New TV - QLED or Ambilight?

Posted 28th Feb 2019
Looking for a top range 55 inch TV, really wanted an OLED but the burn in issues along with other stories are putting me off.
So I've narrowed it down to either a Samsung QLED or the Philips Ambilight (simply down to the cool LED lights) as the next best two options.
Which one would you recommend and why? Or if theres better TV's around then please let me know.
Thanks in advance
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    Just want to make sure that you know OLED and QLED are screen technologies whereas Ambilight is just LEDs shining light onto your wall behind the TV.
    The Philips 55" OLED is well reviewed and also has Ambilight, has been available for £1k. I would avoid the QLED Q6, but would highly recommend the Q7 and above.
    If you are worried about burnin just make sure it has a 5+ year warranty, which is something I would recommend regardless.
  2. samtman's avatar
    Another OLED vote here. Had mine for about 2 years. Watch a lot of football and sky sports news with static images as well as gaming and never had any problem with burn in. Not saying there isn’t an issue with some as most TVs of all types have some issues but I think it is over blown a bit
  3. _Whatever_'s avatar
    Go OLED
  4. adamderak's avatar
    I'd go for the Ambilight. But the 7 series. You can pick up a midrange 65 inch Ambilight for £900. Won't get much for a qled at that price…189
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    Which TVs are you considering specifically? There's a big difference between the Q6 and the Q9.

    Generally the QLED range of LCD TVs are focused on supporting the latest image technologies like HDR and the better models like the Q8DN and Q9 are some of the best HDR TVs out there, rivalled only by Sony's LCDs and OLEDs generally.

    Philips have taken their 8000 LCD models in a different direction. The HDR support is nothing special, the same you'd find on any other mid-range TV, but they include lots of touches like better sound and a nicer remote - as well an ambilight - so they're a good choice for normal TV watching.

    Not a great deal is currently being broadcast in HDR though, and there's a lot of room for improvement, so now definitely isn't the time to be paying out extra for HDR support unless a lot of the stuff you use the TV for is available in HDR right now. (edited)
  6. furbars's avatar
    I have the Ambilight no complaints about it can't comment on the other type I assume they are both much the same.
  7. Oneday77's avatar
    I’ve got a Samsung Plasma, ???? in issues you say. Not here and that’s with 2 kids incapable of turning a TV off and leaving DVD or Streaming TV menu screens on.

    It was a thing you used to do, don’t know if you still do with OLED. Run a slide show on the TV for around 48 hours when you first get it. The slide show is solid coloured slides that helps break in the screen. Allowing for better calibration afterwards and evening of any cell imbalances.

    As for what TV to get, I’d consider Ambilight but haven’t really looked into it too much. My problem is OLED panels tend to be LG or Samsung made. I won’t buy another Samsung TV and hate LG’s reliability record, from experience.
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    Depends on your viewing style. OLED for watching in the dark with perfect blacks or QLED or Nanocell for watching in a bright environment. OLED can suffer with burn in but should have less POV than a QLED tv when gaming.
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    LESS viewing angle? Not more with OLED?
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    What about this. Highly regarded, Ambilight & oled. £1500…iew
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