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The S9 is a futuristic smartphone from the Samsung stable which retains an identity all of its own. It has a generous screen size of 5.8 inches, cutting-edge software inside and a premium camera with improved low-light performance. HotUKDeals lists all the best prices for the handset and contracts on our dedicated Samsung Galaxy S9 page. Read more

Thanks (y)


@Brad1994 coming from the S7 myself, it definitely is worth the upgrade. If you are unsure it might be worth dropping to a local mobile shop to have a look, but you wont be disappointed.


I have the s7, in your opinion is it worth the upgrade?


@Brad1994 I have just bought one from CEX for £310, Grade B, not the plus and is locked to Vodafone but for a few quid can get it unlocked. I wanted the 2 year warranty that comes with it.


Thanks for the heads up, have you got a s9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 on EE with 9gb data £28 a month... £672
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Decent amount of data for the price! Tempted but my s7 edge is still working fine... Only 32 pounds back on quidco, 42 on topcashback
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3 quid more for 20gb

chrisredmayne Sorry just noticed this has already been posted

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Grade = Good - £339.99 @ Music Magpie
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
S9 plus good condition with 12 months warranty £339.99 from music magpie. Starts at £369.99 but £30 discount added automatically at checkout. Good price i think Description The C… Read more
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completely stupid comparison. this phone is used, in grade b/c condition, thats why its 340. 899 was for a brand new handset at the time of release with full samsung warranty.


Got one with the £50 discount code, hope its not one of the rejects on here...


Got mine has circular scratches on screen that are not apparent when it’s on and a few chips on the side which suggests it’s been dropped will be sending mine back


Mines the same US's going straight back. Different processors: (UK) SM-G965F Exynos 9810 (US) SM-G965U1 Snapdragon 845


Received US model: SM-G965U1. Any major differences from EU ones? All bands supported in Europe?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Coral Blue, 128GB ( Grade A, Unlocked ) £470 at CeX
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
In stock online. Personally think that this is a ridiculously good price for a Grade A Galaxy S9 Plus. Was very tempted myself but ended up buying a 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus f… Read more
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Indeed, had I seen that, I wouldn't have posted this, as this was the cheapest I personally seen it. But obviously that link you have provided is a far better deal.


They would have exchanged the phone for an identical grade if you had asked so you wouldn’t have had to waste your accessories etc. You won’t get compensation elsewhere when buying second hand either, so it’s arguably unfair to describe their customer service as ‘below par’ if that is the only reason you weren’t happy - there’s nothing they can do about people barring phones, and it is actually quite uncommon, so I think it wouldn’t harm to manage your expectations a bit when it comes to buying second hand goods.


Why pay that when it's a lot cheaper here


Worth at least £150 then surely? Looks as good as new ;)


Agreed that their Customer Service can be below par, but the main thing is that you got your refund. I also bought Grade A from them before and was in brand new condition, phone worked as it should though, nebver had any issues there.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £28pm / 24mths + £0 upfront £672 total cost ultd min ultd txt 9gb data on EE at
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
I would have expected cheaper by now tbh but its the best deal I can find so far Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £28p/m with no upfront cost for 24months (672 total) Unlimited minutes and … Read more

Just an update for anyone else looking to order this, I rang mobilephonesdirect (as my gf ordered this) and they say they have no stock and no update on when they will have stock? Yet the deal is still listed on the just a word of warning.


I thought the plus was too big too as I have come from an S7 Edge but having had the plus for a few days now I absolutely love it and its size and screen.


The plus just seems too big for me, but agree its a better phone and probably a better deal. I'm on WiFi almost all the time, apart from in car or if I'm in a hotel with rubbish WiFi I average about 6gb a month. Tbh I can't get my head round using 20gb a month, must be the first sign of me becoming an old fart.


Other than the Black Friday ones (Vodafone with 100GB data for £16pm after cashback) - this is probably the best right now. Dropping in price as the S10 is out but still a great phone in its own right.


Oh aye ;) (:I

Samsung Galaxy S9 pristine £349.99 + £10 Off Sitewide @ 4Gadgets - S9 £319 Good - Honor 10 £170 Plus Loads More
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar
£10 Off Sitewide at 4gadgest currently. Before your purchase sign up to a new account, to receive £10 off your firat order. (prices In brackets are after £20 email discount) … Read more

Customer service was very apologetic.. If replacement comes through without any issue then all will be forgiven!


Ah man, sorry mate.


