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Vodafone 'content control and restricted access' message

Posted 11th Jan 2015
Hey guys. The few months I have noticed that I have been getting a Vodafone 'content control and restricted access' message appear on my mobile phone whenever I try to access myprotein website whenever I use mobile data option, but with wifi it's ok. I called up Vodafone to see if there is any restrictions on my mobile account and they're saying everything is fine at their end.

Any thoughts on this and ideas on how to get rid of the restriction...thanks guys!

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sounds like a safe search or content filter at vodafone. if you have online account just go through options on there...
They have the same on giffgaff, as the other guy said it's an option on your online account or call cs
Vodafone do as they like so wouldn't believe a word they say! We are in the middle of a dispute with them, my partner added on to his contract to have unlimited data as his internet kept going over the limit, vodafone said they had done this (after ringing nearly everyday, ended up in the shop) still getting charged way over what the contract should be but as he has actually used it thinking it was part of the contract now we cant claim the money back!! They 'said' they've upgraded his contract but clearly haven't and still ripping us off!
You need to go to your online account and enter card details to prove your age (yes daft i know) then it unlocks all the porn and dirty pictures you want, exactly the same issue i had
thanks guys!

Thanks a lot. Just switched off parental controls.
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