Smartphone £100 and under

Posted 28th Jan 2023
I'm looking for a smartphone around £100 or less for my mum.
Should have a responsive touch screen and be able to use general things like WhatsApp.
Saw the £99 Xiaomi deal (£10 cashback offer seems to be over) but not sure if there is any other phone I should be looking at as well?
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    Do you know what size screen she'd like and does it have to be brand new or is a refurbished one ok?
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    Brand new
    Phone screen size is not important but should have a responsive screen.
  2. Griffinpark1982's avatar
    You could pick up a used/refurbished iPhone 7 or 8 for that budget.
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    But why would you?
  3. wayners's avatar
    You need new phone not refurbished. Get 4+ years out of it.
    64GB storage
    4GB RAM
    5000 mAh battery

    Near stock android Bought from a good retailer.

    Looking at this now for outlaws.

    Ticks all the boxes (edited)
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