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QNAP TS-131P 1-Bay NAS £99.99 Delivered at Box
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Great price for a starter NAS, and you could probably pick up a 2TB drive for under £50 making it a capable media server for your home. Equipped with 1GB memory, but still a dece… Read more

I need something to share a 128gb usb 3 stick containing my music on my network for Sonos. Would this work? My previous router had a USB port which did this for me, on my current router the USB port is so slow that it is unusable for this purpose. Many thanks.


Great price, if you want a bit more functionality though a Nvidia shield Pro makes a good Plex media server for around twice the price. Can transcode files too. Then you have the other features too, TV steaming, A.I upscaling, android gaming/emulation etc.


Any suggestions on a cheap, good 2TB plus drive to put in this. I've got a six year old Seagate Central to upgrade from....


Thanks OP. Picked this up. I'll be using this with a 4TB Wolf Seagate.


Who are Box, never used them? Would I shuck my WD Elements 12Gb external drive or just stick a 4Tb WDD Red and link the 12Gb via USB3?

QNAP TS-453BE-2G 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure - 2 GB RAM, Intel Celeron Quad Core Processor - Multimedia NAS £403.98 @ Amazon
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Not been under 450 for a long time if I'm not mistaken.

check this out: malware targeting qnap devices


I've never used one of those, the only ones I have experience with are Synology and Qnap. I would check reviews, and do a search on Reddit to see if anyone else has asked about it.


Sadly, for most of my clients, upfront cost is the main factor. If I suggested them buying a £400 device and it would save them money in the long run, but there was a £200 device also available, they'd choose the £200 device. I've set NAS drives up for people but they tend to be low end stuff for like £100. Not a problem for them if the interface isn't slick as that's my problem. All they want is to have access to the files, and in the end they do. I'd never suggest a server for someone that just need a central storage space, but they're never keen on spending this type of money. I normally end up with something like this https://www.scan.co.uk/products/2-bay-thecus-n2350-smart-home-nas-marvell-armada-385-dual-core-1ghz-soc-1gb-ddr4-usb-30-port-x2-thec?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=c08b74ecd1e4ce4fbd45c27582af7d00cd22873f-1595098665-0-ASfIpczNRvYFwKnMSaSOMLIHoiF8iqrnVBPLy11FiLLLDZcEOENccv3tkG-IbM7DB1IpXp6OnBH8ZkxEJG-zz5FXbiePR9lPUY9n6-EaUKQIfnMc_1GgvBnOyIt0Vy3mu6qqkxX7Y8upJWw5Cjc3DqfV3H_8XQg4plDhyBc8Hptc2g_t8xr2ZKG_ZO2jYJQdvlfG6TwwWBdLu2z7Og1RNgm17IAunm0B8Kvo93thV9YRqII6uSTaFr7dWwbJl5IIJqV82TC0epgryGlk8ji9HwDPcHISRVrNkv13hFizXurta4tyXxAR0I0dPoLD_O64-edpTjvs5iA-zrfqp-R7vuXEfh9oFdCpXebIyzoHRMKVW9wGPVjk4GANRcQg1bQNjYt0fVIDHAn1n9_atysn0US-ZO0nPl9hD39BHdFmhZN2ugVnvarB57-bMlkoxlpi7RmU4QAd6PgHQxdJ2vXkrNEep1AL4ynHDywyavtKYoGvMsrzIh4QPsuq3y2Je0qslK33cYEwyYLhEdHG_ThwYKU39DjXBiPGRwX242jnXXWkU1TPRcWDTpiyGmVqvTZj_iE9aIruq9S4DPZghijp_V1f67yh3mGqtGE06DxOORFw2KbbaZ7ZjeCkfl7cznXYvw What is it about these higher end NAS enclosure that would be better for my client? Or would it purely be for my benefit being easier to set up? Thank you for your input though. It's really appreciated.


qnap.com/en-uk/product/ts-453be/specs/hardware HDMI Output 2, HDMI 1.4b (up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz I guess it does. A juicy bonus I won't be using though. My plan is to stream over the network, and to family online via the Plex service. That could definately have its uses, never really thought about that.


