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Onkyo SKSHT588 Dolby Atmos Ready Speakers with 5.1 Channels in Black £359.10 with code on ebay /  hughesdirect
Found 3 h, 41 m agoFound 3 h, 41 m ago
I know there are lot of yoghurt jokes coming my way but still good price for the set.... With the 5.1 channel SKSHT588 speaker it will be able to deliver a Dolby Atmos sound all ba… Read more

unheard of brand. Save your money and get a Sony.


I thought Japanese stuff was supposed to be really good?


I don't know about this system but I have an Onkyo Amp and CD player for my hi-fi and they sound amazing. The amp won a 'What hi-fi' award for 2017. So unless something is really wrong at Onkyo, I'd assume this system would sound great.


This Dolby Atmos or Dolby Atmos? Dolby Atmos is awesome, Not every Atmos sound track is awesome but there are very many good ones, quite a few very good ones and some awesome ones. I don't know about "This" Dolby Atmos speaker. Up-firing speakers do work very well when set up correctly and you have the right type of ceiling. Onkyo's first attempt at up-firing speakers are universally described as not bad at best so at this price and with their past effort, I don't hold out too much hope for these but you never know...


it's great and there's more content (at present) for that than DTS-X, but the speakers will work for both formats (if they are in fact 5.1.2 as others have mentioned), but of course do you own research etc, depends what you watch from which sources etc

Onkyo TX NR686 503 euros delivered via Amazon.de £439.91 , £200 saving on the uk price
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Onkyo TX NR686 – B 7.2 Network Receiver (165Watt/Channel THX, Airplay, Spotify, Deezer, Wireless Multi Room Zone 2, Dolby Atmos 5.2.2, DTS: – Black Delivered for an amazing price c… Read more
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https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sony-strdn-1080-reciever-atmos-enabled-38610-hughesdirect-ebay-3082749 This might help


Op, i can see you're not that long standing on this site. You got me all wrong, there is very long running Onkyo Sony meme been going on for years and years. Search Onkyo and have a look, you'll see what it mean. Welcome to hotukdeals 8)


You seem to comment a lot on other people’s posts but can’t be bothered to post a deal yourself ? Troll ! If ever I’ve seen one. Not 1 deal posted by yourself



ONKYO SKH-410 - Dolby Atmos addon loudspeakers £66.83 @ Amazon Germany
Shipping from DEShipping from GermanyFound 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
From the website : Purpose made for Dolby Atmos, the Onkyo SKH410 speakers unlock the full potential of this remarkable technology. DOLBY ATMOS-CERTIFIED, NETWORK EQUIPPED. Optimis… Read more

Poor value. I bought 6 of these for £1.99 in Sainsburys the other week and they were *delicious*.


Fair enough in general comment to make with 4k etc. 2 things: Who wants to watch a film nearly 20 years old for the Atmos effect? Then in general if you want something that's new you still have to wait quite a while from an original blu ray format to then be sold further down the line as 4k in which you have probably already seen at the cinema or at home. Now as you explain it the wow effects? What would that be exactly? A Helicopter hovering above you. In depth sound of a car chase, rain falling down. Maybe it's just these speakers that didn't warrant Atmos to really be any good. I've only had these speakers and I was soon happier to have 7/9.1/2 multi channel I have had many a A/V Receiver and Soundbars. Maybe spending more on a better set might be the way forward and maybe game players might get a better experience to warrant a real use of them.


True. It's best to have a flat ceiling not higher than 2 meters. It can work if you don't but maybe not as well. Also your speakers distances and crossover settings need to be properly set up in your amplifier. Then the speaker inclination needs to be right . A professional could get this done in a day. I got it sounding nice in about that time but it took a few more days of tinkering and calibrating to get it perfect. If on top.of that your Atmos speakers are poor then that just makes it harder. You would he better odd buying the cheap cube speakers and putting on a wall for down firing.


Most 4k films are Atmos and most of those are much better than the original mix. Assuming your system is set up properly, Atmos provides 3 things. 1. Height effects. This is probably what you are talking about. 2. A larger more enveloping sound field. 3. More accurate sound placement. Almost all Atmos mixes have 2 and 3. For films like the Matrix this makes a huge difference. You don't realise how approximate the directions of bullets were etc especially from off screen with the standard mix until you hear the Atmos mix. No.1 is a very nice bonus. Most films use this as a kind of sound dome completing the sound canopy from above. You will realise how ordinary 5.1 is after hearing this. Some films also add discreet effects which add the Wow moments. Some films don't really use them at all.


I've been reading about Atmos setups and upward firing speakers are definitely mentioned however only as second or third best options to ceiling mounted speakers. I've experimented with both and struggled to get a proper Atmos effect using upward firing speakers. Since you are relying on sound reflection many factors come into play such as room shape, layout of obstructions and room acoustics. Also if you have any sort of mild echo present in the room don't bother with anything upward firing as it will get lost in a muddle of reflected sound waves. I'm not saying they don't work completely however be prepared for disappointment in many setups.

