Best value own brand tomato ketchup to replace Lidl's disappearing?

Posted 20th Jul 2022
I used to always buy it as it was great value and taste but they haven't had it in stock for months, they even removed the shelf space/label long ago.

(I'm in East London, don't have Aldi nearby)
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    Same here.
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    Went into my local Lidl today. Same as you have been after their ketchup for over a month now. They had one of those blue NEW labels on the shelf for their own brand ketchup priced at 50p. They were doing restocks so I’m assuming it’s going out on shelves in stores this week. Hopefully your local will stock it too (edited)
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    Personally I just buy Heniz when on an offer. But Waitrose ketchup has a good flavour from memory.
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    We buy tesco both ketchup and salad cream. Both are nice

    I think it's more what you get used to (edited)
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    Tesco, more acidic and more flavour than Heinz
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    I tried a lot of varieties, Lidl is my last and final resort.

    Hope they will get back soon.
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    Tesco Stockwell cheap brand does me!
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    I think the Aldi Bramwell's Tomato Sauce is decent, though, that's only an option if you have an Aldi near you. (Actually, reading again, you don't).

    Weirdly, I noticed recently, in a display with the Bramwell's next to the Heinz (in my local Aldi), you could see the Bramwell's had a slightly greenish tinge! which maybe suggests it has less E-numbers in it (I could be wrong).

    Years ago I used to like the more "vinegary" Gold Star Tomato Sauce chip shops used to sell, not sure if that still exists. Probably never even been near a tomato! (Maybe it's a local brand, as Tesco tells me they are based in Glasgow).

    Mind you, I'm more of an HP Sauce girl. (edited)
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    I second Aldi Bramwells tomato ketchup. I only buy this now. Specifically the reduced sugar and salt version for me, but the full fat one is great too.

    Prefer Lidl mayonnaise to Aldi's though.
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    Asda. Kids won't touch heinze. Asda beans are the best aswell
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