Revolut rip off. Fees being charged for cancelling a free trial!

Posted 2nd Nov 2022
I signed up for there free 3 month premium trial, have just gone to cancel the trial & they want to charge me £18 in fees! Is there anyway to avoid these fees? Nowhere when i signed up did they say anything about fees being charged for a "free" trial.
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    Read through the small print of the offer you signed-up for. You read it beforehand anyway, didn't you?

    If the small print mentions this fee, that's the end of it.

    If it doesn't, complain to Revolut and if you're still not happy tell them you'll complain to ombudsman - that'll cost them more than simply refunding your £18.…cy/
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    All free trials mean youve signed up for a minimum 12 months. The £18 is probably the cost equivalent of the three months youve used of premium. Been charged for it because youve not completed the full 12 months
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    Ukguy101 Author
    So it's not really free as you have no option other than to pay the fee or let it run 12 months, a complete rip off.
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    Move to Starling would be my advise. Been with them for about 5 years now and I truly cannot fault them. No charges on overseas spending. Notifications whenever monies come in or out. If they had a physical presence I would close HSBC account and move to them.
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    Nope i also done this by mistake and couldn't cancel as it wasn't withing there cooling off period at the start they told me so didn't use it again after
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    Ukguy101 Author
    If i closed the account would i avoid the fees? Ridiculous a free trial & your charged at the end for cancelling it.
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    It's in their free trial terms and conditions that if you cancel within 12 months, they'll charge you for 3 months if you either:
    1) Request a physical card
    2) Don't cancel within the 3 month trial

    Did you do either of those? If you cancel after 3 months and 1 day, they'll still charge the 3 month "early termination" fee.
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    Ukguy101 Author
    Yes got a card unfortunately.Any free trial though shouldn't cost you anything to cancel. I think I'll have to pay fee & cancel the account.
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    Looks like someone didn't read the terms and conditions:

    During the Free Trial, you don’t have to pay for the subscription plan and you have the right to cancel it free of charge (but you may have to pay a fee if you ordered a card). After a Free Trial ends, normal cancellation and billing rules will apply (see further details below).

    and also....

    If you order a card during your Free Trial period and then cancel your subscription plan before the end or at the end of your Free Trial period, you will have to pay us back for the card (the price of the card depends on the subscription plan you signed up to as part of your Free Trial).…on/
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    Go on twitter and give them stick.
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    Starling is a bank. Revolut is not a bank. Maybe OP doesn't want a bank account.
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    UPDATE: Contacted in-app customer support and they have agreed to waive any charges as long as I agreed to deactivate the metal card - which I've done. Pretty decent in the end despite the hoop jumping.

    An old thread I know, but just wanted to weigh in here and say I've been threatened with a charge of £57.98 for downgrading my Metal subscription back to a standard plan, whilst still on my 3-month free trial. Bear in mind that the monthly charge is normally £12.99 - so this charge is equivalent to an almost 4½-month paid subscription.

    What a con!

    I'm contacting Revolut now to see what they say. To me, a free trial should be exactly that - "free". It seems the charge relates to the Metal card I've received, but (a) there's no way the charge for this is justifiable and (b) I feel that they need to be far more clear and upfront if and when requesting the card. It feels a very sneaky / underhand way of doing business.

    I've done many free trials before and I've never come across one with dubious terms and conditions like this. If ever I've decided not to carry on with the trial, I've just cancelled before the trial ends without charge. That's fairly standard practice! (edited)
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    I keep getting offered free trials from revolut, but they also never seem to pay out on referrals so I just ignored them thinking they'd be a con. I like some of the card designs, but not enough to pay!
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    Ask them to let you know at what point in their terms and conditions where it mentions these fees.

    When they cannot provide this, they cant charge you anything.

    consumer law, contract of sale etc etc.
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