I would be interested in knowing as I'm looking for a NAS but I want to future proof it if I can by being able to play and transcode the top format of this time which I think is 4K 10 bit HDR and h265. I think I read that the current players are normally abit better with h264 (probably due to it being more mature), but that h265/HEVC might take over in time as it's supposed to be an improvement quality and size wise but can be more demanding on the hardware. Also does this support 4k from the HDMI port or is it just 1080p?

QNAP TS-453D-8G 4-Bay Desktop NAS - 8G version from Amazon - £529.63
206° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
QNAP TS-453D-8G 4-Bay Desktop NAS - 8G version from Amazon - £529.63
£529.63Amazon Deals
My earlier post about the 4G version selling for £448 has been deleted because its no longer available to order direct from Amazon.. The 8G version is still available to order and… Read more
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Does it not come with a warning about data loss in this event? It tells you in the bios next to the setting with my Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite.




Does the NAS come with UPS? I've been looking into getting one because I'm trying out RAID 10 on my motherboard with 4 14TB drives in my 4 available bays in O11 Dynamic XL. They seem quite pricey, but I might be able to beat my Sata SSDs on sequential transfer if I get write cache enabled (its why the UPS is neccessary).


Crucial CT2K16G4SFD8266 32 GB Kit (16 GB x 2) (DDR4, 2666 MT/s, PC4-21300, Dual Rank x 8, SODIMM, 260-Pin) Memory https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crucial-CT2K16G4SFD8266-PC4-21300-SODIMM-260-Pin/dp/B071H38422


Today I received my 453d from amazon.

QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM, Intel Dual-core CPU, PCIe slot x1, NAS £278.51 at Amazon
335° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM, Intel Dual-core CPU, PCIe slot x1, NAS £278.51 at Amazon
£278.51Amazon Deals
Just noticed the price of this when searching for NAS deals. Been on the lookout for months. Great for Plex and has plenty of memory to run Docker containers. Seems better than it… Read more

Any of the enclosures will support SSDs. However you need to be careful when implementing SSDs in them. It may be overkill for what you need, if at the end of the day all you’re doing is keeping two folders in sync you really don’t need the speed of an SSD on the NAS. If you do put SSDs in there just make sure you enable TRIM on the NAS volume otherwise you’ll find the SSD slow down for file writes quite considerably over time.


Also I have been using my SSD drives for at least 5 years now without issue Is it worth buying a newer enclosure that supports SSD or stick with the normal spinning disk type? I have about £400 £500 all in for it and don't mind spending a bit more for something a bit hardware heavy just in case I ever need it. I found the Synology DS718+ But not sure just yet


I really dislike the idea of having a server backup to a third party Just because there are far too many concerns regarding the websites themselves It's not exactly top secret but I prefer to have the data kept and backed up locally But thanks for the input


If it's only 1TB then you could just pick up a Microsoft 365 subscription, approx £50 per year when on sale, which gives you 6x 1TB OneDrive accounts to play with. This could also work in conjunction with a NAS for an extra offsite back up.


Hi and thanks for the extra information Yes I don't want a single drive for the mentioned reasons 2 single 1TB drives will suffice for my needs Thanks for the heads up, I will be comfortable installing, I am a bit of a tinkerer myself and enjoy building things like Tesla Coils in my spare time :D I'll have to use some home plugs to get plugged in though as my workhorse is too far from my router Should be fine The backup situation I just have never had the time to fully research But I will check out your links and thanks again

QNAP TS-451+-2G 16TB 4 Bay NAS Solution - £870.95 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and Sold by Box
-89° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
QNAP TS-451+-2G 16TB 4 Bay NAS Solution - £870.95 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and Sold by Box
£870.95Amazon Deals
Centralize your file storage, sharing and backup with excellent performance Run multiple Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android based virtual machines with the Virtualization Station O… Read more

You can put it back into the enclosure and RMA it. If you were careless and damaged the enclosure you could send the bare drive back, the burden of proof is on the manufacturer to prove any modification to a product caused it to fail.


what do you do when the shucked drive dies though? Doesn't it kill warranty when removed from enclosure?


