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Recommended upgrade from Samsung Note 8
I'm thinking of upgrading whilst I can still get a decent trade in price for my Note 8. Any recommendations? I've been looking at the Oneplus and S20 ranges the most but I've not s… Read more

Mrswitch posts some good deals on here. Worth having a look.


iPhone se(2020)


P30 Pro if the camera is important. Around £500 these days. And full Google support.


Budget isn't fixed, around the £700. The price of the ultra is steep but the specs seem incredible. Thanks for your input.


I've got the s20 ultra and its got a very good camera but it's a top price (lol) The note 10+ is slightly cheaper and also has a very good camera. Think it all depends on your budget as well

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Galaxy Note 8
I'm looking to buy galaxy note 8 in deep sea blue but wherever I check it's either not available or the price is inflated way too much compared to the other colours.. Anybody can a… Read more

Would you really risk use it without a cover. As nice as the edge to edge screens are but any drop without a cover results in a cracked screen. With a cover the colour of the phone becomes redundant

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£649 sim free galaxy note 8, good price? !colour=black&capacity=64GB&dealType=sf&tabID=reviewData So I'm impatient and have been looking at deals for this phon… Read more

Say that you want to cancel under the cooling off period but the CS agent didn't let you when they should have. You should receive a callback from the director's office next day where they will cancel it for you.


Interesting! What do I write in the email? Just that it like to cancel?


That's wrong, you can cancel at any time. Call them again and say you want to cancel under the cooling off period and they should be able to do it for you - if not, email (CEO) and they will cancel it straightaway for you without having to pay the 1st month.


Vodafone, didn't pass the credit check for o2. Rang them today though and he said I haven't had it long enough for him to ask me 5 data protection questions so need to ring them in a couple days :/ :/ Sounds to me like he said a couple days then by that time my 30 days will go into the next month so I'll have to pay 2 months worth (shock)


Brilliant, hope it all works out for you (which it definitely should). If you have any problems, let me know and I'll try to help. Did you go for Vodafone or O2?