virgin tv anywhere from ipad to tv

Posted 17th Jan 2015
I have the Virgin tv anywhere app on my iPad. I was using this to watch live bt sport football and tried to connect the iPad to my samsung led tv using an iPad to HDMI lead but it wouldn't detect the signal at all.
I had my laptop registered to tv anywhere previously and done the same with no problem. Can anybody advise?
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i think i read somewhere that virgin anywhere is blocked from TV out/airplay from iOS
they can't stop laptops 'HDMI out'ing to your TV.
same with sky go.

BT sport app actually DOES buck the trend and allow you to mirror your screen from iOS to tv. unfortunately if you're a VM subscriber, you have to log in through their app rather than the BT sport app which doesn't allow you to mirror. BT sport subscription only for BT customers I think.

you can have 2 devices for anywhere. Unless there's a reason you can't hook the laptop up to the TV you want to watch it through, that's your best bet
Thanks dennis, v helpful. Looks like it's back to the laptop then
I gave up with this program because of the constant buffering and I have 155 Meg broadband.
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