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QNAP TS-251+ 2GB RAM 2 Bay NAS £298.80 @ Amazon
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
Was looking for this model and found this is the cheapest online. Let me know if anyone found lower than this. thanks
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No idea. Sorry. All I can say is this works wonderfully well for Plex and backing up photos and vids from all our smart devices automatically. Had I seen a good deal on a Synology NAS I'd probably have quite happily bought that.


is this a good NAS compared to sinology DS218+?


I bought this a week ago for £269 from box.co.uk, was this price on Amazon for a little while too. I don't think this will be as low as years 15-16, if it's £240-270 it's a good deal


I got this exact model from Amazon with 2X 4GB WD Red NAS drives for this price a few years ago. Keep you peeled. NAS prices seem to glitch quite regularly.


Good to post a hot deal here...so price needs to low and saving great in the market ..try google ..camel 3 .the yellow sticker is a very local deal and limited .

QNAP 451+ NAS 8GB £330.72 at  BT Shop
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
I've never seen the 2GB version for less (2GB on Amazon is £417!) and this is the 8GB version! They had this online a couple of days ago (I got mine then), they've just got new st… Read more
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Ordered. Coming tomorrow. Thank you!


Was looking at the qnap 253a and Synology equivalent to use as a CCTV storage and monitoring station. Which one of the two would you recommend for a complete newbie? Hoping to have 4 cameras in total and have seen that the qnap comes with 4 licenses. thanks


Still available at lower price £327.xx. Just ordered. Thank you :)


Yes of course each box has its pros and cons I understand what you are saying. I have one box that does everything it's my whole house PVR with multiroom viewing, It stores all my media etc and also runs ZoneMinder for CCTV of my property. I run Kubuntu on it which I know many people don't like Linux but it honestly never needs rebooting at all. I recently updated to the latest microserver and managed to get £20 less than I paid for it on ebay after 3years of usage which I was more than pleased with.


They have each got their pluses and minuses, I have a small pc under the tv with a mini itx board in and ssd, I use that to store my music and to download then just drop my files on to the nas when finished. We all have different needs but for me I need to try and reduce electricity costs, all these things add up to a fair bill

QNAP TS-251A-2G 2 Bay Desktop Network Attached Storage Enclosure with 2 GB RAM £189.99 DELIVERED - amazon.de
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Excellent system performance, ideal for centralized management, file sharing and backup USB QuickAccess port for accessing files without needing a network connection Supports 4K… Read more

No, but sounds great! :) Thanks for the tips! Did not sign up for nord wasn't sure if I need it for that price. currently using avira (1GB free) and avast £10 a year so did not really see a need to sign up for £25/y with nord?


Haven't used them for a while so not too sure on that. Glad to see this hasn't come down in price today on .co.uk site. Mine is showing it'll be dispatching tomorrow and here on Tue / Wed. The QNAP website gives you the ability to log in to a demo nas drive with them which is pretty cool. Hopefully once plex is installed and Nordvpn details entered, i'll be able to watch some American shows... any experience with it?


Thanks! How is ebauyer these days?


Yes, Amazon is out of stock so it automatically shows you the next best seller... who doesn't ship to the UK. You can still buy one from Amazon (its on the right hand column showing 207.28 euro) if they come back in stock they will send you one, if not your order will get cancelled.


It says can't deliver to UK? am I missing something?

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QNAP TS-451+-2G 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure with 2GB RAM - £301.24 @ Amazon
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Lowest price it’s been.

Comes up as £417.97, so not so good after all.


The two Ethernet ports are for different VLANs, 99.9% of home users who buy these will not being using two different routers, two different ISP contracts, two different home networks.


This one also supports 4k (streaming) https://www.qnap.com/en/product/ts-451+ . To plug in 4 ethernet cables I would have to buy a switch, I just don't see the value in that for everyday use. It is true you get more cameras licenses 40 vs 4, but again, unnecessary for me. Thanks for the post though, it made me research more!


To start, you can use it as a karaoke machine. Outputs 4k video, Mono-LCD display with backlight, all USB ports are 3.0 and 4 camera licenses. 2 extra ethernet ports are very important for some people. It means this Nas is twice as fast.


What's so much better about it? Except additional 2x Ethernet and 1x HDMI, it has an inferior processor, from what I see.

QNAP NAS TS-251 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure @ Amazon.fr
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
BARGAIN PRICE, back on sale again. NAS can trans-code 1080P video. I've been able to stream live TV using Plex away from home (useful for accessing UK TV abroad or anywhere really … Read more

Which is easier to use with a chromecast audio? This or the Synology?


Would also love to know this.


Yes. Although this there is a sonar app which is very good too


Will this run SB and SAB?