I received mine.. Unfortunately screen had burn in. Physically pristine, but screen knackered. Have sent back for replacement, will feedback what they send back to me. Not a great first purchase from them


For those that have received a S9 how is the battery health. Should be able to see how many times it's been charged. Also are these European models, seems to be a lot of imports from Asia on eBay. Thanks


Me too, received mines a few days ago... just seems too good to be true. Does anyone know why they can sell these so cheap? Are they grey imports originally?

Samsung S9 Plus Purple @ for £453.50 (best price use fee free card pay in Euro). Inc Del, £482 without fee free card. Price drop
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Shipping from SpainShipping from SpainFound 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Think this is a good price for this model.***** price drop by £5 16.03.19 Nice colour for the Mrs. Sold by Amazon Dual sim 3.5 headphone jack Rest of the blurb in the 1st post Let … Read more
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£5 Cheaper now


Already included in the price


Do I need to pay VAT when I buy something from or fr?




Wow,..... if only i havent got one, i must have taken this deal

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SamsungQe55q9 TV With Ring Door Bell and Free Samsung S9 Phone - £1,928 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Samsung s9 and ring door bellpro kit with Samsung s9 mobile phone
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Consider the Q8 55" was £899.99 with a 5 year warranty on 27th Dec 2018. £1000 inflated is pushing it with this packaged deal. But £1928 without "free" extras is pushing it and may be £1000 over priced for the newer Q9.


I agree that it's an inflated price, but the 'top comment' about it being inflated by £1000-1200 is a bit over the top.


Just remember, many people can afford a television twice this price, but just do not think they are worth it, so do not buy. It is not jealousy. Some do not buy iphones as they are regarded as overpriced, even though they can afford them. To some, it is about value, as opposed to paying whatever the inflated price is. This is an inflated price as they have to package the S9 and a Ring Door Bell to sell the product.


i got mine Friday.Exceptional quality and a free samsung s9,what a deal? offer for a free phone expires 12 march,so last day today


It's a 55" LCD, how on Earth is it worth anything like £2,000??

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB w/free memory card (£514 fee free - £540) @ Amazon Germany
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
The Samsung in purple with a 128gb memory card for £514 with a fee free. (Samsung Galaxy S9 + Smartphone Lilac Purple with Free Samsung Evo Plus 128 GB Memory Card) https://www.… Read more

Just thought I'd point this out (y)


Only if this ps remote play


Haha, yeah I know, I've had a couple run ons with SAMFRMLONDON, and obviously Sam of London, we are getting swarmed by Sam's bitty.


Pint??? The way all the SAM's are ganging up on you on here Switchy.. it would have to be a Barrel!!!


He'll only get a fiver for that I'd imagine, so he'll have to sell his mate 20 pro as well

65 Inch 4K UHD HDR QLED FALD Samsung QE65Q8DN + Free Galaxy S9 at Richer Sounds £1699
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Good deal I reckon if you sell the free S9. Just pulled the trigger myself, I have personally owned the Q9FN but returned due to major DSE. I have a 65 inch oled too but I am too s… Read more

Is that worth it?


The promo ended last night


Just checked the site, can't see the offer of the free S9 though


Ordered another 65Q9FN on the employee discount scheme with Samsung direct for £1935 with a free S9 (RRP £2799.99) - it deserves one more chance, with a bit less banding and DSE it would be perfect. I can even let my girlfriend use it without worrying she is gonna burn in a channel logo or both of the gilmore girls.


But you cannot get a gaming screen of this quality for the same price on any other site right now....if you want ultra low lag, variable refresh rate and FALD your only options are this or the Q9FN (previously owned). I am unsure it has been £1199 online ever since this magical 2 day period. I am certainly open to suggestions!

Samsung galaxy s9 plus 128gb on EE - £744 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
As been pointed out from my other post this one is probably better value for money. Unlimited text, unlimited calls, 20gb data £31pm - £744 total no upfront cost.

Haha good luck mate. Looking forward to getting mine tomorrow.


Currently in the process of trying to swap the first one I listed to this ha ha


Took the jump. Nothing better on offer so far today and I know it's only back of 10 but I'm fed up waiting haha. Delivery of Coral Blue due tomorrow.


Edited thanks


Your link just links to your shopping, which no one else can see ;)

Samsung galaxy s9 plus 128gb 24 month contract @ £28pm £49 upfront on EE £721 - Mobile Phones Direct
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
24 month contract @£28pm £49 upfront. Unlimited texts, unlimited calls, 9gb data. I get the whole S10 thing is more sought after but thought this was a cracking deal for a decent… Read more

No guarantee, and this is a great deal.


