leveno Bios update messed up my desktop help with Usb Win pro 10 exe

Posted 20th Feb 2023

Can anyone help....
Have a leveno desktop, late last year it did a bios update and unfortunately cannot log in with pin as it says your pin is no longer available due to a change to the security
tried rebooting through safe mood , going through to advanced settings etc it is asking to login as a administrator but there are no administrator accounts on the desktop...doing research it seems to be the only way is execute/reboot wins pro 10 through a usb...Please can anyone provide a advice , if

A that is a good procedure
B where best to buy usb with windows exe pro 10

Any advice is very welcomed
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    The pin is a secondary login method, you will have set a password at some point as well.

    If you can't remember the password then below is your best option .

    Download hirens boot iso and burn to a usb stick with Rufus.

    Then boot from the USB stick into hirens. There are security tools on there that will allow to blank the local admin password, reset any other passwords or even create new admin accounts.

    I use this method all the time to reset local admin accounts on corporate pc's and VM's with lost credentials

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    theposter Author
    Thanks , will try this
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    Use alternative PC to create bootable usb stick for Win 10 Pro
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