still one elbow and 45° bend would've kept pipe nicely tucked in behind valve and against wall
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    open both valves fully, ie thermostat to the highest number and the other valve fully anticlockwise .. also open the bleed valve to let out any air.
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    Unscrew the trv valve completely to eliminate that - can not see the valve you have but myson valves are known to fail - taking it off will leave fully open to at least eliminate that as cause (edited)
    How far is this radiator from the boiler?
    System might need balancing.
    Especially with the cold spell and everyone trying to get more heat in each room by opening valves to max on both ends.
    Try turning a few rads that are working off too see if that gets this one warm.
    If it does start getting warm then balance the system.
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    Are either of those copper pipes hot?
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