Rtx 4060 laptop

Posted 20th Feb 2023
Hi everyone, rtx 4060 is looking to be as Good as a 3070ti prices are pretty much the same, anyone got a opinion on if its worth an extra £50
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    Laptop gpu's may have the same name but they are not the same spec as the desktop equivalent and also run at low wattage/various wattage depending on each laptop. You may already know this but I just wanted to highlight this.
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    I used to upgrade my gaming laptop every couple of years & always considered 'the jump' to be worthwhile. However after I bought my 2060 laptop in September 2020, I lost all interest in getting anything better. It copes with everything I throw at it. There have been some very good deals on 3060 laptops on HUKD & I just can't see that it's a big enough switch up. I suspect the 4060 will be the same.
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