Best way of selling on Nintendo Switch games?

Posted 15th Dec 2022

I miscalculated slightly.I brought 2 Oled switch deals intending to keep one for myself. One was the amazon glitch deal with the switch and 7 Metroid Dread copies. The Switch worked out at £175 if I returned the games but amazon were awkward so haven’t risked it. I then brought the Pokémon bundle for £332.99 as I wanted the games. I put one brand new Switch on eBay with a copy of Metroid Dread. It only made £260. Not terrible but not great. I now have 6 copies of Metroid Dread and a Switch lite to shift that is as new. What is the best way for me to recoup money please? I know there are experts on here. Thanks in advance. I don’t mind holding on to them if it will pay off in the end but was trying and failing to beat Boxing Day sales
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    No one is buying anything online so close to Christmas with all the postage delays so eBay is flatlining.
    But use this to your advantage and sell them on Facebook or Gumtree locally and offer delivery in person - people will start paying more as the days get closer to Christmas
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    I bought the 7 Metroid and 4 Zelda's deal. Using the 80% off fees on ebay that often pops up, £20 was the average for Metroid, £38 for zelda average and I got £240 and £260 for each switch.
    I got the average then. Thanks
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    you are mad for not just sending the games back to amazon (edited)
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    Same as selling other electronics, CEX or Music Magie.

    Games - CEX or Game.

    Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay - cash on collection (ideally) or risk posting if you insist on getting best price.
    Are prices likely to go back up at some point they are so low at the moment?
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