Posted 17th Feb 2023 (Posted 9 h, 58 m ago)
Recently bought a PS5 for hogwarts and now I'm looking to get a TV that supports 4k 120hz on a student budget.

Cheapest I've found so far is a ~280 Toshiba online but from one of those appliance websites.

Any suggestions?

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    Which TV is that?
    So many factors in a TV / monitor.
    Used will get you a better model for a cheaper price.
    What size do you want?
    Also, there is more to a TV than just hertz. 120hz on a rubbish TV will be worse than 60 on an oled for instance.
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    Lg Nanocell or TCL
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    Which Toshiba you are referring to?

    Cheapest 4k 120Hz I knew is £700 55" Hisense.

    Edit: £650 LG 50QNED816QA with 120Hz as well. (edited)
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    I got a second hand lg cx 48 for £700 a couple of years ago. eBay collection deal. Also some on gumtree. Can try that. The 55s were cheaper but too big for monitor usage (edited)
    Do you use it as a monitor? how do you get on with it?
    I am currently using 27 / 34 UW / 27 as my three and am also concerned about image retention on OLED (I have it on my VA UW from the taskbar after 18 months).
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    Please do not fall victim to the false marketing of basically calling everything HDMI 2.1 which supports at least one of its features such as eARC or ALLM. The HDMI consortium officially allows this, but this does not mean that the TV will support actual high-bandwidth transmission of 40 or 48Gbit/s which is necessary for 4K120.
    That's the wrong end of the stick.

    It's perfectly normal for standards - especially minor revisions (0.1 version increase)- to make new features optional as they don't know how widely they'll be picked up. Pretty much every other technology standard you can name works this way.

    As do older versions of HDMI. HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 TVs never supported 2560x1440 or FHD@120hz even though that capability was introduced in those versions.

    The issue here is not the standard not requiring things to be mandatory, the issue is product marketing not being clear what that particular product is capable of.
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