Posted 28th Feb 2023
Hi anyone knows any competitions where i can participate & try to win a laptop as mine is broken now
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  1. TRking's avatar
    i have a spare one in the london area if you want it
  2. Muig1972's avatar
    This sounds like a highly unreliable way to get a new laptop.
  3. tardytortoise's avatar
    Dont know of any competitions but if you live in Wiltshire these people will give you a refurb laptop FOC
    Alternatively, get in touch with them - they are part of a national scheme and may know a similar outfit where you live.
    isabela's avatar
    Thanks looking for something in london or any competition without any area limitation
  4. iWish's avatar
    I think you'll be waiting a VERY long time for a laptop this way.
  5. Byno's avatar
    Consider an alternative way to obtain one if time is of the essence.
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