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Posted 3rd Feb 2023
Hi hi hope I can get some help here please, been researching to purchase a phone for my son to use mainly for gaming, he sometimes uses my phone which is Samsung galaxy S20 after 1 hour use it gets hot, would appreciate any recommendations, budget of 100-150, I don't mind refurbish. Thanks
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    All phones get hot as you push them to do more demanding tasks like 3D rendering to play games on.

    Without buying a specific gaming phone that has cooling fans built in, which will go WAY over your budget, or getting a case that has special cooling features (Razer make gaming cases with thermal pads in them for example) then getting another phone isn’t going to change the fact that the phone gets hot.

    Can you clarify what you’re hoping to achieve? Do you just generally want to get him a smartphone to stop him using yours? Or are you only looking because you’re concerned about the phone getting hot? Because if it’s the latter it’s perfectly normal and a new phone won’t change that.
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    Hi thanks for your reply,
    I mainly want to get him a smartphone, so yes he can stop using mine
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    You aren't going to get any better than a S20 for £100-150.

    Phones get hot when in use, its what they do.
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    1 hour of gameing would heat up any phone be more suited to a phone made for gameing
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    Thank u really though it was only mines, as I can use my phone for an hour but don't get hot . Even if he uses it for 30 mins gaming it get hot .
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