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Onkyo SKH410 Dolby Atmos Speakers £59.75 delivered @ Amazon France (usually around £110 in UK)
Found 8th DecFound 8th Dec
Price above is with paying in Euros with a fee free card. Pay without one, in Euros, and it’s about £61.24. Don’t pay in GBP as you’ll pay a little bit more. (y) A good starter … Read more

Certainly are Onkyo produce some of the best av Amps just check them out in hi-fi reviews.


back up to €93.67


Pioneer Electronics, Onkyo combine to keep pace with competition Great brand greay price


Mission accomplished finally 😁


One of the better hifi companies out there.

Onkyo vc-px30 smart speaker “Alexa” £49 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Just ordered myself another one of these, I’ve already got one and I’m pretty impressed with it. For this price delivered I think it’s a bit of a steal

Bush and Sony?? It's like choosing a Ford over a Lanborghini. Guys, Onkyo is a premium brand, whereas Sony and Bush are not.


Showing as out of stock and can be ordered on back order. Not sure if they'll restock them?


Just walk away !! (unicorn)


I don't think harltzer was.


Onkyo unknown! These are the same people who buy Morphy Richard instead of Miele because they know a ‘Richard’, good lad!

ONKYO VCPX30  Wireless Smart Sound Speaker with Amazon Alexa £49.99 @ Hughes
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Just found this decent brand of speaker, bit cheaper than the Echo with Alexa in-built too.
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If you wanted a good brand, then you would not touch Sony.


Does anyone have a view on which would sound better and which would be louder, one of these or two echo dots V3 in a stereo pair?


Sonos One can can’t it? As outlined here google.co.uk/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwid8ffLz_7eAhVH2xoKHVEsDYUQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnet.com%2Fhow-to%2Fsonos-users-can-now-control-spotify-with-their-voice-hands-on%2F&psig=AOvVaw300JGHt2R1VvoD215SMCuW&ust=1543753371579663 I certainly know when I had my sonos Ones I was controlling Spotify with voice, however some of the other functionality was limited so I sent them back.

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Onkyo A9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 Year Warranty, Superfi, Payday Deal) - £179
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Payday deal from Superfi on what is supposed to be a cracking budget stereo amplifier. 2 year warranty and seems to be around £20 than other retailers. Gets great reviews (not hear… Read more
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Bought online then got emailed to say they didn't have any.


Walk away.


Link to a Bush stereo amplifier? :D


179 for a knock off Chinese brand? Bush is British and much cheaper at argos.


Cos mono amplifier cost 5k. I stay with stereo underdog.

Onkyo G3 Smart Speaker with Google Assistance - £49.99 @ Hughes
Refreshed 8th DecRefreshed 8th Dec
PRODUCT DETAILS Onkyo G3 Smart Speaker with Google Assistance - White Introducing your voice-controlled lifestyle concierge with the Google Assistant built-in and enhanced by decad… Read more
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Certainly an idea, but today I've been thinking about returning the speaker. I'd be really annoyed and angered if I'd spent more than £50 on it. I'm trying to work out if I can live with it or find another use for it. If I place it in a larger room, it's not so bad, but given the space, I'd actually rather a proper hi-fi.


Worth a try.


Phone Onkyo UK support on 020 3936 8087 or complete a web support request at https://www.uk.onkyo.com/en/feature_article_en_42204.html They told me they'd had a number of support requests for the bass to be adjustable and that the more people who phone up the more likely there will be a firmware update or better still, eq sliders added to the google home app in line with Google's own smart speakers. I've established that some third party google assistant speakers do offer this functionality as well as calling so it can be done if they choose to.


