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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the high-end version out of Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones. Sleek, attractive and powerful, the Galaxy S8 is in the top rank of 2017’s crop of phones. Anyone who wants to upgrade their smartphone can do so cheaply by checking out the Samsung Galaxy S8 HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Samsung Galaxy S8 Unlocked Refurb 12 Months Warranty £212.39 @ Argos Ebay
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Still a cracking phone. Limited number left. This item is a professionally refurbished, A-Grade, Argos Manager Special - our top grade of refurbished item!

If you’ve got an old android or iphone to trade in you can get the new a50 or a70 for less than this.


already OOS


I've been looking for something to replace my partner's ageing wileyfox, and was leaning towards the Moto g7, but, for the price, I think this is way better. Better camera for sure. Bought! Thanks OP!


Great phone using mine for the oast 6 months and cant fault it.


Lorra lorra phone for the money and with the code makes it even better!! The Argos manager special items are literally new, had loads of bits & bobs in that condition, apart from a few naff boxes that were OEM card, all perfectly perfect items! (party)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB Orchid Grey Unlocked (Refurb - Good) £239 Incl 12 month warranty @ envirofone
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Thought this was a decent price for an unlock variant of the S8 Plus. Specs wise, this is still a very capable phone, not to mention the features you'd expect from a flagship. As … Read more

doppo666 Little bit more expensive but it’s the plus version, that wasn’t hardly looking seems new is about £230-280 atm if search eBay listings, I would rather pay £20 more and get a brand new phone than take the lottery of getting a battered one from these guys (y)


Which code


My bad didnt even see it was the plus. Its £245 with code


Got a link? Am after an S8 or S8+ for a family member.

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Unlocked Good condition - 12 month warranty - £163.16 (With Code) @ eBay / wjdstore
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Discount applied using code POP20. Various colours available. Also grade C (poor) available for sub £150. Seems a great price for a brilliant phone in the S8. Unlocked network an… Read more


If you'd used a credit card to pay then the card Co. would have been equally liable with the seller and would have paid you back subject to the truth of your case.Similar process but not so watertight if you'd used a debit card.


Lol same as me. Had lots of trouble with my S8 and now loving iPhone :D


Only Grade C available


Sadly, nobody except apple replace the batteries. As somebody mentioned refurbished means they have been wiped down. They check ports and OS is OK. Very unlikely to actually open the phone and do anything. Too much time and effort.

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB O2 In Good Condition £189.99 @ Music Magpie
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
£10 Applies at checkout Performance Faster, even in rain You never really stop using your phone. That's why Galaxy S8 and S8+ are driven by the world's first 10nm processor.… Read more

It's very easy to do.You just pop in A sim that does not work with the phone.Then it will ask you to enter A the got you got .


It wasn't really, but it's a year newer, with better support, security updates etc.


The S9 comes to £255.99 with the code. That's blue, unlocked, 64GB, good condition. I dunno, I'd be pretty happy with the S8. I thought the S9 wasn't a huge upgrade?


Definitely, though spend a bit more for the s9


Oh, never minds, it's actually higher to purchase it locked to O2 now. Base price is £259.99. I'm upgrading from a Xiaomi Mi 5, just fancied a try of a Samsung device. Still worth it at the ~£190 price point?

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Samsung S8 - SIM Free - £399 @ smartphonecompany
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
As per title 24 month contract the cashback takes it to 16 a month. Currently on a similar deal myself at the moment and the cashback process is crazy easy. Similar contract in ee … Read more
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Anybody want to buy my S8+ for the same price. :D (lol)


Pixel 3a may have “similar specs” but anyone buying a Pixel device is paying for software and for getting the latest Android updates.


This a joke? (confused)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Single SIM 64GB 5.8-Inch Android UK Version Sim-Free Smartphone with 64GB MicroSDXC EVO Plus Memory Card £389.99 @ Amazon
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Samsung G950F S8 Midnight Black (SM-G950FZKABTU) 4GB RAM +MB-MC64GA/EU - Introducing the stunning Infinity display. The revolutionary design of the Galaxy S8 begins from the inside… Read more

Still a good capable phone, I'd reccomend one but sorry this price is too high.


