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The S9 is a futuristic smartphone from the Samsung stable which retains an identity all of its own. It has a generous screen size of 5.8 inches, cutting-edge software inside and a premium camera with improved low-light performance. HotUKDeals lists all the best prices for the handset and contracts on our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S9 page. Read more
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB (Coral Blue) - Brand new, Unlocked (sealed box) - 6 months warranty - £207.96 @ turbo-phones eBay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
I appreciate the S9 might feel a little dated (2018 isn't that far away!), but it's still a very capable phone with an excellent camera and very solid performance, and it's also … Read more

Loved my Galaxy S9 64GB, one my best Galaxy phones I had, size wise it was perfect. 👌


Loved my S9..


Had this phone for while now. Still holding it's own till this day! Have some 🔥...


Out of stock


Fair - that's useful info. I'll delete. Thanks

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Unlocked - 64GB (Used - Grade B) £144 @ StockMustGo
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
seems like decent price with 12 months warranty. Available in black, purple and blue at time of posting. Grade C also available for £10 less. Use code: EASTER20

Totally agree


Still running my Galaxy S9 no real complaints still running smooth wicked camera got a startup app like someone mentioned above I switch off all the none important apps off when the phone starts the battery not the best but who doesn't carry a power bank in the bag or pocket when their on the road with any modern phone out of all the Samsung phones I've had going back to the S3 this has been the best for me


Single or dual SIM?


Had my S9 from new after i traded in my S7 and it's still a great phone after 2 and a bit years later. Yes OK the battery does not hold charge as well as it use to but can get a day out of it still which is fine. Still takes great Pics/Vids and does not slow down when i have lots of apps open. Just need to make sure you use a good Startup App which allows you to turn off all the apps that you don't want to auto run every time you reboot the phone. Have to say it's been the best Samsung phone i've had yet but maybe im just lucky?


I just looked into that. Might as well do that with mine too. Trouble is I have replaced the screen myself, been fine for a few years. But its got a rose gold screen surround and lilac back. But sounds like it would pass the good condition requirements still as there are no cracks. Ah, actually it won't pass. from their T's and C's: It must be original and meet the manufacturer’s original EU specifications (and is notpersonalised with any custom engraving). For example, the entire colour of the device mustmatch the original manufacturer’s specification.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Blue/Purple EE Locked Refurbished Good Condition Smartphone - £179.54 With Code @ Music Magpie / Ebay
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Posted 20th Oct 2020Posted 20th Oct 2020
Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB Blue/Purple EE Locked Refurbished Good Condition Smartphone - £179.54 With Code @ Music Magpie / Ebay£179.54 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
S9 for £174, good condition are hut and miss, so don't buy if you don't want to possibly return it, 10% Auto applies at checkout, plus 5% off with code - PICK5OFF Good –… Read more

Guru? I'm just not a storyteller, all i did was to recap what you said and it just doesn't add up. Oh sorry yes it does, to approching £3000. (skeptical)


Why you looking inside my wallet? Honesly... What a Joke... But ok why i bought s20 after having s8?sadly Cus its smalles flagship phone with android. And sorry but i spend less then 2 grands mr know everything for all these phones... Yeye i know nothing mr guru :} everyone complaining exynos chip amd battery life on exynos vs snapdragon know nothing. You know best. Happy now? Regards :)


You staying topic? Nobody mentioned Poco.F2 and nobody mentioned Realme , the question was the S9 or the Pixel5. What do you mean he never said anything about money them what will you buy the Pixel 5 with? Right ok I see so now you want to use the let me.change stuff up to justify myself, this is a deal site dude where you come to save money. He said "this" and in THIS thread the S9 costs £180 and he also said "NEW Pixel 5" and that cost £599+. He didn't mention window shopping or a freebie. On the matter of battery life, It would seem to me you don't know alot about phones, I have seen plenty people complaining about of devices running at 3hrs of SOT and when it is that low it almost always turns out to be apps at the centre of the issue and not the soc. Look at your stats and it will tell you what the issue is, no doubt it will Google services or one or more of those crappy social media apps. This is where people like you always shoot yourselves in the foot, if the Exynos is sooooo bad then why.The S8? .Why 2 years later S10+? .Then this year the S20 ? That's approaching 3 grands worth of phones that have crap battery life, something just doesn't sound right does it. See you on the S21 . (y)