It's a shame, my initial excitement for this device has diminished vastly, because this box is too boomy. Maria Carey's all I want for christmas's bouncing throbbing bass-line, is painful and the x-mas season has only just begun. I find for spoken word and podcasts I'm increasing the volume level, and still find it hard to hear. Even something like morning Radio with Chris Evans, it is difficult to hear the voice parts - but when the music comes on, it is too much. The buyers remorse has kicked in. I might attempt isolating the speaker with some spikes. This has even put me off trying to use it with Spotify etc. Which essentially leaves the Google Assistant. She's not bad company and is pretty knowledgeable so it's not all bad.


showing as £69.99 now

Onkyo P3 Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa £49.95 @ Amazon
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Title says it all.

Not hard I would imagine, don't worry just carry on.


You’ve lost me, sorry.


Is telling someone to buy somthing which will not do the job..like a speaker with no Alexa....nice bloke.


The Onkyo trigger is a tradition of UKHD.


Nice back track me thinks.

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Onkyo VC-PX30 (Black) Voice Activated Smart Speaker. With Alexa. From Richer Sounds. £49.95
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Product information Control not just your music, but also all your connected home, with the Alexa voice driven Onkyo VC-PX30. Voice control - featuring Amazon Alexa Already esta… Read more
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These are as terrible as the reviews suggest - ended up taking mine back. I should have done a bit of research first as Which? said it was "one of the worst speakers we've ever tested" (although that was at 3 times the price to be fair). A 3rd gen Dot sounds a lot better than this monstrosity, not sure what Onkyo were thinking.


Just came to post this. Great deal! Considering alexa alone is £20 minimum...


The PX30 has both AUX IN and OUT, so seems like a better option is you want to connect it to something else. The GX30 doesn't have any wired connectivity, is just Chromecast over Wi-fi or directly over Bluetooth.


:)) you are definitely right!!!


GX30 (Google&Chromecast) vs PX30 (Alexa)

