Statutory Sick Pay - is it renewed each financial year?

Posted 3rd Jun 2015
Hi all

Last year I was unlucky and caught meningitis in the brain which put me in a comatose state twice (Jan 2014). It took me 6 months recovering in hospital and another couple of months at home. All under SSP

I understand I had used my maximum SSP I could receive which is fine.

Unfortunately May just gone I was ill where I needed a week off work - I received my salary for that month to find a deduction to my basic pay and no SSP.

As I thought SSP was renewed every year like annual leave? Can anyone shed any light on this matter?
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You didn't used to get SSP for the first five days off in any sick period so if you only had a week absence you would not get it.

Sick pay paid by your employer is obviously dependent on your contract, where I used to work you would get six months full pay then half pay. The six months at full pay was pro rata based over a three year period. So if you went 3 years without any sick days then your six months at full pay would be available again.
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I always thought SSP was a rolling year but +1 for above..
SSP can be paid again, as long as you have been back at work a minimum of 8 weeks after being off sick prior. You don't get SSP for the first 3 calendar days, but if you were off for 7 calendar days then you should get 4 days SSP. Have you completed a self certification or sent in a drs note? If not, maybe that's why you havent received it.
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