Hi can someone tell me how this compares to a Synology DS216J? I think I've seen suggestions that QNAP don't support mkv files, is that correct? Thanks

QNAP TS-251 - NAS £147- Amazon.fr France
Found 28th Sep 2017Found 28th Sep 2017
Reduced again . . . Price includes delivery to UK. Free 30 day Amazon Prime trial required to make purchase as deal is resevered for Amazon.fr prime members. Item is currently £2… Read more

Ordered thx


Likely as long a you download the software codec pack from the qnap app store.


As long as you buy in Europe warranty is valid and your return postage will be covered too. http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/faq/index_en.htm The "Overseas" on that page applies to US customers.


Does anyone know if it's straightforward to play MKV files via Plex on this. Some say you can't


It's about time these hatchet job scumbags were prosecuted for their ridiculous protectionism rackets

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QNAP TS-231 4TB (2 x 2TB WD Red) 2 Bay Desktop NAS - £228.53 @ Amazon
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
killer price choose amazon as the seller from "other sellers" currently OOS but you can still roder
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QNAP TS-231 8TB (2x 4TB Seagate IronWolf) 2-bay Desktop Network Attached Storage £399 Only 5 left in stock.


Fixed or amended


When going to checkout, price changes to £340.69 ???

QNAP TS-653A-4G Network Attached Storage £361.96 @ Amazon Germany
Found 10th Jan 2017Found 10th Jan 2017
looks like a pricing error Supports Ubuntu OS with direct output via HDMI AES-NI hardware-accelerated encryption for efficient cryptographic performance up to 416 MB/s Supports 4K… Read more
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Price now a lot more than £361. Looks like "EUR 744,81", which is over £600.


Could do with this as well.


used to be qnap reseller they do better deals for europe unfortunately have 20tb of storage on a qnap for my business


"Sorry, this item can't be sent to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the delivery address or delete the item from your order."


"This item can not enter the United Kingdom"

QNAP TS-453A-4G 4 Bay NAS Enclosure with 4GB RAM £334.99 Amazon
Found 15th Aug 2016Found 15th Aug 2016
Lowest price ever, been keeping my eye on this for a while. would go perfect with those dirt cheap WD refurb hard-drives the other day... Enjoy!

just purchased QNAP TS-453A-4G 4 Bay NAS Enclosure with 4GB RAM from amazon warehouse with their Current promo of 50 off 200. Total price £305 delivered. Now search for drive. Amazon vouchers came with 15 percent discount (morrison deal) so guess effective price is around 250 to me.


Fair comment


You have a much smaller use case than many people in this thread. The stuff we run on the NAS does far more than just store data, it helps make that data easily available in multiple places to range of devices. Plex is a great example of this, you're right - you want your NAS to store data, but what if you're on a train and want to watch a film you've legally ripped from a Blu-Ray? Your NAS sat at home just storing data doesn't help that, but your NAS running Plex means you can seamlessly stream it. Different use-cases for different folks.


I personally do not see the point in tinkering too much with a nas, the fact is it is a storage device that does a job, with little interference from the end user. If I wanted to start messing about with all the above I would get a computer rather than a nas. I have owned a qnap now for a few years and it does the job it should do.


Had an email about this offer from CamelCamel this morning, but couldn't place an order until I got home from work. Order now placed. Just want some nice cheap WD Red hard drives to go inside it. Missed the Western Digital My Book Duo 16TB with 2 x 8TB Reds inside, as again I was in work when the deal got posted. Hopefully, it will come back in stock soon.

QNAP TS-251 2 Bay High Performance Network Attached Storage and Media Server with HDMI Out - Amazon
Found 16th May 2016Found 16th May 2016
Been waiting for the price to drop again, just ordered for a poe hd surveillance cameras, it also works as virtualisation server supporting docker images
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price is up to £187 now :(


Any chance of getting some feedback on the NAS itself rather than bits and bytes?


The older ones did, but now they are a magnatude greater. I calculate that is what you would get. 3.906 TB where 4,000,000,000,000,000 / 1024 or 3,906,250,000,000 KB or 976,562,500,000 4k sectors. Factor in the drive mapping and that is around 3.7TB


As already mentioned... problem only exists because HDD manufacturers found the way to sell you a smaller drive while advertising it as a bigger one... If you look at older harddrives (late 80s - early 90s), they did actually contain correct amount of free space. If you were right in what you're claiming... 4TB drive would be reported in any operating system as 4TB.. and it isn't.


I do understand binary. Where is 65536 (0x1,0000) coming from? Round no? No such thing. A number can be rounded, it is not round by definition, it is the result. You mean integer if you are talking about programming.