I've a machine based on G4600 with 8GB RAM, running unRAID. Far more flexibility with Dockers than the QNAP will ever have. It's also got off the shelf components should you have a failure, no expensive or hard to get proprietary parts. PCPartPicker will make it easy. 4TB Disks can be had for under £90 each. I've added a parity drive to my server which adds a level of data protection too. If you choose to use Plex, you won't be restricted by the weak CPU in the QNAP - probably some caveat that the asterisk denotes. Upgrade the RAM and CPU as you please.


Well the enclosure only option for this is £400, which means the 16TB of storage costs £471 (£29.44/TB) . WD My Book 8TB is currently £130 (£16.25/TB), which are easy to shuck and contain white label (rebranded red) drives. Get a few of those for £390 and you have 24TB of storage for £81 less and an extra drive bay for future expansion. If you are patient and wait for the drives to go on offer you can get these drives for less than £13/TB.


Like what?

QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM, Intel Dual-core CPU, PCIe slot x1 NAS - £261.15 @ Amazon
195° Expired
Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM, Intel Dual-core CPU, PCIe slot x1 NAS - £261.15 @ Amazon
£261.15Amazon Deals
Had this on price alert from Camel Camel Camel, lowest I’ve seen it before. Good reviews on Amazon, seems to be a good all round NAS solution by a reputable manufacturer. The… Read more

You can buy the Synology DS916+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure with 2GB RAM for 300 quid plus 5 quid ish DHL postage from Germany. It’s marketplace seller but money is safe and delivery assured by Amazon. Look for item ASIN: B01EMSGNCY Please comment if you ordered and had any experience, good or otherwise.


Hardly any nas deals coming up??


You can get the 2GB version on ebay for £263.49 using PRESSIES voucher code: rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F401651805663


OOS - Amazon The 2GB version is available for 282.99.


Thank you

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QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM £261.15 at Amazon
-10° Expired
Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
QNAP TS-251B-4G, 2bay, 4GB RAM £261.15 at Amazon
£261.15£334.8022%Amazon Deals
A decent NAS that is more than just a file server, note this is the 4GB model, it 80x86 based so has more grunt than the ARM based ones, will run Plex, SyncThing and tons of other … Read more
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QNAP TS-453Be-4G 4 Bay Desktop NAS £387.65 @ Ebuyer / ebay
79° Expired
Posted 16th Nov 2019Posted 16th Nov 2019
QNAP TS-453Be-4G 4 Bay Desktop NAS £387.65 @ Ebuyer / ebay
£387.65eBay Deals
Seems a good deal at this price, just ordered. EBay voucher expires 21st Nov. £462.65 - 20% = £387.65. No drives.

AH thanks i need to take my 2 6tb wd reds with me wherever i upgrade thanks


I understand but if u ur looking for a proper upgrade from the 253a I would look at this one QNAP HS-453DX-4G 4-Drive the only issue I had was the price and the lack of full size HDD support. :)


I may just stick To take-253a as it works fine I guess for my needs


Hi yes I think u can I know if u use plex u can go through it on freenas plugins it will then allow u to use hardware acceleration. Its way I did it I set it to let my CPU hurt I think lol. Anyway just Google freenas have a read if it's right for ur needs use it there are a free other good nas software too i even seen synology realise a basic free setup too its got an odd name to it i can't remember and I think it's a very early version that they don't support no more. When u find what you like utube bulid guides like I say it may take a few days to understand everything if ur a novice like me but ul get there I'm registered blind with limited sight trust me if I can anyone can. Hope that helps.