Q Acoustics 3020i + Onkyo A-9010 (Best speakers, best amp) £399.99 @ Exceptional Audio Visual
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Great speakers https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/3020i/review Great Amp https://www.whathifi.com/onkyo/9010/review Buy them together and save about £50 Comes with speake… Read more

Lol the post the OP has put up is real audio. It's not in the same league as Sony and LG lol. I've heard a £2000 amp that had "just" 50watts and it was incredible. And extremely loud. Most of these other brands like LG and Samsung only make systems to complete their line up. Power rating is like 10% of what to Consider.


Cos louder is better?


1 week verdict: Very very good. I’m just transitioning from tv speakers but the difference is night and day. I added a chromecast audio with a Fiio d03k DAC and music is awesome. Movies sound 10 times better too


I think we need LOUGHBORO.GUY to recall to his most famous post of all UKHD history 😁


The Matsui comment I could accept as a joke (and I did) but you would perhaps be surprised at exactly how many people do indeed think that Hi-Fi begins and ends with the likes of Sony or Panasonic. I've read most of the Hi-Fi threads on here and can't recall Sony as a long-running joke (skeptical)

Onkyo VC-GX30B Google Assistant enabled speaker £94.99 with code from Hughes.co.uk
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Also available in white for the same price. Had my eye on this for a while, couldn't say no at this price. Not many reviews but the few there are suggest it's a nice upgrade sound… Read more

Back up to £199 now, before voucher.


Mine arrived a couple of hours ago. Solidly built and looks great (went for white btw). Setup and playing tunes in less than 5 minutes. Very impressed with the sound quality, it's a clear step up from the regular Google Home. Lots more detail and balance to the sound. Bass is nice and tight but can really thump along. Mics seem just as sensitive as the Google Home, no problems picking me up from the living room (it's in the kitchen). Power cord is slightly longer and has a regular moulded plug with a standard figure-of-8 connector device end. Overall very happy for £95! (y)


Rofl always love these Onkyo deals for the banter alone.


I have a 7.1 onkyo home cinema system with a receiver....sounds absolutely bloody amazing...


The speaker doesn’t look great

Onkyo SKH-410 Atmos Speakers - £78.10 Delivered @ Amazon.fr
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Temporarily out of stock, but available to order. Add code frenchdays10 to get this price. Add the SKH-410s to your existing home theater speakers for Dolby Atmos multidimensional… Read more

Mine were delivered on Sunday. You may as well keep the order open until you find a better price.


Still waiting for Amazon France to get stock - I'll keep looking for a better deal and cancel this if I find one , though I doubt I will improve on this price.


Upward firing Atmos speaker are never that great. very hit and miss as you are relying on bouncing the sound. Downward firing or ceiling mounted is really the only way to go.


These speakers have some descent expert reviews. The alternatives being quoted are three times the price the speakers in this offer and still double the regular price, so you'd expect them to be better wouldn't you?


Is it low fat?

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Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Multi Room Bluetooth Chromecast Speaker £149.95 / Sony CMT-X5CDBW BT - CD - NFC System £178.95 @ Magicvision
Refreshed 4th MayRefreshed 4th May
*Update - Also a nice drop on the Sony CMT-X5CDBW NEF / Bluetooth / CD System - Info/links at bottom of OP* Was looking for another speaker then ended up spotting this, seems to … Read more
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Well I have 11.2 running.... and guess what it is on a top flight onkyo amp. Sounds better than my local cinema!


"COLD" , not quick enough! Lol me too...


Wonder how this compares to the Audio Pro Addon T10 in terms of sound quality. Can't see any major reviews.


No no no no no no it's Sony guts. 😁


Cold. No MiniDisc slot.

Onkyo TX-8220 Stereo Receiver £169 from power-station-12 (via eBay)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
There is a brand new Onkyo TX-8220 Stereo Receiver. The next cheapest price is 239 from petertyson. I had to choose between this one and yamaha rn303d but at this price the choice … Read more
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Probably, sorry did not realize they had only one for sale.


It's not an avr




Is it all oos?


does it support Dolby atmos?

Onkyo H500BT Headphones £52.60 @ Curry’s eBay
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Extra 10% off at checkout for above price- only 7 left at time of posting. Specification Type: On-the-ear headphones Colour: White Sensitivity: 105dB/mW Impedance: 16ohms Mi… Read more

Don’t think it was meant to be taken seriously, if you view any deal for onkyo you will get the comments about looking like a sofa (the amps) and going for Sony instead.


just because you have never heard of onkyo does not mean it is better to purchase sony. Although the only thing worth buying from sony atm is their audio equipment and console i still would not shut these down. onkyo specialize in audio equipment and tend to be the high end tier of products, these headphones retail for around £160


Sold out, they'd been steadily dropping the price over the last few weeks.


