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Schwalbe One V-Guard Evolution Road Folding Tyre - 700c 23 only - £16.50 / £19.49 delivered @ Merlin Cycles
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Schwalbe v gaurd tyres the details These Schwalbe One Evolution Line tyres offer pretty much everything you need from a quality race tyre: a supple compound that grips in the wet … Read more

Never had a bad Schwalbe tyre...though I'm sure someone will set me straight!


The addix compound has a higher rolling resistance than the one star. I've been stocking up on these as I find they roll better than the newer ( addix) model.


Good deal... but IMO the Schwable Pro One Addix at £25 is better, because it is the latest and greatest tubed tyre from Schwalbe (equivalent to GP5000 / Corsa G+), it comes in 25mm, and its just over the free postage threshold. This is a very good deal if you want two 23mms mind.




Apologies never noticed (skeptical)

Schwalbe City Jet Bike Tyre 26x1.5 for £8.07 @ Halfords (free click and collect)
398° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Good price (y) The Schwalbe City Jet 26" Bike Tyre is slick and fast with an economical Puncture Protected city tyre design. Superb for the rigours of riding at speed in an ur… Read more
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Great deal. I paid £30 for a pair of these for my hybrid a couple of months back.


I bought them as I’ve mainly been sticking to roads during lockdown. There are the odd gravel country back road stretches that I ride on, and admittedly I took those very steadily. Not sure how long I’ll keep them on in all honesty. Need to change my saddle for a more padded one as the current Sells Italia is simply agonizing after 20+ kilometers riding. No idea what to get though. It’s tricky choosing one online.


That is a surprise in terms of not being quicker,make sure you don't get tempted to take any shortcuts across any mud,I had the 1.9" version and popped along a short cut and went through some mud and the bike literally went sideways it was frightening.


Hi. Yes, I managed to get out earlier this week, but chances have been limited due to the weather. Trust it to not stop raining after I’ve put semi-slicks on! The tyres grip well, although I’ve only had them out in slightly damp conditions so far. I thought I’d feel a noticeable difference in resistance and speed, but in all honesty I didn’t experience a positive gain on either of those fronts. I was actually slower on these tyres than on my MTB tyres, but that could just be that I wasn’t pushing as hard as I wasn’t confident how well they’d grip. I notice the bumps a little more, but I expected that. Are they worth £8 each? Absolutely, especially compared to how much my MTB tyres cost to replace. Do they offer any other noticeable performance improvements over MTB tyres...I’m yet to be convinced.


Hi have you managed to get out for a ride yet?I think they look fine on your bike,I was wondering how they would look at that width

Cube Cross Race 2020 Cyclocross Road Bike 105 groupset, disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres £999 @ Tredz
606° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Cube Cross Race 2020 Cyclocross Road Bike 105 groupset, disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres £999 @ Tredz
Also available from Leisure Lakes for same price. Tredz have 6.6% TCB Not sure if any codes knocking about Mostly has current R7000 series of 105 groupset. Crankset is older gen … Read more

Must have been the company you work for, had 5 cycle to work bikes and only had to pay £10 for each at end of year, think you may have ticked the wrong box when completing payment.


My point is a huge number of so called German made products are simply re-packaged far east products. Many markets perceive German products as higher quality so that reputation is exploited commercially. When a bicycle frame has lower weight limits and a shorter warranty that would be indicative of a product that does not match the standards of a competitor's product with a longer warranty and higher weight limits. However Cube aren't alone in this situation typically many European and US brands simply import from the far east with or without local assembly, they constantly change factories to get the best prices and maintain their margin. The point is when you are basically dealing with an importer with inconsistent quality factor that into your buying decision. If you buy a Giant bike it will have high engineering standards and made in Giant's own factories. If you buy from an importer quality is unknown. As someone else pointed out some Cube frames have been appalling quality in the past, that could be a different factory to today or could be the same, how can we know. Quality is pretty much determined by the factory not the stickers on the frame.


That’s a pretty generic article about ‘made in Germany’, and has no specific relevance to Cube or indeed bike manufacture at all. Whereas, the examples I provide, specifically provide evidence of German assembly. Not reboxing, not trying to state ‘made in Germany’, but German assembly. Clearly some parts are made in Bangladesh and the Far East, but also quite specifically, the bikes are assembled in Bavaria. Not sure where you are going with this when the evidence is so clear and upfront. If you have problems with manufacturing of parts in low cost labour economies, fair enough, but you have no evidence to support your statements about ‘low quality’, ‘basic materials’, ‘poor quality control’ other than a personal view that this is how it is in relation to Cube bikes. We all have opinions and views on products, but please don’t try and pass this off as fact.