Would freenas allow me to use hardware acceleration. If not I think I will just build a pc for it like you mentioned below and then hook up the shield tv to the nas to then allow gpu decode/encode. Thanks

QNAP TS-431X-2G 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure with 2GB RAM £328 with Next Day Delivery using code @ eBuyer
246° Expired
Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
QNAP TS-431X-2G 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure with 2GB RAM £328 with Next Day Delivery using code @ eBuyer
£328£3496%Ebuyer Deals
£40 saving off regular price using the attached code. Code works for a range of QNAP hardware, take a look at the range HERE There's also £20 off these using QNAP20 Alp… Read more

The thing with PSU is that you should always have more capacity than you need. That way it doesn't work too hard, and the fan in this doesn't come on. If you had a dedicated GPU, network card, more powerful CPU you still wouldnt Max it out. Dont skimp on the PSU it's the backbone on a machine. The more powerful and efficient the better and will last through several upgrades.


Not sure if the PSU at 550W is not too much but I'd assume it would never run at more than 50% even with 5HDD + 1 SSD?


I don't have means to check. The power supply is gold rated, fan does not spin up under load. No active fans at all on my set up, CPU is passively cooled. Under load Hard drives stay at 35c and mother board/ CPU around 63c. Test of the time 40c for CPU and motherboard. My guess is that it's comparable to a Nas. With unraid you can set sleep at night and on inactive. I don't know is the honest answer. I purchased a gold power supply, the fan never starts up, motherboard has passive cooling for CPU. No fans on my setup.


What's the power consumption on idle and full load? The workstation I looked at is 48W at idle and 1W at OFF + WOL. NAS cannot be off, or it could if WOL was fast enough I guess?


I'm also considering buying a workstation [Lenovo] and that would be a proper workhorse, up to 128GB RAM, etc. Not sure if it would make sense to have NAS on it as I suspect power consumption would be higher than the setup you suggest plus NAS on a working machine, not sure if that would be good, even if I tend to use containers or VMs. Trying to save space really, not that I have a prob in having yet another machine in my home network :-)

QNAP TVS-1282T-i5-16G, 8x 3.5” + 4x 2.5” drive bay, 16GB RAM, Thunderbolt £1899.99 @ BOX
34° Expired
Posted 17th Sep 2019Posted 17th Sep 2019
QNAP TVS-1282T-i5-16G, 8x 3.5” + 4x 2.5” drive bay, 16GB RAM, Thunderbolt £1899.99 @ BOX
£1,899.99£1,999.995%Box.co.uk Deals
Anyway, it's a beast of a NAS for (relatively) little money! 10gbe & Thunderbolt 2 tier SSD caching, many disk bays We use this NAS for our video editing guys - where high th… Read more

It's a cheap price to pay to ensure the continued longevity and safety of one's "educational" movie collection of a more adult nature ;)


Just buy a rack mount server instead, better processor, you can run zfs and much more memory for caching


Overkill for home and short of the mark for a DC, as @the__cat pointed out. I have a 4 bay Qnap at home - it serves media to anyone in the house and uses a third of the electric that my i7 Home PC uses. I find it useful for dropping movies, family photos and music onto.


We use it for our mass-storage in the video / image editing suite where we have 5-8 designers working. Also stores the companies docs and files. Does the job nicely :)


I wouldn't be putting one of these in any of my DCs.

QNAP TS-431X 4-Bay Diskless NAS Server - SATA 6Gb/s (8GB Upgrade) £309.99 Delivered at Box
256° Expired
Posted 12th Sep 2019Posted 12th Sep 2019
QNAP TS-431X 4-Bay Diskless NAS Server - SATA 6Gb/s (8GB Upgrade) £309.99 Delivered at Box
£309.99£36716%Box.co.uk Deals
Great price considering this includes a free 8GB memory upgrade over the standard 2GB. Features: CPU - AnnapurnaLabs Alpine AL-212 32-bit Architecture System Memory - 8 GB … Read more

AN amazon CPU . (hit the bed (horror) ). these low power CPU's are ok , but as others have mentioned theres a fair chunk of stuff (software) that is only compatible with x86 (amd or intel). Low power does mean lower pwer bills and less heat ergo less noise , tho ...