Onkyo vc-gx30 Google Assisted Speaker £49.95 @ Richer Sounds
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Looking for a google speaker.Seen these advertised in Richer Sounds @£69.95 a couple days . Scan in-store at £49.95...on their website now at this price now. wow! Maybe I am a VIP … Read more
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I saw this on promo from Richer Sounds. I thought I wanted a bluetooth speaker, and reviews indicated that this was a well made hi-fi like speaker. I didn't think I'd care for the Google Assistant stuff. Then I realised it may be the answer to my kitchen radio woes, we can't pick up DAB or normal radio as we are beside a hill, and read this would work with BBC radio. I also thought it could be handy as I've frequently got filthy hands in the kitchen, and voice control could help. Took me a while to get it going, as I don't own an Android device! And it didn't seem usable until you go through the setup process via the Google Home App. Anyway it's a fantastic little thing with a couple of small gotchas, and the best thing I've bought in years. I assume the on-board digital to analog converter is half decent in this thing. Streamed/Casted music sounds great. Seems better than the Bluetooth. It takes a while working out what the Google Assistant and Chromecast can do. You do need to link to music providers for voice controlled music search and playback. But the idea that you can select anything off of say Spotify or another service with your voice is pretty amazing. The voice controlled interface is great. At the moment I can cast from Spotify from another machine (via Chrome browser and their web player). I thought they might have crippled that functionality, but not so. It does occasionally bug out. It's a bit of an enigma quite what is supported on the device, you can get the assistant to play a podcast. (Quite from where who knows? Control for podcasts currently sucks, pause and you loose your place). You can get BBC radio, I'd rather assumed you might have entire access to iPlayer, but that doesn't seem to the the case. The main BBC radios are streamable. Other radio stations are accessible via tuneIn. Something I haven't really explored enough. The sound is nice, but it is a little boomy. It could be quite upsetting for neighbours and your family. Even at low levels. Using as a bookshelf speaker compounds this. I tried it sat on a speaker stand in our small front room (3m x 4m). With a little breathing space and it sounds nice. In the kitchen I haven't found the best placement for it yet. You instinctively want to turn it up a bit to raise the mids, but then it has too much bass. Having said that at low levels it's pleasant - good for background listening. Voices on the radio sound nice. Podcasts can sound a bit quiet, again annoyingly you want to turn up - but then the music segments flair up a little too much. It might be hard to be discrete with this speaker. Poorly produced music is really revealed on this. The speaker is portable. I've been trying to work out where to place wires, electrics etc. to double up speaker output downstairs in our house. I could save myself the agro and carry this little thing about room to room and do without all the darn cables. Some nice to haves that I haven't quite worked out if possible or not: An off button (just because I'm worried that I'll break it). To be able to rewind, bookmark and save the radio. When channel flipping, it would be nice to go back to where I was. Being able to go back and switch between things more easily would help. Not sure if it's possible to get the radio to follow me from room to room. I did ask it to stream radio locally and then to the tv, but it didn't do this simultaneously. I thought I might be able to say something like 'play latest doctor who on iplayer on tv', but currently that's not supported. YouTube is. Casting sometimes breaks for me. And the Chromecast UI can be a little awkward. I couldn't just cast from Google play, it wanted me to upload to the Cloud first - this is instinctively wrong - even if it does bring benefits. The baffle looks a little too solid. As it's a mono speaker, you do wonder if it would be better as a 360 degree speaker rather than being directional. Part of me longs for a stereo unit - a quality boom box. I'll probably lean on Google more, and look forward to improvements and other integrations with providers. I didn't think I'd be interested in using the Assistant, but I actually find the voice control quite friction-less so could be tempted to use it for calendar bookings and reminders. I'm all for improved computer accessibility. It's certainly a taste of where Google is going. And although I initially dismissed the Internet of Things I'm beginning to get it. My great Aunt could have really done with one of these when she lost her sight. We were thinking about binning home broadband and telecoms recently but this may have introduced a new dependency! I'm not the biggest Google fan politically, but at £50 this is a brilliant gadget. Edit: I'm a little bored with the sound on this speaker already after a week. I now think it could do with a more pronounced mid range. It is too boomy. It's making me want a better stereo for music. I could happily use it for the radio if the mids were higher. I've an old ghetto blaster that is easier to listen to than this speaker. So now with reflection I think you'd probably be better to just buy a boom box with an audio in, and if the Chromecast thing floats your boat, buy a Chromecast Audio and use your phone or an old phone as the assistant. Or alternatively pick up a second hand amp and small speakers for under £100 and you will have something that sounds much better. Or get a Raspberry Pi with a DACPhat. I certainly wouldn't consider these little assisted speakers at their retail price. And won't be buying any other mono speakers like these.


If you buy this once connected there is a firmware update that locks out Google for about twenty or so minutes. You will see a stream of blue lights across the front once it's accepted the firmware. I thought it had bricked but after a couple of power downs it came back on so bear with it as it takes a while. This is much better sounding speaker than the Google home


You're welcome. Choosing a speaker is a minefield.. portability, battery life, sound, size, functions etc etc. Personally I have normal Bluetooth speaker old Gear 4, a G mini, Link 10 and now this. Google assisted is my personal preference. Out of all those Link is portable and can be use on hols near pool, but sound wise the Onkyo beats them all hands down... I see they are advertising JBL link 20 ( bigger bro of Link 10) @ £89 @currys . Great sound, portable but bulky. The JBL can be linked in stereo too. 😁 Its purely down to personal choice. :/


Thanks very much. Its just wireless for music I think really, not sure how much the assistant stuff would get used. Im just struggling to find anything that seems better at this price point amid the black Friday deluge.


Hiya. That is a really down to which route she prefers to go. If it is just Bluetooth then there are alternatives available.. but the question between Google v Alexa depends in what echo system u wanna head down... https://www.trustedreviews.com/opinion/google-assistant-vs-alexa-3370865 Hope this helps..

