Anyone have electric underfloor mat heating for primary heat source here?

Posted 28th Feb 2023
Debating with my friend about water gas systems Vs electric under floor mat systems

Does anyone have a mat as their primary source here?

Are your electric bills either sky high now or are you freezing due to not being able to run at reasonable temperatures?

And regret switching?

I understand when switching it might be either no choice so mainly looking at the scenario of having a working gas system and ripping them out in 2023 for this type of system

I am aware there is better options like water and heat pump ect

But comparing these two
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  1. airbus330's avatar
    I have electrical mat underfloor heating in our 6m x 7m kitchen. It was installed in 2010 and has been very good until the present energy crisis. Last Autumn I had a large radiator installed in the kitchen and switched off the electric floor. On this months utility bill electric has reduced from 539kwh to 249kwh and gas use has increased by about 5%. The floor was eating electricity.
    Having the radiator is not as nice as having warm stone floors, but until prices fall a bit its a luxury I won't pay for.
  2. mds1256's avatar
    Not as primary heating but have it in my kitchen (under tiles), when I put the tiles down in 2021 I took the opportunity to put the mats down (got them on offer so thought why not). Well…. They have been switched off for the last 12 months! They basically doubled my electricity bill and now that electricity is super expensive they are just pointless. They did heat the room but with a cost. working it out it seems that my 12m2 150w kit costs around £4.50 per day to run for just the mats at the current capped rate.

    Avoid I would say as cannot see elec prices coming down to what they once were in the near future.
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    Yeah seems to be the consensus I get

    I watched a video of someone who said they was happy they removed a tall gas radiator off a wall as they now have a extra 600mm kitchen cupboard that they installed

    mat heating instead and I was thinking that's is absolute stupid advice who gave you that idea

    If your rich I understand being more expensive may be worth it for you to have more room for what you want and less ugly things

    Mine are all behind a door and don't bother me / use valuable space (edited)
  3. PS5's avatar
    We have underfloor heating but it is gas heated water.. Works great but isn't an easy mod (did it when we had our house extended).
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    Thanks I can see why that be a no brainer

    Not sure if still more £££ to run water underfloor electric Vs water gas wall radiators
  4. Cisco060606's avatar
    Have you considered 'skirting board heating'?

    I saw in telly years ago. I don't know the price tag...

    I currently have underfloor heating, but it just take a while to heat up when compare to radiator.
  5. samosa's avatar
    Currently having extension built and will be installing wet underfloor heating, my current boiler is almost 20 years old and will also be upgrading it to a new fancy one ( i think its Vaillant Ecotec Plus 637 System Boiler) and see what this whole boiler modulation is all about.

    From research i found if you have electric then when you first switch it on in winter months it'll cost quite a bit and for it to be cost effective you need to leave it on throughout winter. (edited)
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    When we had our electrical system installed we were told to set it to 18c and leave it all the time. Reason being that the underlying concrete slab takes an age to warm up and until it does the mat is heating downwards as well as upwards. Once the slab is heated it settles down.

    Some friends of ours recently finished a new build eco house and have their underfloor heating warmed by a Air Source Heat Pump. Currently subsidised by a green energy grant. This subsidy comes to an end next winter and they are worried about the electrical cost of the HP. So I think your gas installation still makes a lot of sense.
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