Posted 14th Feb 2023
Hi all,

I'm after a new women's road bike to be used on a turbo trainer. It must have 2x8 (8 speed 16 gears).

As it'll be used 99% of the time stationary it does not need to be amazing, just the cheapest.

Any ideas where to look, I'm hoping for something under £300 but open to what's possible?
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    Are you aware that the same number of gears doesn't guarantee they'll have the same gearing?

    The gearing is often still different because the sprockets are different sizes. For example there are two bikes on the halfords site that meet your criteria of a 2x8 speed race bike and one has a rear set of 11-28 tooth sprockets while the other has 11-32 tooth sprockets.
    11-28 is what the cassette on the trainer already is.
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    Take a look on Facebook, gumtree, eBay, there are some bargains out there.
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    It's difficult to recommend anything in your desired price range that is 8-speed and new because the bikes coming up have Shimano Claris and they range from £600-£900. Here are some examples;

    1. Avail 2 (2021) | Liv Cycling UK (
    2. Cube Axial WS 2021 Womens Bike - Womens Road Bikes - Womens Bikes - Bikes (
    3. Giant Liv Avail AR 4 Road Bike 2021 | All Terrain Cycles

    Others have mentioned used bikes on eBay and Facebook Marketplace and you will stand more chance of hitting your budget, like this one for £170, Liv Giant Avail Road Bike medium | eBay. The only disadvantages are it might take a while to find a bike that is the correct size, the correct spec and it may need some tidying up.
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