That didn't last long. Did they sell out or pull them because of a mis price?


Never heard of them. Better to go for Sony.

Onkyo SKH-410 Dolby Atmos-Enabled Speaker System at Amazon France for £90.03
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
This is a bit niche but if you purchased a dolby atmos capable reciever in any of the recent deals (the denon and sony deals come to mind) these speakers might be of interest to y… Read more
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Agreed , Firing speakers upwards is very hit and miss as there are so many influencing factors such as size of room, shape of room, acoustics and sound reflection to name a few. The only way to experience Atmos properly is downward firing close at the audience or staggered if using multiple speakers.


Horrible little speakers, they do add height to the sound stage , but the sound quality is tiny to say the least and very poor , £10 boom boxes sound better and more likely will degrade the rest of your system. After 1 week I got rid of mine and bought ELAC A4, the difference was night and day. Few months and 4 physical overhead speakers later and I finally can say I can fully appreciate ATMOS at home, it sounds stunning. If you want proper ATMOS install speakers on the ceiling , there is really no competition between the 2 once you have heard both.


They were just placed on top of my floor standers at the front, so could well make a difference. Although, for 100 quid you'd be better off buying some small bookshelves and angling them :D


You could put your rear speakers as front height speakers to acheive a similar effect.


Did you try mounting them? Note I'm far from a audiophille but have read that this may make a difference.

Onkyo Micro CS-265 Black BT Rds Usb2x15w @ Amazon.es delivered
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Class-Leading Sound with More Power and Clarity Quality 2-Way Speakers for Enhanced Detail Resolution Wirelessly Stream from Mobile and PC Quick and Easy Pairing with NFC Clean… Read more

this better than the wharfedale diamond 9.0/ 9.1 or harman kardon soundspeakers iii?


It doesnt have an optical and agreed tha would be better if it had it.


If it has optical, you're better off using that. Let the (hopefully better) DAC in the Onkyo HiFi do the work.


As a Japanese I am veri veri disgusted. ONKYO is every bit Japanese!


None of our OnKyo stuff is made in china, however, a lot of Sony is!

ATMOS Speakers (Ceiling Bouncers) Onkyo SKH-410 - £115.61 @ Amazon
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Niche product here folks but for those in the market for getting ATMOS surround sound without carving up the ceiling just seen these for cheapest I've seen - usually £129.99 everyw… Read more
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Is there anyway to wall mount these without actually drilling into the wall? How heavy are they?


Obviously the best effect is in ceiling but this is much easier to get going - assuming you have an Atmos capable amp like a Denon that is. At least is will allow it to play Atmos or DTS-X tracks (assuming you have them - some blu-rays and all 4K blu-rays for example) Price wise there was a deal from amazon.fr at £80 ish which is a more reasonable price as you wont get a lot of overhead sound - but the overall Atmos effect is definitely noticeable


Was thinking about these- mixed views, better to get some B&W M1s and angle them down? Not sure how placing them on top of another speaker, them firing up and sound waves bouncing down from the ceiling is going to give effect!! It’s like comparing a 5.1 - emulating sound bar to actual 5:1 speakers. They are not on the same par.


Its lovely yoghurt but branching out into speakers?!! Much prefer Denon yoghurt anyway.


yep that's what I do - bit of Lego to give an angle :-) then let the amp sort the rest out on it's calibration cycle - but these do look better ;-)

Onkyo TX-NR575E 7.2  Channel Network Receiver delivered @ HomeAVdirect for £299.00
LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
New launch Dolby Atmos (5.1 2) DTS X Internet Radio Multi room hi res audio - Play-Fi Next best price £349 Peter Tyson £479 Superfi £449

question sorry? does the 1080 actually do proper atmos? confusing doing research


That's a proper sofa !


Is that a question or an observation?


This better than the Sony 1080


Wharfedale diamond 10.4 for main, and pioneer S-11 surround speakers (just speakers no sub)

Onkyo A9010 amplifier with phono stage - ideal for  anyone returning to vinyl £175 @ sevenoakssoundandvision
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
I've posted this amp before in another deal. This is the cheapest I've seen it. Gets great reviews and it has the all important phono input missing on many modern pieces of hi-fi e… Read more





Those are receivers, not meant for stereo only usage. And a LOT more expensive!


no they put the feet on here too to save shipping container space. Quality.


Isn't the tanning done there and rest in China,

Onkyo A-9010 quality Stereo amplifier £189 @ Audio Affair
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Good deal on a great amplifier! Onkyo A9010 stereo amplifier is an award winning integrated amp that offers excellent sound quality for a very reasonable price. Tuned in the UK, t… Read more

Have this as a bedroom system with tannoy bookshelf speakers. Simply amazing. Highly recommend!!


yes, it is the first instance recorded in the history of HUKD.