Not sure why I wrote Pakistan but I tend to write my comments very quickly. You have to understand a huge amount of German industry is what they call the last significant process where a product can come in and be simply re-boxed and get a made in Germany stamp. So as you can see from the article above. Cube can buy a complete bike manufactured in Bangladesh, rebox it and then sell it as made in Germany. The important thing is which factory is used to manufacture the bike, not which warehouse it is distributed from. That's not to say Cube don't properly assemble some bikes in Germany though.


Again - it’s Bangladesh not Pakistan. Splitting hairs you might think, and on the assembly of the bikes, the below states predominantly German assembly; The bike radar article below actually specifically states; ‘Every Cube bar some of the childrens bikes are assembled at the factory in Germany’

Schwalbe City Jet Bike Tyre 26" - K-Guard £10.25 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Schwalbe City Jet Bike Tyre 26" - K-Guard £10.25 delivered @ Chain Reaction Cycles
Good price for this Schwalbe tyre. 1 for £10.25 delivered using code EXTRA10 at checkout or 2 for £17.51 delivered using code EXTRA10 at checkout p&p £2.99 -- You can also p… Read more
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Hi I had been thinking about getting some Kojaks,what width did you have.I use Schwalbe Big Bens at the moment,and they feel sluggish,so I;m looking fpr something new and quick,I only ride on roads


The thing I love about this site is if you ask you can get real people's true opinions and views on products. I'd rather trust members on here to be honest.


Thanks appreciate the time you have taken to reply - very useful thanks


Thanks for taking the time to write what I know already...


Which is what you get with search results, lots of forum's...

Schwalbe One Addix Performance Folding Road Tyre - 700c £16.99 + £2.99 del @ Merlin cycles
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Schwalbe One Addix Performance Folding Road Tyre - 700c £16.99 + £2.99 del @ Merlin cycles
£19.98£22.9913%Merlin Cycles Deals
Schwalbe One Addix Performance Folding Road Tyre - 700c All-round road bike tyre. Schwalbe One’s road bike tyre technology of the highest level is fast, reliable and agile. A perfe… Read more
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Ok. Luckily I am not fast enough to be bothered about weight in the slightest.


Not sure about that but they're heavier is the stand out disadvantage for me.


Are the wired versions just more difficult to put on/take off?


Schwalbe One Vguard tyres are my first choice. I use them all year round with latex tubes. The rolling resistance is a bit worse on these tyres but still a very good price.


No idea as not used them. Could use this as a comparison

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Bike Tyre 700x38c for £9.99 @ Halfords
1109° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2019Posted 5th Jul 2019
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Bike Tyre 700x38c for £9.99 @ Halfords
£9.99£23.9958%Halfords Deals
Good robust bike tyre. Just thought it was keenly priced. :) Available in store or with delivery Don't forget TopCashback extra bonus today The Schwalbe Marathon Plus… Read more
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Two fitted in about 15 minutes, including prising off the old set that had been on my hybrid and not suffered a single puncture in eight years. Trick is to coat the wheel rim with some soapy water. And use the cable ties to hold in place while you deal with the last bit with tyre levers. No problem at all.


They have little 'give' in the side wall so a small parallel movement along something solid can topple a rider over (i.e. wooden edging on a towpath).


24 quid now.


At the age of 48 I've rediscovered the joys of a good skid, I'm off to stock up


I have these on my bike and at this price this is a great deal. I've yet to have a puncture on these (touch wood) which is great because they are an absolute nightmare to fit.

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Schwalbe Silento Reflex Tyre 700c £11.99 @ Halfords - free c&c
95° Expired
Posted 26th Feb 2019Posted 26th Feb 2019
Schwalbe Silento Reflex Tyre 700c £11.99 @ Halfords - free c&c
£11.99£19.9940%Halfords Deals
Schwalbe Silento Bike Tyre - 700c x 28inch The Schwalbe Silento Bike Tyre is a newly improved version of the Silento II tyre specifically designed for use with 700c (62… Read more

poor tyre had these a while ago cheap thin tyres garbage, side wall went funny, developed little rips all around the tire.