Maiden Audio By Onkyo Edph0N3S Headphones: Iron Maiden - Was £199.99, no £49.99 @HMV Online
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
I'm not sure as to whether the item is only available on their website or as to whether the deal is online only. Been waiting for these to go down in price for a long time.
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Has anyone bought these? Interested to hear what people think off the sound quality. Not much of a maiden fan so put off by artwork but like guitar music so tempted as have read good reviews. More into indie than metal.


non-detachable cables and generic branding.....maybe at £0.49 I'd bite...


The 50 year old me is excited about these lol...I'd buy a pair if they had bluetooth.


What a price! Up The Irons!


Great deal! Just bought them! Thanks! 🤘

Onkyo TX-NR575E 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver £299 @ Home AV Direct
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
2 year warranty, free next day delivery. Retro silver colour! Next cheapest Peter Tyson at £479! An object-audio-enabled amp that fits you like a glove, whether you’re a sports f… Read more

Yeah £300 is the limit. My current systems is an Onkyo 705 (had it since 2013 I think) but its failed so need to upgrade. Will have a look at Denon AVRX2400H. Thanks I've currently deciding between this and: Yamaha RXV483 £300 Yamaha RX-S601 £250


If £300 is your budget I'd consider the Denon AVRX2400H from richersounds (if your local has stock), or the yamaha rx-v583 from Peter Tyson. I went for the Denon in the end.


Hi guys, this or the Yamaha RXV483 listed here for £250. Thanks in advance


Yea, many of audiophile, top end guys are listening components not actual music, if you know what I mean. It's becomes hunting for perfect setup, listening room, records and so, rather than joy. That can happen with lot of hobbies.


Thanks, it looks like I need to do some more reading and spend some time in an AV shop to see what suits me best. I hate the 'research' part but hopefully I'll be able to make my mind before all these deals end :) Hobby without satisfaction? Sounds terrifying.

Onkyo G3 Smart Speaker Google Assistant /Chromecast £76.99 Hughes
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION HDD :No AirPlay :Yes Google Home :Yes Alexa :No Voice Control :Yes Siri :No Dimensions :H:165mm x W:120mm x D:128mm



Now £49.99 Also the same at Richer Sounds (in Black)


Cold from me, who on earth buys a speaker made by a yoghurt company. Better getting a well known Chinese brand like Bush, Saisho, Matsui or Roberts.


You have the taken the bait lol


It's a running joke around here ;)

Onkyo SKSHT588 Dolby Atmos Ready Speakers with 5.1 Channels in Black £359.10 with code on ebay /  hughesdirect
Found 18th OctFound 18th Oct
I know there are lot of yoghurt jokes coming my way but still good price for the set.... With the 5.1 channel SKSHT588 speaker it will be able to deliver a Dolby Atmos sound all ba… Read more

That bad huh! The sub is almost always the worst component of a cheap all in one system. I've had a quite a few of these types of systems each time getting a better one until I went down the separates route. The sub will be useful but flabby, slow and booming unless you get very lucky with your room acoustics. Bottom line you can get nice sounding all in one setups for this price nowadays. But you certainly wont get even half decent Atmos. Atmos upfiring speakers start at around 250 pounds for a pair. Or at least 800 pounds for an Atmos 5.2.1 package (open box).


Loughborough Guy you living legend.


You've completely missed the running joke that’s been going on years :D I checked your profile. Joining date 2012........ This has been going on since 2010 . Click on the below link to Hukd to the start of it all (y) The guy became famous on here without posting a single deal (lol) (lol) Loughborough Guy


Receiver or speakers?


I have had this brand and updated to Sony, to be honest the Onyko was better sound quality.

Onkyo TX NR686 503 euros delivered via Amazon.de £439.91 , £200 saving on the uk price
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Onkyo TX NR686 – B 7.2 Network Receiver (165Watt/Channel THX, Airplay, Spotify, Deezer, Wireless Multi Room Zone 2, Dolby Atmos 5.2.2, DTS: – Black Delivered for an amazing price c… Read more
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Does it works like a debit card? i.e. you wouldnt be able to get credit card points on your Amex by using Revolut? asking as i need to compare loss of airmiles vs savings on fx


Has anyone mentioned about a sofa yet? :/


The courier lost it. (fierce) They've ordered me a new one that's hopefully coming Friday.


