Outdoor security camera which timestamps videos

Posted 7th Jul 2022
Guys can you please suggest outdoor cameras which timestamp videos? I have heard video is useless as evidence if the frames are not time stamped.
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  1. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Eufy are fantastic and show time stamps (edited)
    TheManFromAnotherPlace's avatar
    Eufy are excellent, have cameras and doorbell and homebase so no cloud storage required
  2. boombadoom's avatar
    also recommend eufy for this too! Super easy set up
  3. joxeruk2000's avatar
    Blink cameras also time stamp.
    indar's avatar
    Not as per forums. What I want is date + time to show within the footage/ recorded video as it is playing, and not just the time when the footage was captured.
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    No need to spend more than £22 Prime delivered for a branded fully-featured self-contained outdoor solution with date+timestamped footage; even has integral motion-triggered white lighting to provide colour nighttime footage rather than usual IR-sourced monochrome, but you can still opt for mono if you prefer. Alexa integration etc.

    Currently £22 for the 3MP model; about £15 extra for the 5MP, all subject to Amazon's usual volatile price manipulation algorithm and whatever time-limited promo the seller dreams up when sales are slow.
    £3+ for your choice of optional microSD storage; probably doesn't need to be massive capacity as default encode format is h265 so almost twice as efficient for filesize & streaming compared to the usual h264.
    Optional cloud sub.
    YT reviewers state these models have semi-hidden ONVIF options if that floats your boat to lever local / NAS storage opportunities.

    Vid showing date+timestamp in upper-left of footage within product image gallery at:
    3MP amazon.co.uk/del…TJ/
    5MP amazon.co.uk/del…MC/
    Mark_Hickman's avatar
    Interesting reviews :/
  5. AndyRoyd's avatar
    A timestamp is essential to prove the brand of hoodie? Kewel.

    Near-impossible to find a £25+ self-contained outdoor CCTV solution that doesn't date+timestamp footage.
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