Schwalbe Durano Plus Road Tyre 700C 28C 25C 23C £17.99 @ CRC
277° Expired
Posted 26th Nov 2018Posted 26th Nov 2018
Schwalbe Durano Plus Road Tyre 700C 28C 25C 23C £17.99 @ CRC
Good price for a decent winter tyre - I've found these much better than Conti Gatorskins in terms of grip in the wet, comfort and wear but of course YMMV. Reviewed/rolling resistan… Read more

Conti Gator 4 Seasons with Slimes inside I’ve done over 10,000 miles on two biikes in the past three years, not one single puncture, yes they cost more however they’re worth it .. they don’t let you down in that combo


Love these. Been using them for years. Got myself 25c and there was no reflective sidewall. Got the 28c for my other bike at the same time. Reflective wall. No idea why.


Thanks Flibble, appreciated. Reckon the extra may be worth it as I don't get out on my bike so much (I still use the ones I bought in Apr 14 :D ) and have a baby on the way so suspect that won't help!


GP 4000/5000 and GP 4 Seasons are generally regarded as the best consumer tyres but are also some of the most expensive, best place to find objective reviews for comparison is


How do these compare to Conti GP 4000 S Ii, anyone know pls? I ask as I have some of them on my old alloy beater and bloody love them! OPs look like the reflective side wall which is an absolute no brainer, almost to the point where I think no tyre should be sold without it!, heat

Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres at SJS Cycles for £14.99 delivered
356° Expired
Posted 27th Sep 2018Posted 27th Sep 2018
Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres at SJS Cycles for £14.99 delivered
£9.99£2357%SJS Cycles Deals
Schwalbe Big Ben 27.5 Tyres. Seem to be about £20 most other places. Got a charity cycle ride coming up so I wanted something cheap to put in my mountain bike for it. Look to get… Read more

Going out today on it, so hopefully it will benice and comfy then!!


That must have been the comfiest ride ever these with full suspension I had the brown ones on an old Specialized


I’m glad people think these are good tyres ! Just fitted them on my mountain bike for a charity ride on the road ! Don’t look to bad on a full suspension as a temporary measure !!


Cheers. Saw them earlier this week, would look silly on my black and grey bike though. If it was silver though. 1st world problems :{


Schwalbe Marathon Tyre £12.99 Wiggle
288° Expired
Posted 24th Sep 2018Posted 24th Sep 2018
Schwalbe Marathon Tyre £12.99 Wiggle
£12.99£19.9935%Wiggle Deals
Excellent tyres - available in 700 x 23 for this price. Given winter is coming, bit more tread might be in order. I've already got these on my bike and haven't had a puncture in a … Read more

I have these on my bike. They do add noticeable weight to the bike, but the handling is fantastic in all conditions.


A training app available on pc.. iPhone.. etc. Links up to a smart turbo trainer and plays like a game.


What is zwift?


zwift is brilliant esp in winter and much safer than on the road


Not every bike will take a 28, or even a 25 with mudguard. On the other hand, I can't imagine putting Marathons on a bike like that.

Schwalbe Land Cruiser 700 x 35c Hybrid Bike Tyres with Presta Tubes (Pair) £12 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Baldwins Cycles.
329° Expired
Posted 31st May 2018Posted 31st May 2018
Schwalbe Land Cruiser 700 x 35c Hybrid Bike Tyres with Presta Tubes (Pair) £12 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by Baldwins Cycles.
£12£22.1946%Amazon Deals
Says temporarily out of stock. but I got them delivered in 3 days. Amazon Prime link… Read more

Will these be ok for a road bike?


If you want even thicker larger tyres or some road tyres for a 29" mountain bike, Planet X has these Schwalbe's (700x50) for £7.99 However there is postage on top so it only makes sense if you are buying other items really. They do a lot of great prices but like Halfords their prices are like a roller coaster. What is £5 one week can be £7.99 the next week and vice versa.


These are 700c tyres so it has to be the same size wheel. Then you have rim width compatibility which can mean small width rims can't take these larger profile tires. The chart I linked to gives a good guide to compatibility. Also these tyres would be suitable for 29" wheels I'm sure as 700c and 29" are the same wheel size with just rim width size varying. So someone with a 29" wheel mountain bike should be able to use these tyres depending on rim size if they wanted some more road suitable tyres. Also Germans call these 28" tyres I think but the important bit is 622mm iso. If you need 26" tyres there are always offers about just keep looking. 26" inner tubes are available from poundland and there was a recent offer on here for as low as £3 for 26" tyres.


700c equivalent is 29inch


So they won' fit a 26" mtb rim?

