Pepper Expert Program


Our program to reward passionate users who've been constantly sharing great deals in our community

No Brands involved.

This is a rewarding program made from us to our users.

Over the years we’ve seen many users evolving their profiles and helping our community by sharing many good deals regularly. So why not reward them? This is how Pepper Expert Program was created: as our way to say thank you to our most avid users. In case you wonder what is Pepper: Pepper comprises of deal communities like hotukdeals, dealabs, mydealz and more .

How it works – currently a closed beta program

We created and analysed a report of our users
We scored users based on this report
We've ranked and invited the top users to our Beta
The agreement

Members of the Pepper Expert Program must contractually assure us that they will not receive money or rebates from publishers or brands for publishing deals, nor will they accept any instructions from us. They guarantee us by contract that they act independently. So, as a member of our community, you can trust these special members 100% that they only share deals with the community that they consider good and that have no other motivations for them.

The next steps

After we run the beta program, we’ll gather and analyse the data. If the beta works out then the likelihood is that we’ll grow the number of Experts. That means if you’re a deal hunter at heart, love writing and sharing your tips then you could receive a message from us.

Your questions answered

Pepper, which comprises of deal communities like hotukdeals, dealabs, mydealz and more prides itself on being the original social shopping platform. Social platforms evolve constantly but one of the common factors across all of them is the rise of expert users. These come in various shapes and forms; bloggers, vloggers, influencers, channels but all have one thing in common. They’re seen as an authoritative voice, one worth following and listening to and as such they’re able to earn revenue based on their channel engagement. Hotukdeals has so many users who consistently provide the community with great deal content, so why shouldn’t they be rewarded for that?
They’re still posting exactly what they would’ve posted originally, they’re just being rewarded for doing so. Their only driver is to post well researched, well written content. In fact, every expert on the program will need to sign a contract in which he or she guarantees us that they are not being paid or in any form rewarded by the brand or shop he posts the content for. Conversely, there’s also a section in the contract that underlines that here at Pepper and hotukdeals, we won’t influence the user either.
No - At hotukdeals (as well as across the rest of the worldwide Pepper communities) we love great content. This is what brought you to the site in the first place, and what made you stick around - it’s the same for all of our community members - they came here to find something specific and eventually stuck around because they kept finding deals and stories that interested them. We feel like high quality deals and great content are what sets our community apart from the rest, and this is what we want to focus on. The Pepper Expert Program members will be able to post the content they want to post, they’ll follow the same rules as the rest of the site users and won’t gain any extra permissions.
To keep it fair, we created a report which helps us to see the quality of user created content. It takes into account which threads encourage new users (which ones brought the highest quantity of new community members to the site) and also scores users based on how they treat one another. We then pulled a list of the top users based on those numbers and we’ve invited all of the top 15 to join us for our beta test. Among those 15 are users that typically post in store content, users that exclusively only post deals under one category, users that post a bit of everything.. there’s a real mix. There’s no favouritism or preferential treatment, these users don’t receive any extra permissions - they’re being rewarded purely for doing what they do best.
If this beta is successful, we’ll definitely open it to a wider audience. We’ve based the first round purely on data from the past few months and though there are lots of members who deserve a place on the program, we need to learn and test with a small group before fully launching it.
We’ll be running the beta for an initial four to twelve month trial
We aren’t handpicking members in that way. We felt the fairest way was to do this based on the numbers as described earlier. That’s not to say you will never be able to join the PEP program - if the beta works out then the likelihood is that we’ll grow the amount of PEP users. That means if you’re a deal hunter at heart, love writing and sharing your tips then you could receive a message from us. Likewise, if users in PEP drop out of the chart, we’ll message them to see if they still want to participate and they can then take the option to leave the program.
If you’ve popped up in our chart, you’ll receive a message from admin explaining things and asking if you’re interested in joining. You’ll be able to ask any questions and have a look through our documentation before you make a decision.

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