Samsung 55" S95B QD-OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. Potentially £799 after Trade-In + Price Promise @ Samsung Store

Posted 7th Oct 2022…xu/

Samsung 55" S95B QD-OLED 4K is currently £1299 on the Samsung Store. If you trade in an old TV you instantly get £300 off the price bringing it down to £999

Looking at Samsung Price Promise shows it's possible to a file a a claim if you find the TV cheaper at one of the retailers they match. In this case Richer Sounds is currently selling the TV for £1099 - a £200 difference to the samsung store. Crucially looking at the Price Promise FAQs at…ort under the question: 'What criteria does my product have to meet to claim cashback?' states the price promise is based on the pre-trade in value of the TV i.e. £1299 .

Obviously there is quidco (5.5%) and top cash back potentially bringing the price down further.

Unfortunately only a 1 year warranty.

Logic can also be applied to the 65 inch version
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  1. james.curry's avatar
    I did a price promise, they do allow you to use trade in against an order and price promise.

    I managed to use a birthday discount, trade in and price promise. But do be aware not all discount codes allow this.
  2. przemek_kuba's avatar
    Can somebody confirm that it works?
    PhoenixRising's avatar
    Looking at the terms and conditions, I think it should work fine. From past experience, Samsung are pretty good with these kind of cashback / trade-in offers although they are quite slow.

    There's also Quidco at 5.5% + AMEX offer of 10% off if you spend over £1000 at Samsung.
  3. COUPONKEV's avatar
    Surely price promise and cashback are 2 different inventives?
  4. simon.83's avatar
    You can 100% combine price match with Trade-in, if you check Samsung Price Match page "can I claim?", The t&c state:

    • Participants who have used Trade-In in order to lower the actual price paid on their purchased Promotion Products are eligible to take part in the Promotion and receive a Refund equivalent to the difference between the respective advertised prices, i.e. the Trade in discount will not be taken into account. Where this is the case, the Trade In discount must be shown clearly on the applicable proof of purchase.

    The S95B is listed as one of the OLED TVs included in price match promotion, as is Richer Sounds for selected retailers.

    If you do want to do this, take screenshots/save webpages for that page showing all of this, should they try to rejected the claim as they have done with some people. They did accept mine, although it was when RS had it at £1289. Don't know if Samsung will revise this at some point, so best to do this now if you are interested in the £799 price.

    As for warranty, if you look on the 55" model, one of the images shows a 5 year warranty label next to the TV (doesn't on 65"), so again take a screenshot of that, as that should ensure you have grounds to make sure you get 5 year warranty.

    Incredible TV at £799.
    Uzion's avatar
    Thank you for this. I purchased on Saturday when Richer Sounds still had it for £1099 but the TV has been delivered today (WFH) but Richer Sounds put their price up to £1299 which doesn't help. I realise it says 7 days but I have a feeling they will try and wriggle out of this. I have a screenshot of Richer Sounds but it was maybe a few hours before I purchased
  5. TypicalAsianFindingDeals's avatar
    Is it 1 year warranty or 5 years? I'm pretty sure I've seen people on other threads getting 5 years?
    Uzion's avatar
    48413861-8IWav.jpg5 years but you have to apply after purchase within 10 days
  6. MyFriend_Love's avatar

    i can confirm that it is a 5 year warranty soon as you register.

    bought for £899 (55inch) via samsung uk website

    £1299 minus tv trade in £300 off = £999
    plus a 10% discount from samsung site TV10 (which ran for only 2 days)

    making it £899.10 plus free delivery

    Thank you samsung

    i was feeling lucky at the Amazon Member Early Access days, then when i went to samsung uk website to compare the price,

    i dont know if this is a thing for samsung to do…. (“,)

    surely when big companies promote a Sale, I will be keeping a close eye for what i call a Samsung Upstaging Gimmick… im not sure it came on well as no one knew about this !! but hey it did happen.
    jungleboy123's avatar
    You lot did a better job to get this TV than all the offers during the lead up to Black Friday. Just shows for next year they dont care about black friday/christmas sales anymore

    Cheapest now is £1300 after a £200 cashback offer lol. (edited)
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