A good price... for S9

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 + Plus SM-G955F 64GB Smartphone Mobile Grey/Black Unlocked/O2 £239.99 @  xsitems_ltd  Ebay
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Condition: Seller refurbished : Seller notes: “TESTING: We have tested this item and can confirm that it is in full working order. This item has been restored back to its factory … Read more
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No stock


Not bad, on ebay they are selling s8 used for this price... So s8+ seems Like a good deal...


An extra 40 quid gets you an S9 from the same seller


Don't really like XSitems. I got a phone in "very good" conditon from them, but it had too many cosmetic imperfections for me to describe it as very good. Especially considering I had bought 2 phones in "very good' condition from music magpie beforehand and they were like new. They had also only packaged it in a packaging air bag inside a jiffy bag instead of a box.

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB (In Good Condition) + 3 Months Free Apple Music £229.99 @ Music Magpie
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Good little deal here, £20 auto applies at checkout, plus if you're a new customer to apple music, you get 3 months of apple music in with the deal Camera A camera built for eve… Read more

Money. Almost everyone wants to be associated with most premium brand. But for best network EE exclusive Apple Music deal is double-edged sword: a lot of iPhone orders but much of Spotify-brigade etc pushed into Vodafone where you can get it at a discount on Red Entertainment plans. And with 80% at least of smartphone market being Android, EE's policy doesn't look very sound to me, unless money metrics sing a different tune.


I see.


Seems like "Good" is the lowest level of their condition descriptions for phones, so bare in mind that you might end up with something more beaten up than you expect...


Desperation for Apple. I believe the people already know that it won't effect anyone taking up the deal and the question wasnt relating to that at all.


I don't know, I'd have thought that Apple music wouldn't affect how many people take up this kind of deal.

IPhone XS £597 / key2 £280 /Samsung Galaxy S8 £174 Good / Pixel 2 XL £210 Good @ XS Items Ebay
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Lots of very good prices from XS items with varying grades, have stayed away from reasonable grade. IPhone XS 64gb £597… Read more

Got mine today, think it'll be going back. Condition worse than I imagined, especially the screen. Shame


My next step lol


I get that, before I became an "expert" I used to dabble in buying and selling phones, but now it's too complicated, mainly buy for friends and family these days! And to keep for myself.


Lol, usually don't lose a lot of money and I enjoy having them, using them etc, so it's a cheap enough hobbie! (And the prices for xz2 just keep getting better!)


Jeez mate, I usually buy one, and get bored, then wouldn't even dream of buying that phone again, yet you bought 4 xz2's (lol) I'm impressed

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB Grey / Black / Silver Sim-Free Unlocked With 2 Year Warranty - £329 @
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Thought this was a great price for UK stock of this handset. Given that the S10 is now in stores, prices of the older handsets are starting to drop. Google Android 6.2" Qua… Read more

The phones are not brand news


Now out of stock 😣


The redmi note 5 is horrible for compatibility. The reason why the battery is so good on it is because of aggressive background app process killing. It stopped all my smart home stuff from doing stuff automatically. To the point it's useless having both. So I got rid of it. My nest wouldn't turn my heating on when I was on my way home, etc. Even though I removed it from battery saving. Stick with top brands if you want decent software that works and does what you want it to.


Hi really tempted to get a s8+ at this price but had a few questions: 1) Is the camera good in low light? 2) Is the battery good? 3) Is the non support of Android Q going to be a big deal in real terms? I'm currently on a Redmi Note 5 which is great in terms of battery and for the cheap price however I feel like I'm missing out on a good camera and the S8+ at £330 looks a steal. Thanks


Yes. Android Q will not reach the S8, One UI Pie has already dropped for it though.

SIM Free Honor 8X 6.5 Inch 64GB Blue for £149.99 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Black for £268.99 Refurb @ Argos Ebay
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Some excellent new prices, stocks updated daily. Samsung S8+ Sams… Read more
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FYI, I checked my Honor's S/N on Hauwei warranty website & mine has valid w. until 11.2020 (highfive) (y)


Thanks got mine today love it! :)


Sweet, thinking about getting one. Did yours come with the pre-installed screen protector still applied?


mid boggling value for money the 8x. Bought one to use for a bit. Better than the play in some respects.


