Posted 25th Jan 2023 (Posted 35 m ago)
My wife and I have recently moved into our new bedroom and are on the hunt for a TV

There seems to be alot of very knowledgeable people on here so hoping for some recommendations.

It'll mainly be used for watching TV shows and series' and Match of the day. Occasionally the odd film but don't need a home theatre experience.

Budget is 400-500 but thanks to reward points at work I can get £200 vouchers for Curry's, Argos or John Lewis so could stretch to £700 in that case

I'm thinking around 55" will fit nicely in the space available on the wall.

Thanks in advance
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    Costco, John Lewis, Richer Sounds.
    The only 3 places you should be looking to buy a TV. They all do extended warranties of 5 years or more on their televisions. Anywhere else and you'll likely be on your own after just a year.

    The Toshiba QA5D 55" with QLED Display and 5yr warranty is in stock at John Lewis for £429 Which I can personally recommend for crystal clear picture with vivid colour, good motion handling (Though only 60Hz panel) and clear sound.

    If wanting to push to the £700 Mark then I would be looking at the LG NANO76 (£599 John Lewis), LG NANO96 8K (£649 Costco) and Sony X80K (£724.99 Costco - Slightly over)

    Worth noting that anyone can buy from Costco online with no eligibility criteria, but there is a £15 Membership fee if you don't already have a card for the warehouses to shop online - Well worth it for the warranty that seems to be pretty much no questions asked though.

    Finally, if you wish to get the higher standards from a TV like a Sony but without running over budget, you can consider dropping down to a 50" Model instead - Costco have that same model for £619 as a 50" compared to the £724 for the 55".
    Thanks for that. Very informative and certainly given me something to think about. Much appreciated
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