Hmmmm ...... looks like the 14day cool off period may be used


Yes, my bad, no idea what I was thinking, I still think prices will drop from tomorrow, start of the new wekk, Reductions on all the contract retailers on the s9 - s9+


We released them on the 8th (EE)


? Thought 8th was the release day....... already seen some crazy prices for buying s10's on the likes of Facebook.

Samsung S9 Plus Dual SIM UK - £479.99 @ eBay / gtrade2015
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Not a bad price! Full UK 2 year warranty from Samsung Dual sim too

You mean Vodafone India sim. Vodafone sim in from Europe will work fine.


Yeh but after reading samsung's website the eu version is region locked. So e.g vodafone sim wont work in uk, and the warranty depends on where it was released initially so hence the region lock


What's the difference in the eu spec? 64gb is alright as can put an sd card in it.


Yeh that's true but its an eu spec with only 64gb


They have decent feedback.

Samsung QE55Q8DN QLED TV + Galaxy S9 Phone - £1,449 (With Code) @ Richer Sounds
Found 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Samsung QE55Q8DN 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Premium HDR 1500 Smart QLED TV TVPlus with the s9 offer £1449 with code Flash150. Seems a good deal to me

This code runs out tomorrow? So what samsung TV deal is out there which is better?


Not as easy as you might think, couldnt get on that when I worked as a Samsung launch rep for a marketing company they used. Now i work for Amazon and no chance. Great if you can acess it but i reckon most wont be able to


In fact the Q8F is 1287 with the free phone


You can get the 55 Q9F for £1439.20 with the free galaxy s9 for those who have access to the Samsung employee site, I'm sure it's open to most or certainly wouldn't be hard to find somone who has access


Looking at the offer the claim form doesnt open until 14/3. wasnt looking to spend this much on a tv but the kids broke the current one and need a new phone as well so works out great for me.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £23pm / 24mths + £75 upfront £627 total cost1000min ultd txt 3gb data on o2 at
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Seems decent deal Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB £23pm £75 upfront 1000min ultd txt 3gb 24m £627 total 24 mnrhs o2 at

You may need to go to the doctors to see about that :S


I have BB


Been this price for a little while now. Pretty sure voucher code Save10 or 10off will get you another £10 off as well......also watch out for impending "it'll drop in price on monday" comments (lol)

Samsung galaxy s9 / s9+ - £419 instore @ Dixons Travel (Belfast Airport)
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Samsung galaxy s9 £419 and s9+ £519 at Dixons Belfast International Airport. Black and lilac colours definitely available, not sure about others

And somehow currys have increased the price by £100 what even lmao


S8 is less than £350 on ebay, new witjh 2 year Samsung warranty, Just look. Yes, it will be higher, but if you keep an eye out e.g. 10% discount days or offers, the deal will appear. I have paid no more than £353, for S6, S7 and S9 (I do not use any of them)! S9 was the most at £353.


The s8 is still selling for more than £350 from most (if not all) UK retailers so I wouldn't be confident of it dropping that far regularly.


Usually a few months after the release of the next phone, s10. You have to watch out for deals. Even check ebay 10% off days (on new phones). s6, s7 were definately £350 or less. S8, not sure, s9 worked out £353 (I purchased).



Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone Lilac + Free 128GB SD Card (£411 w/Fee Free Card / £421 Without) @ Amazon Germany
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Reduced Again, now at £411 using a revolut card and toggling the currency at checkout, to euros. Only in purple at this excellent price, and the cheapest it's ever been new iirc, … Read more

For weeks I wanted A pixel phone to replace my 5T. But I now know I defo need A dual sim phone. So now looking at the S9 or maybe the P20 pro


Haha, yeah there'll probably be some good deals come next week. I'm gonna be a busy boy :D


Haha I thought you were but then you know your stuff so thought was worth asking anyway just in case I misread the situation and you weren't being sarcastic. Been waiting mo the already so really can't be bothered waiting any longer haha.


Haha, I was being sarcastic, not my best moment.


What's Wednesday? I need my new phone for going on holiday next Sunday 17th so could prob wait till Wednesday with next day delivery but I thought Monday would be enough as if they were going to reduce after s10 going on sale tomorrow, would've thought they'd have done it by Monday?

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