Posted 1st Mar 2023

I was given a Pipit 500 display when I was with Utilita a few years ago. I moved to Bulb and then to British Gas and my smart display stopped giving me readings.

I have asked BG for one but they say the big metre (Secure Liberty 100) already gives them the readings and so they won't send me one. I just want to be able to conveniently see the readings myself on a smart display.

Can I just buy my own display? I see loads on eBay but is the pairing process simple?
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  1. Gollywood's avatar
    The 'Secure Liberty 100'.

    Is it 1 metre long?
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    Had wondered that myself
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    I Don't know about the Secure brand of meters specificially. But the end user often can't pair IHD Devices themselves no.

    Even if you can get it to pair though, I wouldn't expect it to display accurate information. BG Likely aren't pushing tariff data which means it will be showing your usage at Utilita's old prices - If it works at all.
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    Ah okay, so if it was possible I would need an engineer from British Gas to do it? When I asked them for help they said to switch on the display and it should work but it didn't

    Do I have any other options for getting my readings on a smart display?
  3. RealOldMonk's avatar
    You can use the app, it does not show real-time, lowest it goes is daily.

    I have same problem with Scottish power and display is not compatible.

    I might complain to ofgem in next 2 weeks. Waiting to hear back from provider
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    On my app I have to wait 2-3 days to see the data 😔
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    i am currently going through a complaint with british gas to get an IHD installed for my old SMETS1 meter.

    they tried to install one a month ago and it failed as the old one (that is missing/removed) was still linked so i had to wait 1 month for it to fall off the system they all talk on. then he could re-pair. If he finds he cannot do it, the next thing they will do is replace the SMETS1 meter for a new british gas owned SMETS2 one and its corresponding IHD.

    One thing the engineer did say was loads of people think they can just plug them in (after buying on ebay) and it will be just pair and work not realising there is behind the scenes things that must occur.

    Save yourself the money and don't buy one online.
  5. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Can often be down to your supplier.
    I lined my old man up with Outfox. He has an old gas meter and a Smets1 for electricity. Not once in over 2 years could Outfox connect to the electricity meter.
    Within 1 day of being live with Octopus, I was able to monitor his usage from afar.
    Nor would Outfox exchange the gas meter, saying it was impossible, but with Octopus all I had to do was tick a box to join the waiting list
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