Wren kitchens VS Wickes kitchen VS etc..

Posted 24th Apr 2018
So guys, looking to buy a new kitchen and hoping to rely on my fellow hukkers to help and advise me from their knowledge and experience.

I've been to wren, Howdens, wickes and bnq so far and obviously was put under pressure to buy. I've not budged and there's some differences in the price but they are all there abouts.

I'm more asking about how the kitchens actually stack up quality wise, after sales service, guarantees and are they honoured or do you have to argue with them.

Each place showed me the benefits of theirs whilst the negatives of the others which was informative.

But ultimately I'm looking for actual reviews from people. Not sure if I trust trustpilot but it's a source of information.

So guys, please advise away. Thanks
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