How to clean a pram/pushchair to look new?

Posted 2nd Feb 2023
Hey all,

I’m looking to give my 1.5-2 year old pushchair to a family member who is expecting soon. The fabric looks good after I gave it a wash, however the frame looks like it needs some work.

I hosed it down and used cloths to dry it but feel like i could do more. The frame and trim is black colour and made of hard plastic.

Is there anything else I can do to get that shine back? Maybe car cleaning products?

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    #TheRepairShop #BBC
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    Try a car interior dash lotion. Like armour all interior protectant they have a semi Matt or Matt finish or maybe the "new car" lotion or polishes
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    What about the bumper restorer you use on cars ?
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    any recommendations?
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    Give it a once over with a pressure washer.
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    As an alternative to this (furniture oil)… about baby oil..?
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    hmm.. that interesting and quite easy to do.. I wonder if it least long?
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