That's impressive, don't suppose we know who it was that first made the remark? like I wonder if the person themselves realises just what it became and the history they made. I guess maybe it could of been an observation made by many people at the same time edit: just realised you hyperlinked that quote, was this the first?


It dates back to 2010..


I haven't been on HUKD for ages, good to see the old joke still running. Can anybody pinpoint when it first occured?

Onkyo TX-NR656 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver in black £329 - Peter Tyson
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
2016 model but great price. 8 x HDMI inputs (3 of which come with HDCP2.2) 2 x HDMI outputs (also with HDCP2.2) 2 component and 2 composite inputs for any of older equipment Dolby … Read more
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I meant to say "this post" (ninja) My bad! I'd say unless you need the extra ports, you are good with either.


Thanks barneystuta. Without trying to be pedantic, I'm curious why you say the 656 lost the comparison in case I am missing something. It appears to me that the 656 pretty much matches or exceeds the stats against the 575?


Here is a comparison: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-hHQ0B3xtieg/compare_580TXN575_580TXN656/Onkyo-TX-NR575-vs-Onkyo-TX-NR656.html Note: the 656 (this lost) is getting Dolby Vision im a firmware update end of this year. http://www.intl.onkyo.com/whats_new/2017_1101.html So with that in mind, they really are pretty evenly balanced - except the 656 has more inputs/outputs.


"Of course for an unknown brand, it seems pretty good, although you could always go for a more well known brand such as Goodmans or Bush." Haha 😄


Thats what I was saying, marketing gimmick....Just check the power supply wattage times 0.9 for the efficiency and divide by max channels driven. My point was that power difference between them is not significant :)

Onkyo TX-NR575E Atmos AV Receiver £299.99 @ Home AV Direct
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Black Friday deal for this Atmos AV Receiver. Next cheapest I can find is £399 from ExceptionalAV. 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver An object-audio-enabled amp that fits you … Read more

So it was never 25% off, the cheeky sods.


Price has now increased to £349 so the deal is over.


Ok, I get it. I never thought of that. Cheers. (highfive)


I use my second hdmi out for my projector.


;) it would indeed

Onkyo X3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank - Black £41.98 Mobile Fun
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Just seen this on an email, looks good for 39.99 + 1.99 shipping Providing huge sound in a compact, portable package, this Bluetooth speaker from Onkyo features dual 44.5mm driver… Read more

I ended up caving and going for this. Arrived yesterday. Oddly, they've sent the silver version but not really fussed colour-wise. In terms of sound it's a really nice little speaker. It's certainly not gonna pump out huge bass but the sound is nicely balanced and perfect for round the house. Overall, impressed for the money but think at RRP it would have been a push. Oh, and the fact it charges by USB is the reason i went for it. My Sony speaker has a huge power brick and a barrel connector.


Funny that isn't it ;)


Perhaps Onkyo haven't paid What Hifi for a while? They don't seem to have reviewed any Onkyo home cinema gear for years.


The Loughborough legend indeed!


I think these are brand licensed by Gibson Innovations and not designed/manufactured by Onkyo directly.

Onkyo A9010 - Richer Sounds - £169
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Best price ever. What Hifi 5 Star rated. Pioneer is subsidised by Onkyo Onkyo is the one of Medium Range Best Audio Video Equipments manufacture.
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Merry Christmas to you too, it has been a while... but it is always nice to gather around Onkyo for Holidays and have a joke or 2. :D Jus to note, it is up to £175 at the moment.


I’m sorry that yours went up in flames did it spread to your other equipment ? Yes they are 30 years old I have 2 one in the master bedroom and one in the lounge had both about 3 years off eBay I’m afraid I can’t move on as both sound excellent with Tannoy mercury V1 Speakers pioneer stable platter CD players pure tuners van damme interconnects and Atacama nexus stands


Built like a tank... until they go up in flames like mine did. Literally. How old are they now? 25 - 30 years old? Great amp, but you have to move on sometime.


Merry frikin Christmas!! It's the beginning of November man!


I have Onkyo as a watch word so I never miss the comments.

onkyo A-9010 (great for vinyl) - £170.78 @ Amazon
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
onkyo A-9010

I like the cut of your jib my good sir/madam


I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see it, and look, here's Magnetbox and Sorny.


Stick with well known brands like Crown, Pinnacle, Saisho and Sorny.


I'd need great bass for that price not just a base.


Have had this for over a year now and it’s an excellent amp. Demoed a few others including Sony’s and Marantz before plumping for this. Not been disappointed once. Great base for a budget end system. Have it with a Pro-Ject Elemental record player and Roth bookshelf speakers. Ignore the brand snobs!

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