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Updated 22nd Aug 2019Last updated 22nd Aug 2019 by sxxychocolate
Samsung galaxy s8+ / google pixel 3XL
Hi all Hopefully just a quick one. Does anyone know if the samsung galaxy s8+ and google pixel 3XL use the same charging cable? Thanks

What he/she said (y) (highfive)


Yes, they both use USB C chargers

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Updated 12th Jul 2019Last updated 12th Jul 2019 by astrapartytime
Pixel 3XL or Pixel 3a XL
Which phone is the better option. Both available at around the same price on contract at the moment. Even though the 3XL is the better spec phone I have read that it has had a lot … Read more

It's weird that the 3xl can be had for 30 a month just a few weeks ago, but now all deals are over 40, phone usually gets cheaper, not more expensive as the newer model is coming out in a couple of months

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Updated 17th Jun 2019Last updated 17th Jun 2019 by Bigfootpete
Torn between Google Pixel 3xl or Huawei P30 or OnePlus 7
I'm due to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S8 next month with EE and want to go for something different. I've looked into the 3 phones above and am having trouble deciding which one… Read more

Pixel will be the most reliable.


So no body knows but you still need your opinion, which is fine same as everyone else. I stated my opinion and you didn’t like it but I’m fine with that. Happy days. Just remember it’s only your opinion that I’m wrong....


Sigh, it's pointless having discussions with people like yourself. You have a view, and that's it. At the end of the day neither of us 'know' what will happen. We can both only go on by what's been published in the media. But as stated, Huawei have said they will continue to support phones that are in the market, for how long? Of course neither you or I know that, but then the same can be said of many phone manufacturers. And the bigger picture? That's that Huawei want to have access to Android and the potential of millions of customers outside of China, their own OS will only go so far as the market is dominated by Android / iOS.


I'm still on my pixel 1. Great phone and service through Google. I used the Google assistant in the settings due to a battery and SIM error, however they resolved it online which was brilliant. At he end of my contract now and I think what I'm going to do is stick to a 30-day plan and wait for the pixel4 come out. I really wanted Huawei p30 but after the OS news I think I'll stay away from this until further notice. Shame like but i don't fancy taking a chance just yet. Great prices at the moment too.


It is bliss, updates will only happen if Huawei implement them same as any android, down to manufacture, that’s why phones are not updated as long as iOS. How long do you think Huawei is going to update them once they bring out there own software and store which is what they will do...try looking at bigger picture than hoping everything will be fine..

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Updated 9th Jun 2019Last updated 9th Jun 2019 by smith2001uk
Google Pixel 3 XL as next phone. Convince Me.
I'm tempted to go for the Google pixel 3 XL as my next mobile as it looks good value on contract at the moment. Are there any users out there who can give an opinion after using i… Read more

I got the 3a xl from on ee for £36 and 30gb data. Total cost was £744 with cashback cheques. I got offered the pixel 3 xl with 30gb for £32 (£814 total) from Vodafone when I rang for my pac (to move to EE) so I returned my 3a xl and kept the larger better, faster phone. I don't care about the notch, I have Bluetooth headphones and the camera is quality. I came from the oneplus 5t. It has a faster processor that the 3a xl so when I had it for a while I couldn't deal with the random lags. One plus point of the 3a xl is its massive battery. Larger than my 3 xl


To be honest even if you do splash out on a new flagship phone its usually overtaken by a newer model a few months later anyway. Especially not worth it if you take a contract out on one at the high prices they cost then being stuck on an overpriced plan for 2 years. That's why I'm taken by the pixel as it seems a good price for a top phone.


No, because of pricing (already have Chromebook & Home so launch promotions not for me) I normally buy older flagships, usually best value for money imho. Love Pixel have two 1st gens and 2xl. I have high opinion of 3a, I'd just wait a bit for price to fall if I needed a new phone and wanted 3a. I might grab a 3xl next year, not too bothered by RNN, like selfie cams, wireless charging etc


Can I ask if you have one yourself and if so can you recommend it.


Price approaching £300 already, will be less in 3-4 months' time