Thanks for the reply. I use my Nvidia shield as a Plex server so guess that does all the processing power. Maybe the 418j will suit my needs. I once seen the DS918+ on Amazon (used-like new) for £315. Absolutely gutted i didn't snap it up straight away as it was gone a few hours later.


Yes. It is the one thing I'm missing in this model.


You don't need Intel but an X86 would be a good idea. To be honest this is not a great deal if you are willing to do a tiny bit of legwork. Buy or build a microserver and install Open Media Vault to manage the raid and run any VMs.


Shame about the processor. Learned the hard way years ago that you end up wanting to do a ton more with these than you originally intended (storage) over time that you’ll need an intel one.But then on the flip intel processors are full of vulnerabilities these days. Make sure you know know what you want to do before you plunge, otherwise this is a fantastic price.

Amazon Warehouse - QNAP TVS-1282T-i5-16G - £2070.83 Used, Like New
50° Expired
Posted 22nd Aug 2019Posted 22nd Aug 2019
Amazon Warehouse - QNAP TVS-1282T-i5-16G - £2070.83 Used, Like New
£2,070.83Amazon Deals
Can't see if my previous post went up? Anyway, it's a beast of a NAS for (relatively) little money! 10gbe & Thunderbolt 2 tier SSD caching, many disk bays Not for everyone I… Read more

We use this NAS for our video editing guys - where high throughput and low latency is needed. If you're just using it for movie storage, then it's totally overkill.


I feel my point is made.


Do I need that bandwidth?


Do your drives get the bandwidth this NAS gives?


I've made my 6 drives NAS for around 200£, including the drives. can't justify 2k for enclosure only.

218° Expired
Posted 28th Apr 2019Posted 28th Apr 2019
£284.99£377.6525%Box.co.uk Deals
A decent spec NAS box with a normal price between £360-£380. Same seller on amazon here; https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07B8T9YZG Lots of ports & room for expansion wi… Read more

Buy the cheaper verion i bought the 251+ for 140 on ebay works a treat...was going to buy this.


Surveillance Station,QNAP mobile apps 3,000+ compatible IP cameras 4 free IP camera channels 40 expandable channels QUSBCam2 record from USB webcams


I wouldn’t I have the older model better off getting w dedicated dvr with it down professor and memory. I think you are limited with licenses too on qnap and have to pay for extra cameras annually


are these quite easy to setup as a CCTV nvr?

QNAP TS-451+-2G, 4bay, 2GB RAM, Quad-core NAS - £330.82 @ Amazon
203° Expired
Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019
QNAP TS-451+-2G, 4bay, 2GB RAM, Quad-core NAS - £330.82 @ Amazon
£330.82Amazon Deals
Best price for this for a long time. Centralize your file storage, sharing and backup with excellent performance Run multiple Windows, Linux, UNIX and Android based virtual m… Read more
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I’m looking for an introduction to Nas, nothing fancy just to back up files from pc and phone as Apple keeps nagging me to upgrade my iCloud storage. This might be a bit to much for me tho.


Ooh, I got excited there for a moment - thought it was the 10GbE model. Still a good deal though, I have a couple of 2 bay QNAP boxes - cannot find fault with either of them.


2 years warranty with Amazon, QNAP can't swap out if you have a hardware fault.