I am staying on topic, lol someone ask sgs9 vs pixel 5 and i answered him that i prefer pixel 5 he didnt ask with one upto 200 just sgs9 vs pixel 5.... Check all comments mate and chill. Lee_Stevie: This or the new Google Pixel 5? See? He doesn't mention about money etc just with phone is better... And yeye You can speak about battery in samsung. Just check all testers SOT compared with different phones sgs on exynos are always far behind in same apps usages... Like i mentioned had s8 and mow having s20 my wife got s10plus and maximum on lte we can get is hust 3 hours soc... Its normal for exymos and urs not special trust me.


I had a Note 8 and I didn't have any issues with battery, 6-8 hrs with Pubg sessions @ QHD. My daughter has a S9 and the phone is glued to her hand and she doesn't have any issue with battery either. Her older sister amazingly still has her S8+ and she got that at launch. Usage style and App combinations make a big difference. As for which phone as I said anyone looking to pay £180 will not be interested in paying £600 for a midranged Pixel. Yes the Poco F2. Pro ( if that what you were talking about ) etc are options but they were not the devices in question.( try to stay on topic) Here watch the video.

Samsung Protective Cover Case with Flip-Out Stand for Galaxy S9 - Silver £4.95 @ Amazon (s9 plus £5.84) - Sold and Shipped by FoneJoy
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Posted 22nd Aug 2020Posted 22nd Aug 2020
Samsung Protective Cover Case with Flip-Out Stand for Galaxy S9 - Silver £4.95 @ Amazon (s9 plus £5.84) - Sold and Shipped by FoneJoy£4.95Amazon Deals
Official Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus cases in silver with kickstand. Seems an absolute bargain at £4.95 for the s9 and £5.84 for the s9 plus

Bought one for my s9 plus. Heat thank you


I've got this very case. Easily the best phone case I've ever had. Think I got it on a deal and still paid a lot more than this. Very hot!


thanks, have had a transparent one for about a year, now is time for a change


Ive got the s9 clear view case and its saved my phone a couple of times, these cases are much better than previous samsung ones in my experience. Well worth the money


i have been very lucky with mobile phones as i have never bought a case and have dropped the phones but they are fine. this time it hit a concrete floor at high speed so the screen got smashed. i will make sure i buy a screen protector for my next phone but i hate them as i find they spoil the look of the phone and make the phone look thick and chunky. the s9 is all glass, so it is very slippery. very easy to go flying.

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Brand New Xqisit Flex Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - 93p Delivered @ Special offers Ebay
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Posted 22nd Aug 2020Posted 22nd Aug 2020
Brand New Xqisit Flex Clear Case For Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - 93p Delivered @ Special offers Ebay£0.93 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
**6p auto applies at checkout** Just bought an s9 plus for my mates dad, long story, and now just bought this, hopefully ut helps those s9 plus owners out there, if even to get a … Read more

Hehe I didn't, its showing on my account. :D


You are going to regret long time for missing that huge discount. :p


Damn yeah. :D I clicked buy without seeing that, I must pay more attention (embarrassed)


There was some discount on checkout and the actual price was £0.93

Samsung Galaxy S9 Good Condition - 64GB Purple/Blue/Black Dual Sim £189.99 / Grey 256GB Dual Sim £249.99 @ 4Gadgets
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Posted 7th Jul 2020Posted 7th Jul 2020
Samsung Galaxy S9 Good Condition - 64GB Purple/Blue/Black Dual Sim £189.99 / Grey 256GB Dual Sim £249.99 @ 4Gadgets£189.99 Free P&P Free4gadgets Deals
Dual Sim model, various conditions available, but best being the good condition ones. If they aren't any good, or worse than good (guide below) then you'll have to return, bare it… Read more

Honor 20/pro


On the topic of phone cameras, Mr Switch are there any clear winners for phone cameras for <£200 and <300?


Nothing within that budget that will beat the s9 canera imho


Thanks Mr switch Basically I want to change phone from my galaxy s9 as the battery life is shocking now. What phone would you recommend for approx £150 with better battery and wither same or better quality camera? Any of the xiaomis? Or is there nothing within that price range? Dont mind buying from one of the Chinese companies


In terms of battery life yes, in terms of camera a big no.