I have just added it to my basket no issues and gone straight through to checkout ?



ONKYO SKH-410 - Dolby Atmos addon loudspeakers £66.83 @ Amazon Germany
Shipping from GermanyShipping from GermanyFound 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
From the website : Purpose made for Dolby Atmos, the Onkyo SKH410 speakers unlock the full potential of this remarkable technology. DOLBY ATMOS-CERTIFIED, NETWORK EQUIPPED. Optimis… Read more

Poor value. I bought 6 of these for £1.99 in Sainsburys the other week and they were *delicious*.


Fair enough in general comment to make with 4k etc. 2 things: Who wants to watch a film nearly 20 years old for the Atmos effect? Then in general if you want something that's new you still have to wait quite a while from an original blu ray format to then be sold further down the line as 4k in which you have probably already seen at the cinema or at home. Now as you explain it the wow effects? What would that be exactly? A Helicopter hovering above you. In depth sound of a car chase, rain falling down. Maybe it's just these speakers that didn't warrant Atmos to really be any good. I've only had these speakers and I was soon happier to have 7/9.1/2 multi channel I have had many a A/V Receiver and Soundbars. Maybe spending more on a better set might be the way forward and maybe game players might get a better experience to warrant a real use of them.


True. It's best to have a flat ceiling not higher than 2 meters. It can work if you don't but maybe not as well. Also your speakers distances and crossover settings need to be properly set up in your amplifier. Then the speaker inclination needs to be right . A professional could get this done in a day. I got it sounding nice in about that time but it took a few more days of tinkering and calibrating to get it perfect. If on top.of that your Atmos speakers are poor then that just makes it harder. You would he better odd buying the cheap cube speakers and putting on a wall for down firing.


Most 4k films are Atmos and most of those are much better than the original mix. Assuming your system is set up properly, Atmos provides 3 things. 1. Height effects. This is probably what you are talking about. 2. A larger more enveloping sound field. 3. More accurate sound placement. Almost all Atmos mixes have 2 and 3. For films like the Matrix this makes a huge difference. You don't realise how approximate the directions of bullets were etc especially from off screen with the standard mix until you hear the Atmos mix. No.1 is a very nice bonus. Most films use this as a kind of sound dome completing the sound canopy from above. You will realise how ordinary 5.1 is after hearing this. Some films also add discreet effects which add the Wow moments. Some films don't really use them at all.


I've been reading about Atmos setups and upward firing speakers are definitely mentioned however only as second or third best options to ceiling mounted speakers. I've experimented with both and struggled to get a proper Atmos effect using upward firing speakers. Since you are relying on sound reflection many factors come into play such as room shape, layout of obstructions and room acoustics. Also if you have any sort of mild echo present in the room don't bother with anything upward firing as it will get lost in a muddle of reflected sound waves. I'm not saying they don't work completely however be prepared for disappointment in many setups.

Q Acoustics 3020i + Onkyo A-9010 (Best speakers, best amp) £399.99 @ Exceptional Audio Visual
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Great speakers https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/3020i/review Great Amp https://www.whathifi.com/onkyo/9010/review Buy them together and save about £50 Comes with speake… Read more

Lol the post the OP has put up is real audio. It's not in the same league as Sony and LG lol. I've heard a £2000 amp that had "just" 50watts and it was incredible. And extremely loud. Most of these other brands like LG and Samsung only make systems to complete their line up. Power rating is like 10% of what to Consider.


Cos louder is better?