QNAP TS-212-E [4TB] 2-bay home & SOHO NAS £118.32 @ Amazon (also 6TB QNAP TS-212 £157.98)
Found 13th Apr 2016Found 13th Apr 2016
Includes 4TB (2 x 2TB) drives. The TS-212-E is a powerful yet easy to use network storage center for data storage, backup, synchronization, remote access, and home entertainment. … Read more

Recieved today thanks op


Says on my orders Out for delivery today.


Anyone received it yet?


Ah man how did I miss this


oos at price expiring

QNAP TS-120 £75.79 at Amazon
Found 9th Apr 2016Found 9th Apr 2016
QNAP TS-120 QNAP http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00C1YMK0Q Featuring the new QTS 4.0 Operating System The TS-120 is a powerful yet easy to use network storage center for data… Read more

​Note that this model has an ARM processor. QNAP state 'Plex Media Server is available on Marvell ARM based QNAP Turbo NAS, but the application is unofficial and may run differently.' You would perhaps be better looking at an x86 based NAS. Oh and the price of this one is now £143 on Amazon.


i've got a synology ds115 myself, but i know qnap's are supposed to be pretty good. got an android tv box attached to mine as well for kodi, so no real need to run plex either


Yeah, thought it looked rather small!


It's rather important... this is a 1 bay NAS so this is a lot for a one bay although not for this product.


I can see the price on the website but when you click through it isn't there, unless I'm missing something.

QNAP TS-453S PRO, 4 Bay NAS, 2.0GHz. 4 GB RAM, 2 x Gigabit, HDMI, VM integration, KODI etc £273.08 @ Amazon
Found 7th Apr 2016Found 7th Apr 2016
Decent price for this NAS. Can also be used as a PC, runs KODI, Real-time & offline HD video transcoding, Run additional operating systems, FTP-Server, DLNA-Server, iTunes-Serv… Read more

Looks like the largest capacity 2.5" drive it is compatible with is the 2TB Samsung Spinpoint (available cheaper harvested from the Seagate Expansion Portable). Doesn't appear to support the thicker 4TB drives: https://www.qnap.com/i/en/product_x_grade/product_intro.php?g_cat=2&II=152&hf=0


Is this the new new one how does this compare to ts 253a


​hdmi port, upgradable ram, Intel CPU


What does QNAP do that is much better than Synology?


Qnap is miles better than synology (synology is like the apple of nas) Qnap for one has a HDMI port meaning content can be run direct, including VM's, ram is normally upgradeable and basically it does every synology does plus more..

QNAP TAS-268 2 Bay TAS Enclosure just £26.71 (Normally £180+) 2-4 weeks delivery @ Amazon
Found 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Must be a pricing Error !!! QNAP TAS-268 2 Bay TAS Enclosure just £26.71 but surely worth a try?!?! To get the £26.71 you need to order direct from Amazon … see the "Other Seller… Read more
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Cancelled via email but got free postage on an under 20 pound item so not a complete waste of time.


hey, if you don't know Can I get it from you.. It will be good use for me. as I've been looking for this deal for a while :)


Haven't tried yet, was seeing if it was worth the effort.


no, what did you get?


Did anyone moan and get a freebie?

QNAP TS-253 Pro 2 Bay Powerful, Reliable and Scalable Network Attached Storage for SMBs £217.49 @ Amazon
Found 22nd Dec 2015Found 22nd Dec 2015
QNAP TS-253 Pro 2 Bay Powerful, Reliable and Scalable Network Attached Storage for SMBs

Read the post


Does the new Qnap run plex server


Wonder why this is not voted hot


Was this ever £217.49? According to camelcamelcamel it was never below £278.99.. TS-253A-4G is definitely a better value for only a few more £'s, but it's out of stock, hope this becomes available at a lower price when Amazon gets it re-stocked...


Also QNAP has more apps than anyone else, including Synology as well..

QNap TS453 - £269.99 @ Amazon (Lightning Deal)
Found 8th Dec 2015Found 8th Dec 2015
Great price on the lightening deal....jump in quick.

amazing price


Wish I knew that before. Good spot though. 8 will have to do for now and see if I have any issues with performance. I shouldn't imagine I will for now but do plan to use to monitor surveillance cameras in the future.


From what I have read on the internet it seems to work with 16GB although they only officially say 8GB.


