Is anyone able to send me barcodes of Supernoodles (BBQ beef & curry)?

Posted 18th Mar 2023 (Posted 19 h, 55 m ago)
I bought some super noodles (the 75g BBQ beef pot and the 75g curry pot) that are on the shopmium cashback app and was going to claim but I forgot and have given the noodles away already.
I have the receipt, but need the barcodes of both in order to claim.
Can anyone help with this please?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. jamie15's avatar
    @sicklysweet if the above barcode from Andy doesn't work send me a message I've got 1 you can try
    sicklysweet's avatar
    Thanks. The app didn’t accept the barcode above so that would be lovely.
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Credit to some geezer on YT.
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    Just double check the last digits on the receipt are the same as that photo. Normally you knock the last number off then work across.
    So the receipt should end 1662
  3. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Google image search is your friend here !
    sicklysweet's avatar
    I tried and failed. It was a bad friend
  4. Ferris's avatar
    Just make the claim in the supermarket and scan one off the shelf?
    sicklysweet's avatar
    Unfortunately I can only do online shopping as I’ve not been well. Great idea tho. 

    It’s only £1 I know so not the end of the world if I can’t do it but just a little annoying as I had such good intentions!
  5. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Credit to HairyKev or similar @ YT.
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