Posted 12th Feb 2023 (Posted 16 h, 39 m ago)
What's the best way to turn a Carrera vengeance to a reliable electric bike
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    Best is not cheapest

    Cheapest is to convert front wheel

    Throttles are what you have on motorbikes - ebikes requires pedalling to trigger assistance.

    Best is a mid motor but would cost you most.

    Most common is rear wheel conversion as better than front but not as expensive as mid - look up bafang conversion kits and you tube videos but also be careful not to go beyond what is legally an ebike as then you are officially riding a illegal motorbike.

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    I usually pass wind to give me a boost up a hill. Very environmentally friendly
    not for the person on the back of the tandem
  3. Avatar is well reviewed, better than the Chinese import kits with no support
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    Whoosh bikes in Southend have a lot of information on their website.
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    AFAIK a, throttle is illegal on pedelecs in this country.
    Throttles limited to a maximum of 6kmph without pedalling are legal in the UK (to provide assistance from a standing start).

    You can legally add a throttle that works up to the full 25kmph to a manufactured e-bike if you pay to get it type approved…in/

    It has been suggested that if you convert a used ordinary bicycle to a compliant e-bike yourself it may be legal to add a throttle without seeking type approval because amateur one-off DIY conversions are apparently exempt from type approval (see the post from Velonoir (November 19, 2019) in the thread above quoting a reply from the dept of transport). As far as I know that's not been tested in court and some people interpret the law differently (edited)
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