I wonder if it's because new models are out? eg the 451+. From what I've read today the 453 is better, especially at this price! Time to retire the old HP Microserver :) Only £30 for 2x4Gb RAM too


Yep must have been. I was very lucky as I saw last night that it was on a deal and don't have Prime on my account. I purchased some gift cards through work which give 5% cash back and created another Amazon account and took out the Prime trial all in preparation. I didn't think they would be sold out so quickly but I also didn't think it would go down to this price I expected it to be £319 like last month. All in all a right result

QNAP TVS-471 NAS Box £686 @ Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2015Found 19th Nov 2015
had my eye on this for a while, looks like it's the lowest it's been according to camelcamelcamel. Meant to be a good bit of kit if you're a home NAS power user... or interested in… Read more
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best of luck! hope it works out for ya! :-)


Thanks Luke that's perfect. I currently use a PI running forkled-daapd which has caveats but a true copy of itunes running on a single core VM under windows would be much better. I also hope to keep power usage low so an i3 over an i7 may help. About to upgrade from a synology ds409+ Will commit in the next week.


well, i've been running mine for a couple of days with a single drive and i'm really reaaaally impressed with it - it is an awesome bit of kit. im only using the stock i3 + 4gb ram but was easily able to spin up a single core 2gb ram / 40gb windows7 VM and have it running along side the NAS transcoding a 1080p file. i think if you wanted 3 VMs running at the same time + transcoding / other intensive stuff you would need to upgrade... the numbers just don't work otherwise (unless they're light linux boxes?). i must admit im not really up on chips, but you can assign up to 4 cores to the VMs so they're could be scope but im afraid im not familiar with the power of mac mini so it's hard to compare. what type of machines are the 3 VMs? for moving data though this thing is great, especially through a VM... it uses some sort of magical gubbins to avoid using the network like a normal machine would, so it feels much more like working on headless server. plex works like a charm, suddenly all my files just work! if you can go 'direct' then that's good but if the format is strange you can force the transcode. the cpu does work a lot when transcoding intensive files but there's no onboard GPU so i guess that's to be expected... it spikes to 95%, then drops back to 2% every few minutes or so repeatedly as it's playing the file but i've not noticed any problem when working on either the VM or the NAS at the same time. if upgrading be weary of the warranty though, i think you're clear to upgrade the ram to 16gb but doing the CPU will likely void it.


I have been eyeing up one of these (particularly the QNAP 671 ) to replace my 6yr old Synology. My plan was to buy one with the lowest rated CPU and then swap in core i7 CPU + more Ram. I am currently running a plex server and 3 vm's on a macmini server than I would love move into the NAS so that I can retire mac mini.


well mine has arrived... unfortunately they only sent a single 4tb drive! so i'll have to wait for the other one to arrive before having a go with it, i'll let you know how the i3 copes with VMs...

Western Digital My Cloud EX2 2-Bay NAS £99.98 at Dabs!
Found 10th Jun 2015Found 10th Jun 2015
Just ordered another one of these for my parents, I paid £160 for this last year and was happy with that - great bit of kit, love the OS. Love the iPhone app as well - brilliant. … Read more

I've now had 4 of the WD NAS EX2's. Wouldn't go near them again. All sorts of problems from permissions, lack of user control to say the least and total LACK of support from WD customer Service or Tech Support. Also random speed issues that I just don't get with the Synology. (Just googling public folder shows how many people have a problem with WD's big brother esque approach to controlling what you can and can't do). I now have one of the Synology DS215J's and It's streets ahead of WD. I'm not that techie and i find it so much easier to control and setup. WD could sell these bays for 50p and I still wouldn't touch it.


I've got 12TB in mine 2x 6TB WD Red drives


I know i think this right but best to use WD drives with this machine if so what is top size can add


I use the EX2 and it is a solid NAS. Having Plex now makes it even better. The fact that Synology use WD drives in them means I'd rather get everything from the one brand.


Same scenario but I own the 214play, family & friends are seriously locked down on it. They would wreck it in seconds.

Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300 2.5inch SSD £41.99 plus 2.98 delivery Ebuyer
Found 9th Apr 2015Found 9th Apr 2015
Kingston 120GB SSDNow V300 2.5inch SSD cheapest I can find even cheaper than amazon Ebuyer - FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY
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They swapped a NAND fiasco?


Yep its why I wouldn't touch these drives tbh


anyone remember the NAND fiasco swapping ;)


over £50 free delivery


Those who haven't used ebuyer for a while will get free next day delivery

Roku 2 Digital Media Streaming Player 1080p HDMI DLNA Built-in Wi-Fi iPlayer (Ex-display/demo items) £43.99 starbuys-co-uk / ebay
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Roku 2 Digital Media Streaming Player 1080p HDMI DLNA Built-in Wi-Fi iPlayer Main Features: Roku 2 Digital Media Streaming Player The Roku 2 Media Streamer is an ideal way to brin… Read more
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You mean Woolworths online now .....


Or new from Currys at £49, or from Woolworths for £49 with 3 Months NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

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