indonesian vpn or dns provider recommendation ? vidio streaming epl / champions league

Posted 7th Sep 2022
anyone able to recommend indonesian dns or vpn provider.

Trying to stream vidio streaming service to play efl and c.league but really struggling with constant vpn issues using private internet access vpn.

What are others using for this service, any recommendations ?
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  1. jameshothothot's avatar
    controlD... 30-day free trial. $30 usd a year. it's a DNS changer not a VPN so is faster and lighter on resources.
  2. computerguy234's avatar
    I signed up for Vidio and I'm using ControlD, and the UCL games aren't even working.

    The F1 was working and nothing has changed (and I can see people talking in the chat) so can only assume it's something on ControlD's end

    Honestly you're better off trying to find a good IPTV provider (edited)
    v5535's avatar
    Football's taken them to court
  3. CrimsonSilver's avatar
    I use PIA and have had no issues, last night for instance, watched the 6pm and 8pm games on Vidio and had no issues at all…didn’t buffer and quality was very high. Might it be your setup?
  4. iammienta's avatar
    you only have to start the stream using vpn then once the stream starts playing, you can turn the vpn off and it will keep playing using your full bandwidth until you change the channel / game
    hasj2's avatar
    Does the steam quality improve once you turn the VPN off? With the VPN on its pretty bad quality.
  5. Conkers816's avatar
    I’ve just watched the Spurs UCL game on Vidio using Control-D. No issues at all.
  6. Ben_Pullin's avatar
    I'm trying to subscribe to vidio but get an error saying "Not available in Play Store" when attempting to pay, what am I missing? VPN is set to Indonesia.
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