Cat lovers - How to build tunnel to connect cat flap to catio??

Posted 2nd Jun 2023 (Posted 15 h, 21 m ago)
does anyone know of a good way to connect a catflap to a catio?

This would allow our cats to go outside during the day while keeping them safe.
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    Likely minimum considerations:
    • weather resilience & precipitation ingress resistance
    • claw resistant
    • weight of cat(s)
    • which edge of the door the cat flap is fitted (biased to hinge edge or biased to handle edge) relative to the mechanism to temporarily auto-(re)move the solution when the door is opened - unless the owners are OK with sidestepping / jumping over the solution, or the cats are OK with a sharp S-bend permanently fitted to the CF
    • typical cat flap max external dims = 250mm sq so any circular-based solution is likely needing to be minimum 350mm internal diameter at point of contact with the CF.
  2. sm9690's avatar
    Does the cat flap not lead straight out to the catio? (edited)
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    Helpful567 Author
    catio is on the lawn.

    small path separating the lawn from the back door.

    oh, there is also one step from back door to path. (edited)
  3. tcf's avatar
    A length of flexible air conditioning ducting? Depends how big your cat is. (edited)
  4. Immoraliste's avatar

    This came up on YT. The step might pose a problem, though you could make a ramp.
    You'd really want to stabilise / frame it too to make sure it's not a hazard to the cat in high winds etc.
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    what the.....

    Do folks seriously do that.
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