Picked this up at about the 430 mark.. well worth it! Heat


I picked up the 8gb version from BT shop for £328 back in Dec 17

QNAP TS-253Be-2G only £285.44 @ Amazon
83° Expired
Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019
QNAP TS-253Be-2G only £285.44 @ Amazon
£285.44£361.9921%Amazon Deals
I’ve been watching this one for a while and this is as low as it has been
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Waiting for this to drop in price I have 253a . If I was going to pick now I would do synloofy I believe that’s more easier to set up everything and


Mine has arrived and I have set it up with a couple of 3TB WD Red Hard drives. I've copied over my media library and installed Plex. So far I am really impressed. It runs really smoothly, both streaming locally on my network and I've also tried my ipad remotely. Personally I'm really happy with it.


Hi I have the DS1817+ with the 500gb SSD caching and 16gb RAM... You can add your own RAM, From my experience I prefer Synology however I can't fault QNAP in all honesty, both are the leaders in this field I guess its just personal preference.


We have DS-218+ and think it's great. Main sway for me is I'd read that they are very similar (with the edge in performance going to the QNAP) but the Synology is more user friendly.


A really bold statement and I beg to differ. Having both a TS-253A and a DS-218+ I find the QNAP hardware outshines Synology in looks, expandability & performance whilst QTS has the edge over DSM, for me, any day of the week. Just to clarify, both brands offer excellent value for money and neither should be considered as a poor choice.

QNAP TS-253Be-2G 20TB NAS, Amazon, £550
58° Expired
Posted 1st Apr 2019Posted 1st Apr 2019
QNAP TS-253Be-2G 20TB NAS, Amazon, £550
Product Description The TS-253Be features a simple physical design that can easily fit into office and home environments. It provides a PCIe port that can boost its functionality: … Read more

I'm not entirely sure, not something I will bother going down though. Too good to be true really! Always worth a try


Can you get compensation for orders that been cancelled by their side?


Yeah It's been cancelled, no shock really


How is your order now? Saw the used option has been taken down


It's a con no doubt. Just seen that you need to email them to place the order. Buy ordering it should hopefully notify the seller to get it taken down. Hopefully noone gets conned by emailing. I'll leave my order active.

QNAP TS-453Be-4G 4 Bay mid-range NAS for £409.98 @ Ebuyer
162° Expired
Posted 25th Mar 2019Posted 25th Mar 2019
QNAP TS-453Be-4G 4 Bay mid-range NAS for £409.98 @ Ebuyer
£409.98£50018%Ebuyer Deals
This isn’t the entry level NAS, but a middle range product for home and small office. The lowest price ever, even lower than last black Friday. This model can upgrade to 16GB memo… Read more
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Backup in price £449.99 thanks OP got mine yesterday and it was like 5 minutes job to upgrade to from my TS-253A, no configuring nothing, just worked. Now time to sell my TS-253A. (y)


The server is currently in the data center (AKA Garage) at the end of my garden, but it's pretty quiet and i'm considering moving it up to my loft. I speak as someone who is quite sensitive to noise; my main PC is sound proofed, water cooled and has around £100 worth of very quiet Noctua fans in it. I've just installed a Dell PowerConnect 24 port managed switch in the loft (£38 from eBay). The switch had an epicly noisy 40mm Delta fan it. I had to hacksaw out the fan grill on the case (to improve airflow) and replace the Delta with a £12 Noctua fan.


Thanks for sharing. It all makes sense. Just one question, on the hardware side, the NAS should hold more hard disk than your home server? How about the noice/sound of your server when running? Is it quite?


Partly, because I can, but also... The servers have different roles, they're on separate OS instances with distinct network identities. This allows me to pass through different hardware to each VM - e.g. a bunch of disks to the file server via a PCI-e SATA adapter & a UPS via a PCI-e USB controller, a surveillance HDD to the Surveillance server, etc. It also means I can implement policy based routing on a per device basis - e.g. route downloader traffic though a VPN with killswitch, route Plex server traffic normally (VPNs interfere with Plex Pass functionality). It also means I can update each server and their apps without risking breaking everything. I don't need to worry about being efficient, 24GB is enough to run twice as many DSM servers as I have. The whole setup (excluding disks) cost me roughly the same as the NAS in this post when bought new (after a rebate from Dell). I run DSM, rather than Linux, because I have a Windows background and needed to find an alternative NAS solution when Microsoft killed Home Server and Technet several years ago. I ran DSM using Xpenelogy on bare metal for a few years, I then had an opportunity to buy a cheap server and a desire to learn vSphere ESXi, so I P2V'd the physical DSM server and added more over time. I have played around with other NAS OS like FreeNAS & OpenFiler, but I liked the simplicity of DSM and the wide range of pre-packaged software available from the community repos (this was before containers arrived on the scene and made things a bit easier).


