Posted 25th Feb 2023
help.....can't make head or rail about old style light bulb last old 100w bulb has gone....I'm looking for a replacement bayonet bulbs......any suggestions 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏
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    I used to sell them, have loads left somewhere, if I hunt them out, I’ll send you a box no charge
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    You must have a massive electric bill if your rocking 100w light bulbs as LED use a LOT less electric. As a comparison you could light the whole of your house for the same cost as running 1 old style light bulb.

    The ones posted below are perfect Anything about 10w is bright and warm light is comparable to old stle.
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    If you have a dimmer switch, please check it is a trailing edge one. The older leading edge dimmers will kill the LED bulb within a few months and make it buzz until it dies.
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    A true 100W tungsten equivalent should be around 1,500 lumens.

    I like the LED filament style bulbs, because they look good in glass fittings as they don't have a plastic base and emit light in all directions.

    All my 100W equivalent ones are from ASDA, they were the most efficient and longest lasting and brightest ones I've tried, 12 watt, 1521 lumen. They were also good value when I bought them a few years ago, but their price has gone up.…996
    thanks for the advice....really helpful

    thanks so much (edited)
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    10w would be the equivalent in LED
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    thanks for all the advice
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    Old incandescent bulbs give off 'warm white' light which is in the 2700 - 3000 Kelvin range. So if you're looking for a direct replacement that gives off the same light, you may want to consider that. Higher Kelvin range bulbs give off 'cool white' or 'daylight' type light. Different people have different preferences.…tml (edited)
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