Schwalbe Black Jack All Terrain Rigid MTB Tyre 26x2.25 £8.49 - plus £2.99 delivery or free delivery over a £12 spend @ Wiggle
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Posted 14th May 2018Posted 14th May 2018
Schwalbe Black Jack All Terrain Rigid MTB Tyre 26x2.25 £8.49 - plus £2.99 delivery or free delivery over a £12 spend @ Wiggle
£8.49£19.9958%Wiggle Deals
£8.49 each plus £2.99 delivery or free delivery over a £12 spend
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Well, it's out of stock.. (annoyed)


I use Schwalbe on my bike and have found them to be the in regards ware and punctures (lack of).


not great tyres, that rrp is inflated, i got some blackjacks a few years ago £14 for 2 on ebay, they were as expected a budget option for the wifes bike, £12 rrp at best


My wife has a better set of tyres then these things, I’d rather ride her instead. (lol)


It's for one tyre, it says in the info of the post..

Schwalbe Nobby Nic MTB Mountain bike tyre - £17.99 @ Wiggle
76° Expired
Posted 3rd Apr 2018Posted 3rd Apr 2018
Schwalbe Nobby Nic MTB Mountain bike tyre - £17.99 @ Wiggle
Bit specialist but if you want a great MTB tyre then Nobby Nics are some of the best and half price at present @ Wiggle Free postage & don't forget 3% Quidco
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It's a cheap lightweight tyre. For cruising around woods and bikeparks in the summer they are great. But I found the dual compound way too hard for any real life scenarios.


Love nobby's NICs nice and light, but remember this version at £17.99 is the performance non snakeskin version, also the compound on this version doesn't have as great a grip as the other compounds, handy for a rear if you aren't a heavy user on the sidewalls

Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 in a  Nice Brown Colour Only - £8.79 / £12.78 delivered @ Acycles
178° Expired
Posted 22nd Jan 2018Posted 22nd Jan 2018
Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 in a Nice Brown Colour Only - £8.79 / £12.78 delivered @ Acycles
Another Tyre Deal From Acycles £8.79 Plus £3.99 P&P or free delivery over £90 Schwalbe Little Big Ben Active Rigid Tyre Reflex 700x38 Brown 700c x 38m Excellent Rolling R… Read more
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Thank yo (y)


Genius! :|


cycling is fun but very dangerous


link not working


Heat. Nice tyres

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HD Speed Guard Folding Tyre £19.99 / £23.94 delivered @ Planet x
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Posted 20th Jan 2018Posted 20th Jan 2018
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme HD Speed Guard Folding Tyre £19.99 / £23.94 delivered @ Planet x
This highly versatile urban tyre provides an exceptional level of grip and rolling speed. The One Star Compound that has been implemented into this tires design combines the best e… Read more
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Have a nose at these also they are better than the ultrasport


Please feel free to pick and choose what you want but as an experienced rider I would not get those they offer very puncture protection . Get some continental Gatorskins, Grand prix four seasons etc Or please read this I have four seasons and find them excellent you do get what you pay for



Thanks ever so much for the info I hope a lot of people haven't purchased thinking they are 32 as their website suggests in the description. Very poor from Planet x


They are 40mm as thats what came in when I ordered them a while ago.

2x 700C / 28mm Schwalbe Durano RaceGuard Dual Compound Wired Road Tyre - £23.93 @ Planet X
161° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2017Posted 15th Dec 2017
2x 700C / 28mm Schwalbe Durano RaceGuard Dual Compound Wired Road Tyre - £23.93 @ Planet X
Looks like there is an actual real sale deal at PlanetX! These seem to be the wired Duranos in 28C for £9.99 each plus the postage, ideal for winter. Is also some other Durano vari… Read more

I haven't had a good experience with these. Got them from Amazon and the first got a tear in 2 days on the side wall - i thought ok potential manufacturing defect but no response from CS. Second tyre gets so many punctures its painful. Finally changed to Michelin ones and haven't had a puncture in the last couple of months (route is the same). I know people love these (and that's why I bought them) but not everyone is satisfied...


Ooops ... sorry about the gender .... Zwifting.....hats off to you , that's hard work.... Thanks for your good wishes, funny I've been getting mashed and smashed most weekends by x2 women, who happen to be Cat 2 racers... Hope you get some big sleeps in.....


Its Miss Cycle chum but no worries! Most my cycling is either short off road rides or zwifting when the baby sleeps so have to hold fire on my Rapha 500 until she's a bit older! Good luck with your festive 500 - smash it!