Thank you. Received mine today. Super phone. As new condition. Only accessory included is a USB cable. Battery life and screen excellent. Switched to Nova launcher to get rid of bloatwear.

Envirofone up to £100 off on refurbished phones - iPhone 7 £199.99 refurb / Samsung s8 £250 refurb / iPhone X £530 refurb
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
iPhone 7 £199.99 refurbished good Samsung s8 £250 refurbished good iPhone … Read more
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I’ve not really looked around at refurbished deals before, which company did you get yours from?


Prices after £100 are average prices anyway so not a good deal. I got a pristine iphone x from a similar company for £465 when they had deals on


Awful company to deal with in my experience. First phone was awful, they replaced it but wouldn't extend the guarantee. The second phone was shoddy too. End up having to go to the CEO to get a refund.


Great deal ! Anyone bought from them before? How accurate were the phones condition?


Cool thanks mate

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB - G950 All Colours Unlocked to All Networks Smartphone Grade B at hitechelectronicsuk EBAY - £187
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB - G950 All Colours Unlocked to All Networks Smartphone for 187 grade B available until 8pm with code

Not personally but they have a 30694 ebay score with %100 positive feedback rating so I am %99.999999 sure they will be fine!


Anyone used this company. Are there returbs any good??


Heat OP

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64GB Unlocked  - Grey Very Good Condition a++ gadget outlet £179.50 - black dot on the corner of the lcd screen
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64GB Unlocked Android Mobile Phone Orey Very Good Condition A++ PLAY15 code ends 8pm

Good price. I managed to get a grade a note 8 for 260


(lol) could be the one they practiced on first, to get it right, but seems they didn't, its WAY to far over to the right of the screen, to hang it up on the back of a door hook!! Would go with hitech, have ordered with them a few times, for gifts and a replacement phone for someone to use, super quality and with the code, that other one you have found should be a HOT deal by now Brad!! (y)


Sorry mate (cheeky) ;)


Hahahaha! (lol)


So is this the s10 with the hole punch, or.....? :D

Samsung Galaxy S8 64gb refurbished £222.69 @ Argos/eBay (With code PLAY15 )
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Top price for a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 with a 12 month guarentee.
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Only since it was installed so won't be able to provide any historic data.


This app only counts full charges.


Maybe somebody instead of leaving it to charge overnight just Tops it up during the day as I do. I sometimes top it up 4 or 5 times a day. If every one of those top ups and times I connect it to pc to transfer some files is counted as a charging cycle then I would probably achieve 219 cycles in less than 2 months.


The app called Charge cycle counter.


I bought the s9 for £300 privately via FB Market. Only 6 months old unlocked immaculate condition

Mini Mega Thread 4x Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus G955FD Black £293 Gold £291 Grey £299! 4GB 64GB Dual Sim 1GB LTE Sim FREE @ eCentralGlobal Deal
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Under £291 for the EU Dual Sim Variant - Samsung Galaxy S8 [gold] Plus G955FD 4GB 64GB Dual Sim Factory Unlocked Sim Free Bluetooth 5 aPtx HD 1GB Cat16 LTE Mobile Speed! Comes … Read more

They have not stock


Probably already mentioned (haven't read the thread) but since Android 9 came out, the One UI update allows Bixby to be remapped to something useful (without 3rd party apps). If you've disabled it, re-enable Bixby, update it and then you should see the setting to configure what it opens on short/long press.


BxActions it allows you to assign the button, also the latest oneui allows you to reassign if just not for other assistants


Thanks for the info :)


The screen is the same, so is the camera, ram, wireless charging, IP 68 and many other things. Camera is slighty better on S9 due software enchancement but in some scenarios it’s took better photos than S9/Note 8 and also a faster chip than S8. Battery wise both are quite similar. If its a £100 difference IMHO the upgrade is very minimal. S8 to S9 was quite a poor iteration. I’d get the S9 just for the sake of having a slight better spec for future updates however if money is a concern then the S8 can last you the next two years easily. The super amoled on S8 is gorgeous

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