1 week verdict: Very very good. I’m just transitioning from tv speakers but the difference is night and day. I added a chromecast audio with a Fiio d03k DAC and music is awesome. Movies sound 10 times better too


I think we need LOUGHBORO.GUY to recall to his most famous post of all UKHD history 😁


The Matsui comment I could accept as a joke (and I did) but you would perhaps be surprised at exactly how many people do indeed think that Hi-Fi begins and ends with the likes of Sony or Panasonic. I've read most of the Hi-Fi threads on here and can't recall Sony as a long-running joke (skeptical)

Onkyo VC-GX30B Google Assistant enabled speaker £94.99 with code from Hughes.co.uk
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
Onkyo VC-GX30B Google Assistant enabled speaker £94.99 with code from Hughes.co.uk
£94.99£99.995%Hughes Deals
Also available in white for the same price. Had my eye on this for a while, couldn't say no at this price. Not many reviews but the few there are suggest it's a nice upgrade sound… Read more

Back up to £199 now, before voucher.


Mine arrived a couple of hours ago. Solidly built and looks great (went for white btw). Setup and playing tunes in less than 5 minutes. Very impressed with the sound quality, it's a clear step up from the regular Google Home. Lots more detail and balance to the sound. Bass is nice and tight but can really thump along. Mics seem just as sensitive as the Google Home, no problems picking me up from the living room (it's in the kitchen). Power cord is slightly longer and has a regular moulded plug with a standard figure-of-8 connector device end. Overall very happy for £95! (y)


Rofl always love these Onkyo deals for the banter alone.


I have a 7.1 onkyo home cinema system with a receiver....sounds absolutely bloody amazing...


The speaker doesn’t look great

Onkyo SKH-410 Atmos Speakers - £78.10 Delivered @ Amazon.fr
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Onkyo SKH-410 Atmos Speakers - £78.10 Delivered @ Amazon.fr
Temporarily out of stock, but available to order. Add code frenchdays10 to get this price. Add the SKH-410s to your existing home theater speakers for Dolby Atmos multidimensional… Read more

Mine were delivered on Sunday. You may as well keep the order open until you find a better price.


Still waiting for Amazon France to get stock - I'll keep looking for a better deal and cancel this if I find one , though I doubt I will improve on this price.


Upward firing Atmos speaker are never that great. very hit and miss as you are relying on bouncing the sound. Downward firing or ceiling mounted is really the only way to go.


These speakers have some descent expert reviews. The alternatives being quoted are three times the price the speakers in this offer and still double the regular price, so you'd expect them to be better wouldn't you?


Is it low fat?

Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Multi Room Bluetooth Chromecast Speaker £149.95 / Sony CMT-X5CDBW BT - CD - NFC System £178.95 @ Magicvision
Refreshed 4th MayRefreshed 4th May
Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Multi Room Bluetooth Chromecast Speaker £149.95 / Sony CMT-X5CDBW BT - CD - NFC System £178.95 @ Magicvision
*Update - Also a nice drop on the Sony CMT-X5CDBW NEF / Bluetooth / CD System - Info/links at bottom of OP* Was looking for another speaker then ended up spotting this, seems to … Read more
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Well I have 11.2 running.... and guess what it is on a top flight onkyo amp. Sounds better than my local cinema!


"COLD" , not quick enough! Lol me too...


Wonder how this compares to the Audio Pro Addon T10 in terms of sound quality. Can't see any major reviews.


No no no no no no it's Sony guts. 😁


Cold. No MiniDisc slot.

Onkyo TX-8220 Stereo Receiver £169 from power-station-12 (via eBay)
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Onkyo TX-8220 Stereo Receiver £169 from power-station-12 (via eBay)
£169£23929%eBay Deals
There is a brand new Onkyo TX-8220 Stereo Receiver. The next cheapest price is 239 from petertyson. I had to choose between this one and yamaha rn303d but at this price the choice … Read more
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Probably, sorry did not realize they had only one for sale.


It's not an avr




Is it all oos?


does it support Dolby atmos?

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