Great, thanks for the tip.... Mr Cycling _chum.... Hope you're clocking up the winter miles.... Are you ready for the Rapha 500 ?


They are £18.99 delivered for folding at chain reaction. My advice would be go for these- but get Halfords to price match and use 10% bc membership off that.

Schwalbe Smart Sam - Performance Tyre - £9.49 SAVE 60% @ CRC
221° Expired
Posted 18th Oct 2017Posted 18th Oct 2017
Schwalbe Smart Sam - Performance Tyre - £9.49 SAVE 60% @ CRC
Colour Black Size Wire Bead Wheel Size 28" Width 1.4" Schwalbe Smart Sam - Performance TyreSchwalbe's Smart Sam - Performance Tyre features an ultra-modern design that offers comfo… Read more
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Same here. Stock was there when I ordered. Won't be ordering from them again in a hurry.


My order for these just got cancelled


ETRTO: The European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation


28", 29" and 700C are all (usually) all the same wheel size - ETRTO 622. Though 29" tyres are usually fatter, mountain bike tyres, so the overall tyre diameter will be a bit bigger. Best to check the ETRTO / ISO size, they are the only ones that are properly defined, and actually make sense.


Aka 700 x 35 8)

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Performance Folding MTB Tyre - 27.5" - £15.95 @ Merlin Cycles
207° Expired
Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017
Schwalbe Racing Ralph Performance Folding MTB Tyre - 27.5" - £15.95 @ Merlin Cycles
Excellent price for these tyres - usually around the £20 - £25 price range. The Perfect Racer The perfect racer. Profile, compound, carcass. Welcome to the third generation… Read more
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27.5, but don't wanna go tubeless as i believe i would need to change my rims / invest more money


What size wheels, I’m riding specialized purgatory tubeless on a couple of bikes £15 at Rutland cycles been alright unless you go real rough and the sidewalls will get ragged


whats the grip like on the roads in the rain? my current tyres slide without warning when taking corners in the wet, i used to have smart sams and never failed me once. im looking for something suitable for a hardtail that gets road and canal path usage in the wet and dry. Any input appreciated (y)


I can’t argue with the hans dampf and magic Mary which has always been a downhill favourite, the nobby nic ain’t bad for winter rides it’s not as grippy as the hd and mm but for a basic off-road bike I’ve been happy enough, although I’ve started to find maxis tyres better for the bigger suspension enduro bike


Have these on my Scott and not great in the wet. Will be changing soon probably for high rollers. But a good price

Schwalbe Magic Mary 26x2.35 £16.99 - Chain Reaction
279° Expired
Posted 19th Sep 2017Posted 19th Sep 2017
Schwalbe Magic Mary 26x2.35 £16.99 - Chain Reaction
Schwalbe Magic Mary BikePark MTB Tyre 26x2.35 with free standard delivery. I cant find them cheaper anywhere else. The Schwalbe Magic Mary BikePark MTB Tyre is a performance-orie… Read more

If you haven't tried Lee & Cragg Quarry then do so. Try cycling it in Winter when you've got 70 mph winds and driving rain. There is no shelter up there, just mud and giant boulders. It's hard on the bike and the riders body, I know 2 separate people who have broken their pelvis riding this course. I know we didn't do so well in the mountain biking events at the 2012 London Olympics, but Lee & Cragg Quarry was used by the Great Britain mountain bike squad as their training facility, and no other UK course!


O, well, if MBUK said so, then it must be true! What a bunch of tools MBUK are! just look at Doody, that pr1ck!




Who the hell said Lee quarry is England's Premier MTB trail? NO ONE DID, EVA! That has to be the funniest comment what I ever did read!


Good price for a tyre that you wouldn't really want to smash down a black run. Alright for tame trails and canals tow paths. It's well worth keeping an eye out for the Evo's when they go on offer. Well worth the extra cash. I run a front end magic mary and a rock razor on the back. It's a great mix for control and acceleration. As for the maxxis debate, i have a high roller2/minion2 mix on my other bike and they're just as good.

2x Schwalbe Lugano Road Tyre - K-Guard 700c 23 £10.98 delivered @ CRC chain reaction
231° Expired
Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
2x Schwalbe Lugano Road Tyre - K-Guard 700c 23 £10.98 delivered @ CRC chain reaction
black tyres with either white, blue or red stripe, 700c x 23 width wire rimmed £5.49 each or free delivery on £9 spend hence listed as buying 2, if you only need one tyre buy some… Read more
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All options are out of stock


Good for the turbo and pub bike I suppose




heat added

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