Am I right in thinking that Qnap nases offer whole disk/volume encryption whereas Synology ones only offer folder encryption, and even then with a 140 character file name limit?

QNAP TR-004 4 Bay DAS / NAS Expansion Enclosure £209.99 @ Amazon
268° Expired
Posted 20th Mar 2019Posted 20th Mar 2019
QNAP TR-004 4 Bay DAS / NAS Expansion Enclosure £209.99 @ Amazon
£209.99£247.2915%Amazon Deals
This is a fairly new product and not widely available Choose Amazon in other sellers to get this price. Order now for delivery between 17 April - 22 May TheTR-004 USB 3.0 RAID e… Read more

You have to pay import taxes, if you go through the buying process...cheeky that they post it like that.


£184.97 delivered from US site Newegg if anyone is interested in saving a further £25: https://www.newegg.com/global/uk-en/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822099058


Shame it doesnt have e-sata like my icy box


Its not a NAS its additional storage for a NAS or USB storage.


I was about to say the same thing.

Amazon.co.uk QNAP TS-251A-4G External
NAS £240.42
97° Expired
Posted 1st Feb 2019Posted 1st Feb 2019
Amazon.co.uk QNAP TS-251A-4G External NAS £240.42
£240.42£35031%Amazon Deals
Only 2 available so be quick and decisive if you want one Product Description The TS-251A provides the innovative USB 3.0 Quick Access port that allows you to quickly complete the… Read more

I saw some brand I'd never heard of while looking for an alternative to this on Amazon. Terramaster, at £181 upwards for celeron based NAS they sound rather cheap. It looks like they only have plex, media serving and some cloud storage apps and lack things like torrent and camera apps but it seems you can install any OS you want on them as they may come with a vga port header. Has anyone heard of this company or tried their hardware?

QNAP TS-328, 3bay, 2GB RAM, Budget-friendly RAID 5 NAS (Network-attached Storage) Used - Very Good  £209.91 Amazon warehouse
-31° Expired
Posted 6th Dec 2018Posted 6th Dec 2018
QNAP TS-328, 3bay, 2GB RAM, Budget-friendly RAID 5 NAS (Network-attached Storage) Used - Very Good £209.91 Amazon warehouse
£209.91Amazon Deals
I might be wrong , but anyway i ordered the NAS drive with 2 x 4TB drives for 209. Waiting for replies from experts.

Thanks for the updates. I will cancel my order


Agree with previous comments. Click on 3x6Tb drives and same list appears with top one still £209. Scroll to end of list and you find that model at £774


I have seen similar (priced deals). and yes it's almost certainly WITHOUT HDD , so dont get your hopes up. 3 bay is a bit odd as it limits your options for expansion and usage eg raid5 2+1, 3xjbod or 3 single disks rather than RAID10 on a four drive unit :shrug: Great if it comes thru WITH HDD


I think you got unlucky, I have a TS-659 that has been on 24/7 for about 8 years now and other than 2 HDD failures it's been bulletproof - as have the ones at work. I assume you got it replaced/refunded?


I have one of these paid £200 without hdds. But now it died on me only 3 months old.

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    Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

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  3. Add Deal

    Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is.

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  4. Deal Link

    If you think a deal is hot, click through to the shop to snap up the deal before it’s expired.

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  5. Layout

    Find here other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

    When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

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  6. Main Menu

    Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

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