Posted 9th Mar 2023 (Posted 10 h, 50 m ago)
Hi hotukdealers

I'm looking for an external disc drive for PC game discs to run (and possibly CDs and DVDs)

Can anyone please offer some suggestions. Nothing too expensive, £30 or less - would something like this do the job?

Thank you in advance for any helpful comments
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    Anonymous User
    Should do - you can get branded ones for under £30 on Amazon as well.

    Ideally if you have a laptop with USB 3, look for one that's a USB 3 device, rather than a USB 2 one. And also understand the drive will probably be noisier than an internal drive.
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    DVDs were slow, you don't need anything more than USB2 for transfer speeds - certainly not for this sort of slimline drive where the spin speeds are fairly low. It may not even hit a third of the speeds USB2 is capable of.
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    Get one from CEX as they still have 2 year warranty and you'll save some pennies (and also not add to e-waste by buying pre-owned)
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    Would you please be able to recommend some by linking to ones you would personally buy from CeX? I ordered from HP in the end, but could always cancel the order or return if it's too late thank you
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    We've always just got the ebay ones for under a tenner and never had an issue.
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